Pultec EQP-1A Legacy

Pultec EQP-1A Legacy

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Pultec EQP-1A Legacy

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A. Vezza

January 20, 2013

Sick in a good way.

I use the real one constantly at Full Sail University. This plugin allowed me to know EXACTLY what to do when I used in a multi-million dollar studio, giving me a one up on other students and possibly a better grade. Its on point. Even when you just throw signal through the plugin it colors the sound just like the real one. A+

J. Valentovich

December 22, 2012

Great warm sounding EQ

This EQ sound will make your drums rock ,put it on bass guitar to make it sparkle, came with Apollo

Z. Brookes

November 7, 2011

There's been so many virtual copies of this unit made into plug-ins by so many different manufacturers over the years that have been underwhelming, and it would be easy to think this is just another one. It's most definitely not.

This is the first I've heard that recreates that unique analogue "insert it and it instantly sounds better without touching anything else" effect.

Then you can optionally use the EQ itself if you like - which is so beautifully smooth you'll probably want to use it on everything.
I spent the first week going back and adding it on every bass track in all my songs, and really there were only couple that weren't improved by it. The old boost and attenuate trick definitely makes it fat and controlled at the same time.
Now I've discovered the silky top end it adds to hihats and cymbals.

I've A/B'd this to a couple of "other brand" Pultec-copy plug-ins, and you don't need golden ears to tell that this one sounds much better.

C. Hilding

June 30, 2011

Free with UAD. It's an emulation of a Pultec EQP-1A high/low EQ, and is interesting in the way that you are able to both boost AND cut each frequency band. This may seem to make no sense at first, but if you try it out, you'll notice that it can create interesting filter curves. I rarely use it though, as the UAD Neve EQs are far better.

F. M

June 4, 2015

Excellent: made me eventually purchase the MkII

Legacy version came with my hardware. The sound on guitar, bass, drums is great. Eventually I sprung for the mark II versions in the LA2A, 1176, Pultec bundle; looking forward to trying those.

A. Krylkov

April 21, 2015


I am using this plugin on my bass drum and it is just awesome, i can get that punchy (on hight frequencies) bass drums sound which cuts through the mix with this EQ.

R. Ivanov

April 9, 2015

Great plug

I started to use it since UAD-1, and can't stop ;-) It useful for everything from vocals till buses and whale track

K. Pels

March 31, 2015


What can I say.... It's the Pulltec sound and it's amazing.

R. Ivanov

March 29, 2015

Best color EQ

if I need to bright vocals or playback - always use this plugin! I have a Manley Voxbox Combo, and want to tell you - this EQ works almost the same like Iron EG from pultec on Manley Voxbox, just without noice ;-)
Great Job UAD!

J. H

January 5, 2015

Awesome free eq

Props to UA for hooking us up with free plugins. The legacy versions of the pultec, 1176 and LA2 collections are all serviceable plugins. I recently bought the updated Pultecs and while they are incredible EQs, theres nothing wrong with this version. They stay musical and quiet even when you boost quite a few dbs.

Y. Elgohary

December 22, 2014



You barely even need to touch them and they bring a track to life. These are my new go-to overall EQ's they do exactly what they are supposed to do, nothing more, nothing less and i cant stress how much they've helped my production. Thank you UA

A. Reppert

June 27, 2014

Go-to EQ

Well, what more can I say? Very true sounding Pultec and what you would expect having used the originals. Smooth transparent EQ, great for mastering or rounding out tracks individual tracks. Even with all the setting default and running audio through it, you can here the Pultec emulation at work.

P. Latapi

May 27, 2014

Great EQ!

This is a very good EQ. I use it mostly to fatten up the bass. I gave it five stars since it is not as intuitive to me as other EQs but all in all a great EQ.

Y. Picard

May 1, 2014

Love this EQ

Smooth sounding and transparent, the Pultec is a great EQ and plugin. I use it all the time. It's easily one of my favorite plugins.

C. Kohl

April 14, 2014

Often All you Need...

If You're looking for an EQ that isn't riddled with complex adjustments, this is your guy. At times you may find yourself wishing you had a bit more control, which is where this Pultec Pro comes in. I always slap this on first to try and achieve what I need before reaching for the Pro.

A. Han

February 25, 2014

Great sounding EQ.

Since i never owned an actual hardware model of this EQ,
I had to read the manual to fully understand how it operates.
As I learned how to use it, it became my daily go to EQ.
Very nice sounding EQ with no offensive character.

M. Bramley

January 15, 2014

Classic Science Fiction!!

This EQ may look like a box out of a classic 50's Sci-Fi movie but it does way more than that! This EQ performs 'witchcraft' on any audio it allows you in no time at all to 'fix' sound like no other EQ. Works on everything but will give you that classic sax sound you've always wanted…warm as hell, full of character & dimension.
This unit & the MEQ5 midrange EQ will nearly always get you out of trouble, is a joy to use and is one of the first EQ's I reach for every time.

I. Maystruk

January 5, 2014

five stars

I use this plugin for mastering and for mixing. Thanks for a great plug! Love it.

M. Marantz

November 5, 2013

i love this EQ

Just like the real one, stuff just sounds better when you run signals through this piece of digital gear! I love the way it sounds on sax especially, but it does wonders for any instrument. Easy to use, and I like that there's no graphic EQ so you really have to use your ears and not your ears to shape the tone with this EQ. Thanks for a great plug! Love it.

M. Brawer

October 8, 2013

dsp hungry but worth it

i love this thing - great "air" and low end enhancer - it loves to eat uad chips tho...

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