Pultec Passive EQ Collection

Pultec Passive EQ Collection


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Pultec Passive EQ Collection

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C. Jolley

January 14, 2015

Just add it to the mix buss and it warms everything up

It's true. I demo'd it, and bought it shortly after. GREAT Price - thanks for the December sale and coupons, UA!

Add the 1A with default settings and it imparts a very pleasing, saturated tone to the overall sound of a mix without disturbing EQ. Of course there are many other uses but I really like this so much, I use it on everything now.

M. Romanov

January 13, 2015

Just perfect EQ

New Pultec Passive EQ is just perfect EQ. Vocal became beautiful.

H. Culoma

January 13, 2015



N. Sayag

January 13, 2015

The new Pultec collection

I love the pultec eq sound, you can never go wrong with it even if you don't turn the knobs.the new collection sounds even better, geart low end, the highs always sounds right.it gives the source that professional and rich sound.

J. H

January 12, 2015

Perfect EQ

This eq is great. The three seperate parts helps keep DSP usage low if you're just after little tweaks. Make this one of your first purchases (all though the legacy pultec is still very nice)

H. Tarvenkorn

January 12, 2015

Great sound

Now, I am not a professional mixing engineer, I only do this as a hobby but I am a professionally-trained musician with good ears. And I can say that this is a huuuuge improvement over the legacy plugin. The legacy version used to be quite harsh and bland in the highs. This is different now - totally smooth and "analogue", even without turning any knob. I only give it 4 stars as I would have wished for a one-rack possibility. I find it quite a hassle to load the three plugs into three different slots, then opening them up one by one to get an overview.

K. Schade

January 10, 2015

Most versatile, best sounding EQ

This and the 1176 are the most used UA plugins I own. Use them way more often than the expensive ones like Massive Passive.
Definitely check them out!

I. Lansen

January 10, 2015

Every session I end up using a couple of Pultec's

The Pultec is my go to eq for guitars, bass and vintage keyboards.
I really like the simple lay out of the controls, and the magic that goes on, once you boost and attenuate the same frequency range at the same time
I already liked the original Pultec plug-ins, but the these new versions are just a little better.

J. Moore

January 8, 2015

Nailed it!

In comparing this to the original plugin set I wasn't noticing a huge difference on kick, bass, etc... When I put it across the 2bus though it was almost immediate satisfaction. Before adjusting anything I heard and felt that thing that pultec type eq's bring (sheen, weight). UA nailed that. It makes a difference just being in the signal path. Subtle adjustments are really effective and help finish a mix nicely. Great product.

J. H

January 5, 2015


I was a big fan of the legacy pultec. I upgraded the 1176 and LA2A collections a long time ago, but waited on the pultecs because the legacy was just so good. I finally updated the pultecs during UA's must excellent holiday sale and have been loving this version. It does everything the legacys did but smoother and quieter. I recommend upgrading the pultec, but get the 1176 and LA2A collections first (or get the bundle and save a few bucks)

F. Kanuscak

January 5, 2015

A Fantastic And Quick Alternative EQ

I was looking for the Eq that would pull out the Midrange in a bass track a place it in the forefront. This worked for what I needed it to do. It also works for giving a lift in the high end for vocals and overheads. I went to the presets and tweaked it to fit my mix. Nice.

H. Bouetard

January 5, 2015

Pultec for ever

The differences between the old and the new version of this
legendary EQ is amazing!
I've been waiting for too long before upgrading this fantastic plug-in...

D. Gillis

January 2, 2015


Work real good, black round buttons, good – me like.
Cavemen enjoy feeling knobs with mouse-hands, very tactile.
Can't use spear, bad, wreck monitor screen thing.
Me buy again, trade 3 stegosaurs spikes for purchase next plugin.

J. Larese

January 2, 2015

Best emulation of the Pultec

This is by far the best Pultec emulation I have heard to date. The low end sounds much better on this than my Waves version. I highly recommend this plugin.

D. Caruso

January 1, 2015

Pultec Passive EQ Collection

I found this new release of these plug-ins to be quite handy on many sources. It is quite a step up from the originals. Makes the drums shine, but they are useful on just about anything. It was a great deal and I could not be happier adding these to my eq arsenal. You cannot go wrong with these.

H. Petersson

December 30, 2014

Dead easy, gorgeous looking, sweet sounding

I've never worked with a real Pulteq, and quite frankly I never understood why people were raving about this old box. Haven't EQs gotten so much better over the years?

Well, I don't know if it's the ease of use or the character it has but I do see now why it is still so popular. It has become my go-to EQ for guitars and individual drums, even sometimes vocals.
Many times just because it's so dead easy to dial in.

This new version is not all that different sonically from the legacy plug. It does have some more beef low end and some slight improvements, but sadly not enough for me to pay the price.

The GUI is one of the most beautiful UA has put out there and it is also optimised for retina displays which few of the UA plugs are. A+!

N. King

December 28, 2014


Very good plugins, and solid as a rock Eq's!!!!
I would recommend the for home and project studio's.

G. Barkley

December 26, 2014

Really Great

I lean more to the player/computer geek side of things. So I wanted to take a while with these guys before leaving a review. Having said that, the Passive EQ collection is simply great. They sound great, the presets are very usable and tweaks are easily made with musical results. Again, I don't have tons of experience with the hardware version so I was a little apprehensive. That quickly went away. Well done to all at UA.

A. Guild

December 16, 2014


They nailed it. Awesome Analog goodness!!! This is how plugins should sound. Silky smooth filters. Brings out the fundamentals very nicely.

A. Lagon

December 15, 2014

A sculpting dream

Love this EQ for it's lack of a bad spot any place. It's pretty much salt to taste anywhere and you can't do anything wrong. Listen to some of my work I've done here galacticpolicy.com

301-320 of 559 Results