Pultec Passive EQ Collection

Pultec Passive EQ Collection


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Pultec Passive EQ Collection

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J. Reineke

December 27, 2013

...O O...

First all I'm not a plug in eq fan, at all.

Most all of them sound like some kind of unusable kids toy.

I just A/B'd this today with the HW EQP-1A that lives here at my studio Orbit Audio in Seattle.

It amazed me, I was shocked.

It reacted the same, we set the SW to what the HW was and listened...closely.

The HW was a little tiny bit smoother but the difference was hardly what I thought it would be.

Dang UAD...a plug in? WOW!

E. Hartman

December 25, 2013

Turn Up

The pultec EQ's have been remade by several companies as plugins but the UAD's are my favorite. Like most of the vintage remakes UAD do they seem to be accurate to the original and love to be driven. I find these sound great when you start to crank things and settle them in to the tracks your using them on. My only complaint is there is no complete channel strip like they have on the legacy versions.

P. Oulster

December 24, 2013

This is it!

This review should be about the Pultec Hardware. The plugin is not close, not almost, not somewhat comparable. It is EXACT! Never thought I would see the day, to actually feel a plugin giving me the same feeling as the hardware. UA Collections series Pultec is all of that. Purchased it after demoing for a day. I was going to buy something else but got sucked in by this Beast. I've used the old Pultec emulation, it was ok, like other emulations, ok.
Also bought the UA 1176 Collection, same vibe, a new special sauce technology. After you listen to this Pultec, you will stare into space, grinning. Dreaming of the new sounds to come...

Nice work UA!

S. Rancourt

December 22, 2013


Pultec older version had been my go to EQ to tone and make everything at their distinctive spot ... to make things cuts through or blend in a musical and instinctive way .

The new version... oh hahaha my god !!! It's sounding so a magazine ... so much better . I knew it would (like the 1176 new version), but seriously ... This is way beyond my expectations !!!

Can't live without it !!!

Stef Rancourt, song producer. Québec. Canada.

T. Van

December 20, 2013

YES Better

I already owned the legacy version,and believe me, even I can hear the diffrence between both.
I thought they should be the same, NO lets get professional...

T. Ferguson

December 19, 2013

Now I Get It

I had the first UAD Pultec, and, meh. A little sweeter than my DAW's parametric, but generally not worth bogging down the UAD card (I need the power for the many Studer and ATR-102 instances). Got the new version, and now I understand why folks pay so much for hardware Pultecs. It's not the most pinpoint-accurate of EQs, but sweet, sweet, sweet.

It's worth it to use it in conjunction with a parametric if you need a little more precision in an area. Audibly livens the track just putting it in the chain, just like the real thing. Really helps glue my mixes together. Love it!

P. MØller

December 19, 2013

Silky smooth vocals

The Pultec Passive EQ is fantastic on vocals or just run your mix through with no EQ´ing

M. Panagaris

December 18, 2013

Worth upgrading

Picked this up on sale, big tonal improvement over the original, highly recommend.

S. Blackburn

December 18, 2013

Worth the improvements

I like the larger GUI on the Pultec collection and the ability to use the three components separately or together depending on the task. Example; the HLF-3C on it's own can be used to easily dial in a filtered effect that sounds great. It doesn't just "do the job", but somehow adds some magic. I had previously bought the Legacy Pro version and was a little dubious about buying the plug again, but I am not sorry. Technology sprints onwards and UAD's improvements capitalise on the emerging possibilities. I look forward to any session using the Apollo software. Addictive!

D. Glen

December 17, 2013

UAD nail it

congratulations UA for listening to your customers and updating the Pultec with your latest algorithms and programming, something we have been calling for on forums and in surveys. And for giving current owners of the original UAD Pultec a break on the price. That is truely looking after your customers and keeping them happy! i cannot recommend the new Pultec plugin enough. There are plenty of lookalike emulators but only one original and that is the UAD version!

M. Yammouni

December 17, 2013

Sonic Deliciousness !

This is my favorite EQ by far! It's a brilliant tone shaping device.

J. Valentovich

December 17, 2013

better than legacy

i loved the legacy series EQ had to try the new version was not disappointed this thing sounds great.I use it on drum buss gives the kick a little more balls, Bass guitar same ,this is the ticket for a great sounding EQ.can't beat the December price

I. Johansson

December 17, 2013

Excellent and easy to use !!!

Yet another UAD plugin that brings the sound
Out of the speakers. Easy to use hard to go
Wrong with rhe Pultec "bundle".

Y. Hara

December 16, 2013

It is effective to tight

Those before compared to, it depends on the band which we would like to apply securely.Great EQ!!

G. Cordovez

December 16, 2013

Great Eq

I always loved the legacy pultecs, they added a nice vibe to the tracks!!!....but now this guy is a beast!....it feels 3D...awesome for a plugin!

L. Flateby

December 16, 2013

The real thing?

I have to admit: I've never used an original Pultec, let alone seen one in real life. So; I don't know how the real thing sounds. However, I've always trusted my ears when it comes to sound, and having used both UAs former version and the T-Rex one, I must say that this EQ is by far the most harmonic and sweet sounding. Any which way you turn the knobs, something sweet comes out.

The first track I used it on was a drum bus, and WOW - the drums punched through with both present mids, shiny trebles and punchy lows. After that practically any source has been tested with the Pultec, and there's no turning back.

What an outstanding peice of sound sculpting tool! Is it like the real thing? I don't know, and I don't care! It's just great! :-)

D. Katkhanov

December 15, 2013

Pultec Passive EQ Collection Plug-in

Pultec Passive EQ Collection Plug-in after the upgrade became more detailed

M. Lovero

December 15, 2013

Same vibes than the hardware!

The only reason I don't give this collection the 5th star is because I had the privilege of working with the Pultec hardware just once and that was a long time ago, so I can't really compare...
Despite this, I remember perfectly the feeling and vibes that the Pultec hardware bring to the project I was working, and I can say this plug-in brings those sensations the same way.
Vintage EQ with color for your mixes!

A. Lawson

December 14, 2013

new pultecs

my best pultec emu i have.. the top end is simply wonderful..

K. Dietz

December 14, 2013

Not much difference, to my ear...

I use the Pultec Pro Legacy plugin all the time- on vocals, acoustic guitar, piano...I did an A/B between the old and new Pultec plugins on these same sources, and I must admit, I hear only a very slight difference (new version seems to maintain the low mid character of the source material, old version seems to dip the low mids a little, giving it a slight perceivably brighter sound). Overall I find them so close that I'd rather continue using the Pultec Legacy and spend my money on a different plugin. They sound great, don't get me wrong, but for now I'm good with the Legacy Pultec.

461-480 of 559 Results