Pultec Pro EQ Legacy

Pultec Pro EQ Legacy

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Pultec Pro EQ Legacy

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D. Tartar

January 4, 2014

This EQ is sick.

I know UA has already updated this pluggin to something even more technologically advanced but the Legacy version of the Pultec Pro EQ has so much life and spirit I'm actually afraid to audition the "Pultec Collection" version. UA always moves forward and so I'm sure even as hard as it might be to believe it could sound better it probably does (somehow). The reason I'm so impressed with this unit is because it's so harmonically rich, has an undeniable openness and it's so easy to use. It's sound is totally different than the Manley Massive Passive which I will use if I need more of a tight sounding eq or anything stock in Pro-Tools or the stock eq in the CS-1 which to me is very rich, dark and slightly grainy. Love it! Love it!

J. Jones

December 13, 2013

add this to every channel and hear the magic!

I had the Pultec Pro on every track of an EDM trance piece. I did not touch a dial and just had them in place for when I warned to eq them. I played the track on another computer with no UAD card and I could not figure out why it sounded so cold and tinny.

Just having the signal running through this added a glue to the mix and added beautifully character to each track. As soon as you start turning knobs it just gets better from there. Very clean and great to pull back or push sounds in the mix.

M. Marantz

November 5, 2013

killer mastering EQ

Sounds great on the stereo output! Also great on stereo drum tracks. Realllllly dig this EQ! It just sounds pretty.

G. Olson

November 4, 2013

Great EQ

The Pultec goes on pretty much every instrument in all my projects. Even if only with neutral settings, it still adds some mojo to the track. Indispensable!

M. Maradei

July 17, 2013


Good Product.

VEry consistent and easy too use. Very nice!!!!

M. Favale

July 15, 2013

Nice sound

I don't know the original equipment but this one gave me a nice and bright sound in my mastering chain.

M. Kauer

July 13, 2013

No alternative

Four years ago I changed from pc to mac and since then I´ve missed my UAD 1 PCI card which was plucked to my pc and would not fit to an Imac.

Everybody knows that the UAD-compressors sound fantastic but the finest tool for me has always been the PULTEC EQ. I used it on almost any source and only loading it into the FX slot made the signal sound better. Smoother, more analog - more alive.

Now I´ve just bought the PULTEC PRO version and can recommend it. It´s like the swiss army knife without ever sounding hard or harsh. You can completely reshape the sound without destroying its musicality.

M. Favale

July 13, 2013


Subtle EQ and very musical sound. I´m trying this one as a part of a mastering chain. Sweet.

M. Brucek

July 9, 2013

Pultec Pro EQ

EQ se chová p?esn? podle p?edpoklad?. Jsem s ním maximáln? spokojen.

L. Potyk

July 8, 2013

pultec pro eq

this eq is excellent. used it on my mix and tracking and it is excellent.
almost as good as the hardware. easy to use.

F. Garrido

July 8, 2013

good eq for every sounds

I think that the pultec pro is a good eq for every sounds, the presets of the eq are easy to use and the emulation of pultec is wonderful.

K. Yanagi

July 8, 2013


Pultec® Pro EQ is So Good !! Pultec® Pro EQ is So Good !!

C. Tunnessen

July 7, 2013

Best Pultec Plugin Available

I could mix an entire album using these pultec plugins as my only eqs. Seriously, they are that good.

Other Pultec plugins don't compare.

I don't even miss the real thing. Now I have dozens of amazing sounding pultecs for a fraction of the cost.

G. L

July 5, 2013

Sweet !

Very subtly, gently, sweet EQ. Sound better than the other Pultec emulations I have heard from other manufacturers.

G. Walden

June 28, 2013

A little magic to the mix

This is the bomb. This eq adds that little something special that you can't quite put your finger on. It makes anything run through it sound better; much like true vintage quality analog gear does. Great EQ...

J. Leväsalmi

June 26, 2013

Crispy top end!

Definitely liking this one. Sometimes just slapping this on and tweaking with the different angles of the dips and boosts gives surprisingly musical results. Not my go to EQ but always an interesting one to test on sounds that need that extra something.

UAD User

June 24, 2013

Pultec® Pro EQ Plug-In

Use Pultec Pro to compensate the failure frequencies. I like to go for something that raises the heart Pultec treble!

C. Nedzynski

June 21, 2013

Great Warm EQ

I know loads of people complain about the price of UA plugins, and whilst I'd always like to get things cheaper, I can't complain about the pricing of this plug.

What you get is really warm, smooth EQ that sounds so much like an analogue piece of gear, I really wouldn't know its a plug-in. Smooth and warm, it has all the characteristics of analogue, with the obvious benefits of it being a plug-in.

Another awesome piece of R&D guys!

F. Pellegrini

June 18, 2013

Excellent for almost any audio material or instrument

It has a great character and personality. Sounds good!

P. Favati

June 18, 2013

Pultec® Pro EQ Plug-In

compressor beautiful, really low price, works very well

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