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Pure Plate Reverb

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c. dean

May 1, 2019

Pure Plate Reverb

The old school reverb shines. Reminds me of when I lived under Raunch Records and released the bats on the park across the street

K. Babic

April 29, 2019

Good alternative to EMT

This Rev is a good alternative to EMT, love it on strings and pads.

R. Santiago

April 24, 2019

Smooth and larger than life!

Works amazing, specially on synths and vocals.

A. Petrakov

April 24, 2019

Great plate emulation

I only worked with software but I like the sound of this on my synths. Sounds rich. Great reverb

A. Marfitsyn

April 22, 2019

Best so far

There is some magic with Pure Plate - I have convolution variants of plate, awarded Little-concurent, but UAD best so far for tracking guitar for me.

P. Gomes

April 19, 2019


I never got there so easily ,i forgot the others, gorgeous sound!!

P. Gomes

April 19, 2019


I never got there so easily ,i forgot the others, gorgeous sound!!

P. Hallak

April 18, 2019

Just amazing

Thanks UAD for this amazing plugin. I really recommended for guitar Solist “Flamenco” Guitarist you should try it

B. Szukala

April 17, 2019

Meiner meinung das beste Hall Plugin

Meiner meinung das beste Hall Plugin. Benutze es bei VOX, GITARRE, DRUMS. Beeindruckend:-)

G. Livingston

April 16, 2019


It sounds amazing!

B. Sullivan

April 14, 2019

Just asking to my collection!

An easy to use, great sounding reverb, that's not taxing my system. You really can't beat that! Worth the price! I'm adding it to my console setup!

A. Sudarkin

April 12, 2019

Clean plate!

Very clean and transparent reverb. Simple control. Rich and detailed sound on vocals, guitar, snare and room. I am very impressed. Recommend!

M. Martinez Nadal

April 12, 2019

One of my favorites!

Amazing reverb for different uses, one of my favorites!

A. Arce Torres

April 11, 2019


Encuentro en general mucha claridad en los plugins UAD, la reverb Pure Plate me da eso que estaba buscando de una plate, ademas tengo varias opciones que me sirven mucho como por ejemplo el pre-delay! que generalmente no deberia tener una emulacion de reverb plate, ya que en la original no hay esta posibilidad.

S. Ramos

April 9, 2019

Pure Plat

Super rich, its an amazing reverb if you want a beautiful plate sound been using it on singing vocals. Super easy plugin to navigate and understand.

M. Filowitz

April 7, 2019

Pure Plate Reverb

This is a great sounding reverb, you can’t go wrong!!!

K. Kaspersen

April 7, 2019

Nice simple powerful reverb!

I love reverbs and i couldn't resist buying this plate reverb when i heard of it first time.
It is easy to use, simple, yet powerful. I have tried this on vocals, guitar and drum snare and i love it, very good alternative for me when i'm not gonna use lexicon's reverb.

L. SungRim

April 6, 2019

easy and also a great sound !

easy and also a great sound !

M. Diaz Velez

April 3, 2019

So simple, so analog.

This reverb is the best reverb for vocals. The setup and the result are so simple and so effective. When you are recording, you need something fast and good, and this reverb achieve these goals.

S. Ritnant

April 3, 2019

simple , practical , sound good

easy to use. worth the price.

241-260 of 385 Results