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Realtime Access

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T. Hollingsworth

July 21, 2022


UAD has fixed the glitch of it saying you don't own the license and therefore unable to load the plugin. After dealing with this problem for months, once I updated to the Apollo software v10.1 on Mac, it solved the issue and the plugin is working again as normal!

T. Black

May 27, 2022

UAD Please come clean about what is really going on with AT Advance

Apparently, when I put a ticket in the support person who shall remain nameless that responded to my email tried to convince me at first that maybe I did not have the latest update or it was something I had then after I had sent my system profile he then tried to tell me that that I had only a license for Autotune Advance apparently he know not a thing about Autotune Advance because if he did he would have known that Access is part of a bundle that comes with AT Advance..SMDH

M. Holesha

May 26, 2022

Back in business

They fixed the glitch so all my clients will be happy again!

T. Black

May 26, 2022

No longer has access to this plugin what is up!!

This plug-in is used for promotional purposes only,
and cannot be purchased.
and apparently used if you own it.
What is the deal? UA

D. Parker

May 15, 2022

Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Access Plug-In for UAD-2

Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Access Plug-In for UAD-2. Confused. It was mine and now it's not?

M. Holesha

May 15, 2022

Where's muh plugin?

Bought an Apollo Duo X last year, this plugin was in the bundle. Now it's disappeared and messed up countless artist sessions that really need it.

C. Klika

May 14, 2022

No longer works…

Like all the other recent reviews say, once I updated to the latest software, it now says I must demo it and that I no longer own it.

E. Wesolowski

May 12, 2022

NOT WORKING W v10 on M1!!

Fix this plugin for users that have access to it with v9. This is unacceptable.

M. Giordano

May 10, 2022

Auto Tune access not working, only demo mode

Updated to sw version 10 and now this plugin does not work anymore and ask to start the demo, even if shown as "Authorized for all devices" !!! Fix it !

M. Macías

May 9, 2022

Bugs in M1

I love auto tune real time access but it just does not works anymore on my new computer (m1 and Monterey) please check this I need to use this plugin for my job and its been almost 2 months !!!!

e. amo

April 30, 2022


what is going on here why is auto-tune realtime access not working?

H. Melendez

April 29, 2022


UAD, stop lying to us. We been using Access for a long time... you guys said it was included (Free) and not for promotion ONLY. That was the reason of my purchase. FIX IT! You guys have 14 days.

R. Quiroz

April 29, 2022

Doesnt work in v10 Downgrade back to v9

this needs to be fixed asap and people need compensation for spending money on a product that hasn't worked in weeks its embarrassing that some people spent more then 2000$ for something not to work and uad continues not to fix it..... something needs to be done and i hope uad is bright enough to realize they messed up.

A. Babu

April 29, 2022

Auto tune realtime access isn't working on new UAD update.

Please fix the issue with autotune in the latest update

E. Ardila

April 27, 2022

Don't update... it will not work

Help! It's not working!

R. Pecina

April 25, 2022

$1,100 and no Pitch Correction? half a star if i could

I thought i was tripping when i couldn't use it through Console anymore. ALl the money us small folks paid for your product and you want to charge us another $300?? i just went ahead and got the autotune unlimited bundle. CRAZY HOW PETTY THIS IS. i was relieved to find SO MANY OTHERS IN MY POSITION and just as frustrated!

C. Stull

April 24, 2022

Please Fix

It was great, but recently broke with new UA console update with the release of Spark.

H. Lopez Castillo

April 24, 2022


Users of an Apollo interface are supposed to have access to Autotune Realtime, right?
I hope it's a bug that they fix soon, please!!

b. beck

April 24, 2022

don't let me use

I own it but it only allows me to start trial

M. Beucher

April 21, 2022

The plugin does not work!!!

It is on Demo mode and it should be include.....
Please fix it

1-20 of 62 Results

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