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Realtime Access

Realtime Access

This plug-in is used for promotional purposes only, and cannot be purchased. Sign up for the UA email list to be notified of future sales and promotions. To learn about the full version of the plug-in, Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced, click here.

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Customer Reviews

Realtime Access

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D. Daniel

April 14, 2021

Free for UAD users, or let us buy!

I was excited about this little AT version, but was disappointed to know that I couldn't use it after 14 days with my Apollo Twin. I thought, I'd rather purchase this and use in console than the advanced version, then to find out that it can't be purchased. Can someone fix this? Make this plugin available for free for all Apollo users- if not, at least let us purchase for a reduced price.

S. Ahmed

February 3, 2021

Auto Tune Meets ME

I work with Lerome Swiss and my Name is JAM (Samir Ahmed)

now i wanna use it at home since I've worked with him.

P. Gonzales

January 31, 2021

Just let us buy it

Predatory practices.

E. Meadows

January 26, 2021

Do Better Do Not Be Scavengers

First the one was great now you require MORE MONEY everybody hates chris and uad plugin pricing. Hard enough we do not need the extra kick in the chops. PUT IT BACK for a fee of courses. Just be fair man or Ma'am. smh col wlab

A. Perales

January 22, 2021

Can't purchase?

So I have to pay 299€ for the Advanced version If I want to use on my Apollo Solo Console... I can't purchase the Realtime Acces:
Nice move.

L. Gustavo

January 10, 2021

cant buy

where purchase link?

L. Gustavo

January 10, 2021

cant buy

where purchase link?

d. cormier

December 21, 2020

nice but

pourquoi si jai acheter la version advanced je nes pas access a la version access cest vraiment stupid .. quand jachete la version vst de auto tuned pro jai les 4 version inclus .. svp corriger ca car cest du vol sinon merci

R. Capra

December 4, 2020

Why I can’t use this if I have the advanced one ?

The advanced keep give me bugs please give us for free this version !

e. forever

November 29, 2020

just let us buy it for in console use.

thats it. let us purchase realtime access for console use.

M. Antonides

October 21, 2020


So I can't buy this but other UAD users get it for free?
Bummer :(

E. Sunay

October 16, 2020

I'm disappointed!

I really regret buying UAD Autotune!!!! I bought this plugin for Realtime Access. However, only Realtime Advanced was active, Realtime Access promotional product and could not be purchased after 15 days of use. This is really bad, i'm disappointed!

c. ramazani

August 27, 2020

Auto tune acess

Hello i want to autorized auto-tune acess i already have real time advanced


August 19, 2020

Good sound

Thank you

D. Ji

June 9, 2020

Should be free for arrow interface!


J. Sapon

May 5, 2020


Dislike that I'm unable to automate.

R. Ward

April 30, 2020


I agree this should be free to all apollo users

s. bobal

March 22, 2020


zakupil som auto tune a nefunguje

T. Zicari

February 25, 2020

it should be free for every one

Comme on, we can't even purchase it

M. Boggan

December 18, 2019

Will not display inside of the console. No support online given. Feeling defeated.

I have the correct updated software. I have recently purchased AT access in hopes of using the real time settings inside of my UA console as promised. Only to be proven wrong. Inside of Antares Central, I have access to the plugin and inside of my DAW (Pro Tools). Inside the console, I can only access the demo versions of the plugin instead of the version that I paid for. If someone could resolve this issue I would appreciate it, otherwise I would advise users to stay away from this and put your hard earned money into something that would be of use to you.

41-60 of 62 Results