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With Hemisphere Mic Modeling

Customer Reviews

SD-1 Microphone

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E. Lee

July 13, 2024

Great mic

Been using it for a short period of time but so far so good, the build quality it’s really good, the packaging works perfectly as a case and the sound of the mic by itself it’s quite pleasing on different sources from guitar amps to vocals. The hemisphere plugin is a nice addition for a different vibe, obviously doesn’t sound exactly as the mics is trying to emulate but sound and works really good. Now my sm7b is in the locker…

O. Vallejo

May 28, 2024

A good microphone for beginners.

I used to have the SM7b, and when someone told me about this UA microphone, I bought it and now I sold the SM7b because this mic has so much to offer, good for vocals, snare and guitar amps. Love this mic.

T. Sanderson

March 16, 2024

Apollo will hiss but I think it’s Apollo

Read the hiss comment from Jin I think you can use the different preamp models on twin to be less noisy I think the initial pre amp but with a volt it’s like a vocalist dream in a bad room good rejection not like the d facto mic I just brought look in to that mic and ribbon mics change my world make mic placement easier too

R. Burgos

April 28, 2023

Is this what you expected?

From the moment I made my purchase of this product, there was that fear, is this what I expected? After seeing many reviews, comments and multimedia files, I have come to the conclusion. It is not the same to see it, to listen to it through speakers, than to already have it in person and carry out tests. If it is everything I expected, even more I would say. such a versatile sound, so friendly to work with, 10/10 quality. I am a user of a UA VOLT 2 interface and they behave together in an unexpected way. It's a dynamic duo. In general terms, it is a product that you know from the first instance that you are facing a high quality product and premium materials. Without a doubt, a great ally for my future productions and with an exclusive flavor.

All this is my humble opinion about this excellent product. Undoubtedly. It is my favorite dynamic microphone for a long time.

R. Belculfine

April 26, 2023

Seriously impressive.

Bought this to compare with its clear competitor the Shure SM-7b and I'm very satisfied with the quality this thing delivers. Using it for voiceover, podcast, and vocal recording. Blown away by the versatility and overall aesthetic of this microphone. My new go-to dynamic mic!

a. jin

April 5, 2023

Not good as my imagination

I just directly plug it with Apollo twin x interface, and noise is shocking! I don't know how to deal with that so I decided to ask a refunding.

6 Item(s)