Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor


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Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

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S. Robertson

March 19, 2016

Shadow HIlls Plug In Vs Analog Unit

Being someone who owns the Shadow HIlls Mastering Compressor and spent 13kaud on it with its power supply, I can't take it everywhere. I've been extremely impressed by the Plug in and its almost identical. The only slight difference is it lacks the stereo width of the real thing. Like all plug ins though they do their best to recreate harmonic content that a transformer would. Definitely happy with this purchase

C. Rikotek

March 19, 2016

Shadow hills mastering NO

After looking at the hardware hallucinate masterizador and I decided to buy the Uad plugin but it is clear that the hardware is worth $ 10,000 and plugins 300 $ expecting much more from this Plugin and truly believed that my tracks iván to sound spectacular but it has not happened ... I'm disappointed with this Plugin. Perhaps I thought it would sound like the hardware that really is the bomb !!

A shame...

S. Ghadaban

March 19, 2016


Beside the 1176 and LA-2A one of the best UAD Compressor emulations....a "must have" in my opinion.
Gives drums and percussion more body and punch. On the stereobus it delivers a warm, huge and powerful sound. Especially deep house and hip-hop mixes profit a lot from this compressor. Sounds like real hardware. Really magical sound!
But the best is that this plug-in is so CPU friendly. It really earns 5 stars...definitely!

T. Naus

March 18, 2016

The drum helper

This mastering plug did his magic for me on my drum samples, it made it crisp and firm, cutting thru the mix as i wanted! A real go to!!

UAD User

March 8, 2016

Great stuff, sound... it's easy

I enjoy it, perfect for bussing rock drums and just recently tried it on a gang vocal and it was amazing. Since I hardly ever write reviews, I think I should be critical... Brainworks was kinda far off from really nailing the bottom end response somewhere in the 260hz, it gets kinda warbly in the bottom end when you really smush it. But the signature "pumping" characteristic from the attack/release is present and actually spot on. Overall so amazingly practical and I intend to put this on every drum bus from here on out.

V. Beccia

March 8, 2016

Sexy and spooky

This plug in is awesome.
It's there unseemingly, almost perfectly transperant and non evasive.
Using this with the Manly Massive Passive and Ampex Plug ins at either end on the master stereo buss rocks.
Very versatile as a track comp though best in groups or mains.
Time spent with this plug is well invested and ultimately sonically rewarding if used wisely.
Absolute no brainer!

D. Koch

March 4, 2016

I love the big knobs

It's amazing: with an blink of an eye and you finally see the light (Aerosmith)... and you finally hear the difference!!!
Use the stuff as a buss-compressor on the drums and it is so much better than the stuff i normaly use. You can add puch, room, colour, feeling and whatever you want - and the best thing is: it sounds verry musically, or as we say in German: "Das Teil bläst dich um!"
Well done job UA!!!

y. cho

February 16, 2016

Perfect comp sound!

When I used some comps, I figured out that few comp gave too flat sound.
However, SHMC is to solid and give perfect sound!

c. zouen

February 5, 2016

this is the real deal!

Although I'm far from the true potential that Shadow Hills can offer, I was sold !!!! This makes my lack of knowledge of the production world and makes it sound like I knew what I was doing from the get go! Love it!

C. Cederberg

January 28, 2016

A/B'd with my hardware unit. Didn't cut it.

A/B'd with my hardware unit. Didn't cut it. Unfortunately.. Would have been nice to sell the hardware, but I'll keep it for now. Maybe V2 will be closer.

O. Ribeiro

January 24, 2016


Comprei esse plugin para usar especialmente em masterizações mas o resultado dele em tracks com instrumentos como contra baixo é sensacional. Valeu cada centavo

A. Rau

January 6, 2016

EXCELLENT Mastering Compressor!

Best mastering compressor emulation I've used. Can be very light and airy or crushing, depending on what you want. Has the perfect "glue" element that you're looking for in a master buss. Excellent job!!!

C. Askland

December 28, 2015

Love It

Using this as suggested by other users for subtle 1-2 db reduction. Great subtle "glue" as mentioned by other reviewers. 5 stars.

J. Dicke

December 26, 2015

My most musical dynamics tool

With it´s special compression caracteristics and extraordinary musical behavior the Shadow Hills Compressor is just a gorgeous dynamics tool. Simply perfect wether subtle comp or really musical pumping is required on single, prominent instruments and specially for beefing up whole master mixes (e.g. dance music).

P. Tylza

December 22, 2015

Worth every cent...

What can I say.. This thing makes me have the "expensive" mix bus compression sound right at my fingertips. I just love it at slight 1-2dB touch... I'd describe it's sound as "cleaner" than SSL and much more versatile than LA2's. Great control of stereo image, makes everything "sit" right at no effort. Definitely a must-have


December 21, 2015

Wonderful piece of plugin.

Wonderful piece of plugin.
From the clearest and high fidelity sound to the dirtiest and aggressive vibe this plugin sits on my UA Console a Comp BUSS!
This plugin fills my music with ANALOG TONE.

J. Rice

December 15, 2015

WOW - does great work

this is a must-have for me. i love this purchase. was using the Precision Lin MB & Limiter, but am favoring this SH MC more, just using the Precission multi band compressor for small adjustment.
Shadow Hills can be very subtle or in your face. make the mix really pop - Excellent plugin!

D. Range

December 13, 2015


this is a great plug in for that glue you need so far I haven't went wrong with any had plug ins plus when you don't understand even groove 3 has tutorial so you will understand or youtube

D. Range

December 13, 2015


this is a great plug in for that glue you need so far I haven't went wrong with any had plug ins plus when you don't understand even groove 3 has tutorial so you will understand or youtube

D. Range

December 13, 2015

as usual

UAD plug ins are the best demoed the shadow hills along with others and my buddies keep asking me is this stuff mastered already or do i have to send it in --keep up the good work had family and friends are in the guessing game

181-200 of 437 Results