Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor


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Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

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L. Varini

October 15, 2016

My master bus workhorse!

I have to admit that this plugin is a little intimidating, at least at the beginning, with all the parameters you can set. After some time I get used to it and now it's my preferred plugin for the master bus. Even with factory presets' is wonderful and gives that push to dynamics that is awesome.

B. Clark

October 12, 2016


sounds like the real unit! the stereo width isn't as great as it is on the real thing (another reviewer said that as well and I agree), but hey, small trade off to have an virtual limitless amount of them and portable! woohoo!!!

R. Blum

September 22, 2016

Wow, I'm overwhelmed!

I am a great fan of UA plugins. I own about 50% of all their available plugins and can't wait to purchase more. As with all other UA plugins, the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor is a great tool and brings the advantage of being able to use several instances at the same time - as opposed to a hardware unit with mostly just one possible instance. The SHMC is very versatile and the limit in its application is just your imagination. Amazing how, nowadays, you can setup your studio with gear that would have been unaffordable in the days of my youth! I just love producing professionally sounding music with these tools. THANKS!!!

D. Keen

September 15, 2016

Shadow Hill comp

This might just be the best plugin compressor on the market!!!!

Do yourself a favor and at least demo it to see for yourself!!!

J. Roy

September 3, 2016

Great compressor

It adds a lot of mojo to your mix. Love the color. Great buy!

L. seungbu

August 29, 2016

Discount please~!!!

Discount please~!!!!!!! please~~

M. Fletcher

August 14, 2016

Well worth the significant cost

Well, it's going to take a special type of compressor to make me break out the wallet from its hiding place but this is it.

Currently I'm remixing and remastering 70s soul tracks for a specialist label and the SHC became completely essential over the demo period. It smooths brilliantly, adds dignity, and bestows a solid feel. It is one of those compressors that are termed musical and rightly so. It also works wonders on some modern house stuff I've been doing too. The 90Hz sidechain is where some of the magic occurs, find myself wishing other compressors having this feature. Use both halves of compression gently for beautiful results. Thanks UAD.

M. Sims

July 24, 2016

Get for getting that analog color

Really love the the transformer selections. Great for getting just the right color in your mix. The compressor does exactly what it says it should. Could not be happier!

R. Sudduth II

July 10, 2016

Not just for mastering

This bad boy is suitable for many mixing/production needs as well as being the perfect addition to your mastering chain.

B. Simon

July 8, 2016

Never heard like this before

I tried out the 14 days version for mastering, and I never heard like this before.
It was like... WOW...
I was in a dilemma to buy it... Because the half year sale is ended on July 4th, and I didn't buy it.
But luck was on my side, I bought it on July 5th in the morning with the reduced price... :)))
This is the No.1 tool on my mastering chain.
It sounds amazing. It's doing its job very good.
MIB has reached a new level.
Highly recommended.

P. Larose

July 7, 2016

Big up for Shadow Hills

Honestly , I never had the original one in my hands so I can't compare but , the work of this plug is really amazing. The possibilities are infinite and whatever could be the sound you look for, you just can find it ( with a bit of patience if you're not really good at using compressions). The very good point is that fine compressions are really powerful and transparent and fat compressions are always with an esthetic point really interesting which is rarely the case with plugs . Clearly , if I had to choose one compressor for my uad system, it would be this one.

UAD User

June 30, 2016

Shadow Hills

This really is a musical compressor. I use it sparingly on particular tracks and the result is always musical beautiful and warm. It adds rather than subtracts to a track. I love it.

M. Diaz Velez

June 28, 2016

The Fool on the Hills

This sounds stunning... If you wanna to make some experiments between the three amazing will find some differences on the sound taste. This compressor is not aggressive a it gives you the sound that you need without the harmonic changes that other compressors does. In few words...if you are going to master some tracks...this guy is your best pal.

D. Gillis

June 26, 2016


I first used this plugin as a 14-day demo on something I was mixing. Tired of the gluey SSL compressor I'm used to, I needed something that would waken up the mix of an incredibly sad song. I stumbled across the nickel transformer feature – it offered a gentle presence in the mix that I was missing. I kept putting off the purchase of this plugin to test within myself if I really would miss it. And as we we all know, time is a teller, (and so is the lady at the bank) so time told me to buy this. I learned that I couldn't live without this plugin so I bought the damed thing and I'm glad I did.
My next goal is to get the real hardware version.

P. Womack

June 24, 2016

Sounds the way records should!

I've had my eye on the Shadow Hills comp for some time and it surpassed all expectations! Smooth, clean, detailed and plenty of color if you want it. The dual compressor circuits and Nickel/Iron/Steel selection allow for an amazing range of sounds.

I know this is a faithful model of the hardware, but I do miss the inclusion of a Wet/Dry control and M/S processing.

All in all though, these are small lackings in an otherwise fantastic sounding compressor.

Paul "Willie Green" Womack

s. shu

June 21, 2016



M. Robinson

June 17, 2016


This plug in has breathed new energy into my drums as well as the master bus in multiple sessions. Fantastic sound.

L. Breanza

June 13, 2016

A true analog compressor inside my computer!

Surprising and very realistic, the sound seems to be being processed by a real analog compressor. my masters won presence, battery channels, bass, etc., has a truly vintage sound.

UAD User

June 13, 2016

Serious bit of kit..

Really happy with this compressor, never heard the real thing but love what this brings to the table.. 5 stars.

D. Christophe

June 11, 2016

Brilliant compressor

SHMC is truly an awesome compressor. From subtile warmth to heave tube gritty.
It is perfect for getting vocals level and cutting them into the mix.
I also use this at the end of the master chain to get a really nice warmth to it.

Absolutely a must have plugin for everyone.

181-200 of 464 Results