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A. Charras

June 17, 2011

Warm and Dark.
Perfect for me !
I use the 610 for ALL , (exept for kik drums o snare drums)
In vocals bass and guitars is perfect.

J. Peralta

June 17, 2011

Despues de mucho buscar, por fin he encontrado en este previo el color deseado para mis tomas, sin dudas el mejor previo que ha pasado por mi estudio.

N. Akrabi

June 17, 2011

An amazing sounding tube based preamp.
considering the price you pay for it ,it's practically "free"...

I am using it for the last 3 years for bass GTR ,elec GTR,mail and female vox.
allot of character, well build .

no doubt that the solo 610 is a most in all professional and home project studios!

thank you
universal audio!


M. Scarafoni

June 16, 2011

Un excelente y sencillo preamplificador a válvula. Versátil.

An excellent and simple preamp valve. Versatile.

T. Zimmerman

June 16, 2011

This is an amazing preamp.
Like most great equipment it is deceptively simple.
A few switches, jacks and two big knobs.
If you only give the unit a causal try you will be
misled. It is not as loud as other units, but if you
take the time to carefully dial in the right ratio of
input to gain, you will be shocked at how versatile
and expressive this unit is. Unlike many preamps,
which basically just sound like the same signal
simply made louder or softer, the Solo 610 takes
on subtle shades of character, suited quite well
to vocals and bass. It is an outstanding preamp,
and it is a classic for good reason.

S. Oxford

June 16, 2011

What can I can that hasn't already been said about this piece? It's a workhorse in my little home studio.. Along with the Solo 610 I have a Gordon Instruments, a pair of Great Rivers, a Tab Funkenwerks V78m and a Geoff Daking pre/eq as my "front end" choices and the 610 is on par with all the others and that's some heady company, in my mind.. Bravo UA!

J. Teeters

January 25, 2011

I love this pre/di. It's a good all rounder. I think it's great for processing in the digital domain to get some warmth and color.

41-47 of 47 Results

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