SOLO/610 Classic Tube Preamplifier & DI Box

SOLO/610 Classic Tube Preamplifier & DI Box

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D. Saltzman

August 7, 2013

Killer Preamp for any source!

I have had the pleasure of working extensively with the 2-610 units and I knew I had to pick this guy up. It is my go-to DI for bass/vocals and sounds incredible with almost any source. I love the transient clarity on bass and vocals, and I have also had a lot of success using it for sax, trumpet, guitar amps, bass amps, kick drums and snares. While it does not have the EQ section that the 2-610 has, the variable input and output stages really give you a lot of tonal variety.
I have no complaints with the unit and I am extremely excited to use it with my new Apollo Quad! I love all Universal Audio products and their customer service is also incredible. Definitely pick this guy up if you are looking for a preamp that will give you some TONE

S. Bahmani

April 28, 2013

love 610

this preamp is really cool...i love it ... Thank you UA for your helping in World of music :)

C. Tuncer

April 13, 2013

SOLO/610 Classic Tube Preamplifier & DI Box

SOLO/610 Classic Tube Preamplifier & DI Box perfect preamp

A. Bouchard

January 22, 2013


I have had a lot of different preamps. This one is the best sounding, cleanest and most useful in my experience. It has a sonic signature. The tube gives a creaminess at low levels and slightly grainy at max levels but it always sounds good no matter what you do.It is the best piece of gear I bought last year, hands down.

L. Hughes

December 31, 2012

Great preamp

This preamp provides a great interface for almost any mic. I particularly like it in a vocal chain with a U87 or TLM49. Works as a DI, but for some reason I get a hum when passing through to an amp. Some are worse than others. Noisy guitar amps are often even noisier using the 610 in line. Removing the earth from the mains leads sometimes helps and the ground lift switch makes no difference. Small trade off for an otherwise fantastic sounding unit. The built quality is also superb.

C. Presnell

August 31, 2012

Love it!!!

Had a chance to try it next to an API 512c for an A/B comparison. I loved what it did to the sound. Very versatile with the separate gain and level knobs. The API only has a level knob which is very small. The Solo 610 has a great pair of knobs!!!

I've also used it in my home studio where a few issues with noise occurred. A/C hum out the thru made it unusable as a DI when passing through to an amp. It also picked hum with my other guitars when going directly into my DAW.

All these problems disappeared when I brought it to work at a real studio. No hum issues under any circumstance when used at the studio. None while using it as a DI, none while using it as a pass through to the guitar amp, and none when a mic was hooked up.

Great pre-amp

M. Sikkerboel

May 11, 2012

the 610 is my favorite preamp. i use it with a variety of microphones and it never lets me down. the brauner phantom and the neumann tlm-103 are my current faves.

B. Garth

April 26, 2012

The SOLO/610 Classic Tube Preamplifier & DI box is quite possibly my favorite piece of gear in the studio. Unlike my rack, which is far from being in a comfortable listening position, the 610 sits right next to me, dead center of the mix. It provides a surprisingly wide variety of tone features; every turn of the 'Gain' control adds sweet, buttery harmonics to any signal. The DI is an amazing solution to sterile guitar or bass tracks. The SOLO/610 has a very classic sound, which is usually what my clients and myself are looking for. This is quite possibly the best valve vocal preamp on the market and I highly recommend having one of these handy to every engineer and recording artist out there.

D. Leon

February 23, 2012

The solo 610 is a Great Pre, certainly adds a nice bottom tube sound to almost anything i run through it. A great must for decent sounding vocals. Has a extremely low noise ratio which please's me. :) dclstudioz@gmail.ocm facebook: Donovan da don Leon Twitter: @dclstudioz

S. Bjernemose

February 13, 2012

I can only say, that my 610 Solo realy give a warm smouth sound to the vocal. It´s a nice device.

C. Kelly

February 8, 2012

sounds bodacious. clean, big, natural. Thanks!

J. Truelove

June 29, 2011

So many positive things have already been said about the Solo 610 that giving another description of the sound and features of the unit would just be adding to the accolades. So, instead I thought I would describe my situation and how I use the 610 in my personal setup and why it is so valuable in what I do.

I am a singer/songwriter and a bass player. I have a home studio with a PC that captures audio through a PCI sound card. Even though my home studio is a basic setup, I never want to compromise on the quality of my recordings just for the sake of getting my ideas down. Also, from time to time I will help out other players that are looking to cut a simple demo but still want a high quality recording. The Solo 610 really makes this possible by being easy to use and delivering clean sound with a variety of characteristics.

I have used the 610 as a mic preamp for vocals, various acoustic and electric instruments and as DI for electric bass. Whether I drive the input section for a warmer tone or the output for a sharper attack, in either mode the results are clear and pristine Of course, it imparts plenty of color to the recording which is, to my ears, reminiscent analog tape but it never becomes dull. I have found this is especially important as additional tracks are recorded. When I multi-track using the 610 everything blends together nicely as if I had my own console.

The 610 produces great results with all of the condenser microphones I have used including a tube mic with an external power supply and a FET that requires the onboard phantom power. I also get a nice sound using a dynamic mic when recording electric guitar through a very loud amp.

This is also a wonderfully transportable box that has accompanied me to other recording sessions. I have recorded bass for other folks who own personal studios that are setup to record full bands using multi-track firewire interfaces. Those are all great and cost effective ways to get the job done but I find using the 610 as a DI and going through the line-in and bypassing the onboard preamp of those units brings another dimension to the sound.

I could see the need for few more EQ points below 100hz on the high pass filter but that is still very useful for vocals and acoustic instruments I have recorded.

The Solo 610 is perfect for anyone looking for an affordable, simple but professional grade preamp that is versatile and has a lot of character.

S. Galutia

June 28, 2011

I love this little tank, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy...

R. Mc

June 18, 2011


R. Garrido

June 17, 2011

It is a very versatile pre you can get a very clear signal to large saturation signal without destroying the sound, but best of all, it sounds great! It all sounds the closest.

A. Charras

June 17, 2011

Warm and Dark.
Perfect for me !
I use the 610 for ALL , (exept for kik drums o snare drums)
In vocals bass and guitars is perfect.

J. Peralta

June 17, 2011

Despues de mucho buscar, por fin he encontrado en este previo el color deseado para mis tomas, sin dudas el mejor previo que ha pasado por mi estudio.

N. Akrabi

June 17, 2011

An amazing sounding tube based preamp.
considering the price you pay for it ,it's practically "free"...

I am using it for the last 3 years for bass GTR ,elec GTR,mail and female vox.
allot of character, well build .

no doubt that the solo 610 is a most in all professional and home project studios!

thank you
universal audio!


M. Scarafoni

June 16, 2011

Un excelente y sencillo preamplificador a válvula. Versátil.

An excellent and simple preamp valve. Versatile.

T. Zimmerman

June 16, 2011

This is an amazing preamp.
Like most great equipment it is deceptively simple.
A few switches, jacks and two big knobs.
If you only give the unit a causal try you will be
misled. It is not as loud as other units, but if you
take the time to carefully dial in the right ratio of
input to gain, you will be shocked at how versatile
and expressive this unit is. Unlike many preamps,
which basically just sound like the same signal
simply made louder or softer, the Solo 610 takes
on subtle shades of character, suited quite well
to vocals and bass. It is an outstanding preamp,
and it is a classic for good reason.

21-40 of 42 Results