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Customer Reviews

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ

Overall Rating

61-80 of 160 Results

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A. Ogarev

December 13, 2020

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ super+)

the main plug-in equalization, the functionality is amazing, it is comfortable and simple to work, the level of UAD products is amazing....

B. Busch

December 11, 2020

Great EQ - would also love to see side-chain support

This EQ in its own right is one of the ** most elegant sounding ** out there. It's super smooth and clean, and doesn't cause obvious phase damage. Add the dynamic bands, and it's a truly powerful tool. I already own the native Sonnox verion, but with coupons and the holiday deal, the price was too stupid good to pass up having this on the UAD platform, to save on my CPU when needed. Some projects get so bogged down, it was worth it to me to have the UAD version as an option.

The sound is worth 5 starts, but I only ding it one star for the often repeated complaint of lack of side-chain support. I'm sure it's some under-the-hood technical limitation on the UAD platform they're trying to work out. I most commonly use that to duck say 70Hz out of a bass guitar, triggered by the kick drum, and I know those EDM folks love to do that ducking thing on their synths. Either way, it'd be rad if they can sort that out in a future update. I'm sure they're working on it! ...Right guys??

I, like a lot of folks use FabFilter's Pro-Q3 all day long for how fast and easy it is, and light on the CPU. And their super simple dynamic implementation is great - for being fast and easy. But when you need more control over the envelope of a dynamic band, or if you just want a more elegant *sounding* EQ, the Oxford Dynamic EQ does level up on Pro-Q3 in my opinion and is worth a serious look. I'd say the same for Sonnox plugs in general. Quality stuff!

Rock on.


December 7, 2020


If you are looking for dynamic sound. This is one of the best Dynamic EQ plugins I ever used. You name it, use it on any sound and it does the job. Personally love it. Specially on my master channel. Thank you again UAD for another amazing plugin!!

O. Brügger

November 27, 2020

My go to

for vocals. fast and accurate! Great!

O. Brügger

November 27, 2020

My go to

for vocals. very fast and accurate. Like it!

N. Joy

November 12, 2020

The best UAD investment I’ve made so far

I have picked up several plugins so far, they are all pretty great, interesting and flavourful. Nothing has been more useful then this plugin, tracking through it has solved so many issues, using it to clean up room resonances without loosing anything from the performance.
It’s a wonderful powerful tool.

s. azevedo

October 17, 2020

Vocal Tracking Chain Complete!

Bought this based on a few UAD user reviews and glad I did. I'm using for tracking vocals just to dynamically tame the lows and highs. I find being able to visually see it work while tracking has been a confidence game changer for me.

F. K

October 16, 2020

Sidechain support.

Great sounding Equalizer, I do however think Uad need to put the sidechain option like the Native version asap. its such a shame it doesnt have this option. The Native version is pretty CPU hungry but with AMD coming in with insane processing power for affordable prices I won’t be surprised if products like this gets absolute when not on par with the native version. There simply is no reason to buy this if you can get the full option version with side chain and resizable plugin window. Never the less great plugin from sonnox.

A. Cajide

October 12, 2020


Come on where is the native sidechaining? Urgh I’m so disappointed. Please include it.

j. kim

August 29, 2020

comp. eq. If these two things don't solve it...?

It works smoothly without being rough, so you can work while maintaining the original track tone.
When the desired thing is not made well by using comp or eq
Using Oxford Dynamic EQ, how is this?

E. Koch

August 18, 2020


i a have VST Dyn-EQ for sidechain work in my DAW...this one i wanted for real time tracking through my Apollo Twin, and it's perfect for that, ( for De-Essing, and as a dynamic gain stage )....

what i was getting at, with the Ducking Compressor Idea, is; i don't want coloration in ducking side-chain the Obvious Solution, for ducking, is a Purely Digital Side Chain Ducking Compressor...

just Side-Chain Source Routing, With 3 Knobs < and that's it....the 3 knobs are Freq, Q, and Level, ( just like one band of a fully parametric ) anyway; the side-chain frequencies then would be simply subtracted from the subject, there by doing the ducking by carving their own custom frequency hole into the subject material..

maybe that idea would be best implemented as a LUNA plugin, or part of the LUNA console...
i can build something like that, for myself, in reaktor; just haven't gotten around to it yet..

E. Koch

August 16, 2020

does what it does good.

i will put up a review on this latter...
i just wanted to get the digital frequency carving sidechain idea across to UA.

r. nottage

August 16, 2020

What a EQ

This eq is smooth like butter . And makes anything your working on from vocals to instruments sound better. Could use a side chain , that would be my only issue .

E. Koch

August 16, 2020

speaking of side chain compressors !!! ( the idea )

the purely digital approach would be the key there, but unlike this unit as well...

or why no one has thought to put a filter, and level, on an alternate track side chain, and just digitally subtract those frequencies, in the adjusted amount, from the subject ???

get it ???

B. Benton

August 2, 2020

Love it...but where's the side chain?

Very natural and easy to manipulate each band. However not having an external sidechain option is a major flaw. Therefore I give it 3 stars as opposed to 5. UA, please update. =)

V. Stilu

June 16, 2020

External sidechain

I would love to use this plugin because all Sonnox plugins sound awesome but unfortunately, with the UA-version you can´t pick an external source for the sidechain which I use very often. I hope you guys are working on this!

S. Shaw

June 5, 2020

Can't believe how clean it is

I demoed this when I ran out of ideas for suppressing room resonance, and wow, Sonnox's dynamic EQ works so cleanly! Very satisfied with the artifact-less result. Definitely added to my arsenal.

C. Vela

May 28, 2020

Works great as a gate for eliminating background noise in a noisy room in realtime

I demoed this and set it up for voiceover work where the fan on my CPU was making me crazy. Really easy to setup a threshold in the high frequencies so that only the vocal comes through. Now that being said.. I am sad that this doesn't have sidechain. If it had sidechain it could replace the Fab Pro-Q 3 in a lot (but not all) instances and I would give it 5 stars. I pray your engineers are hard at work on sidechain for this and LUNA.

S. Tib

May 25, 2020

The most gentle and natural dynamic

I do lots of audio-post production where I use constantly dynamic EQ like Izotope Neutron EQ to control the resonance without changing too much the timbre. sonnox Dynamic EQ is so gentle and transparent! Maybe the smoothest one of all. It’s great addiction, Even if it has only 5 bands, it’s worth it at 50% it will be always on my chain alongside of the Izotope one!

S. Roy

May 12, 2020


Like all the other UAD products, it's well worth the investment.
The Oxford dynamic Eq works effeciently on all my tracks and mixes.
Great tool!

61-80 of 160 Results