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SPL® Transient Designer

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81-100 of 261 Results

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C. Horsethief

September 28, 2017

Sets the heavy guitars apart from the mix

This plug pushes the attack on heavy guitars just enough to stand out against the drums. It's the "go to" for a standout axe mix... it's like punch with bite.

T. Poole

September 14, 2017


Bass too staccato, no problem. Slap on the SPL Transient Designer and turn up the sustain. For those mixing jazz and have a double bass performance that's not smooth enough when walking in four (too staccato), use this plugin.

s. beaubien

August 6, 2017

Very useful tool

I use it to tighten up kick and snare drums. You can also add more attack if needed. Easy to use.

J. Bernstein

July 13, 2017

Great on drums or to de-verb poorly recorded audio

Love it. Use it on my drums to add extra 'oomph' and smack

B. O'Reilly

July 6, 2017

A must have for drums!!

this easy to use plugin can totally bring your drum recordings to life, with the 2 controls you can tighten up your drums and get the attack you want from snare and kick, a must have!!

S. Debontridder

June 26, 2017

Bang for the buck!

This one truly is a little gem. I've been using the SPL Transient Designer on drums (rooms and close mics too) to counter the limitations of a not-so-ideal recording environment after hearing about it on a podcast and this thing has since changed my recordings in a huge way. Next to that, I found it does wonders on acoustic and even electric guitars as well. The Transient Designer is a plugin I didn't know I needed until I got it, and now I wouldn't be able to do without it anymore.

E. Carlsson

June 25, 2017

Great and useful!

This plug is extremely useful! It works great on drums and percussion to get that tight pop sound.

UAD User

June 19, 2017

Quick and efficient!!

Just what you need to quickly emphasize attack/release. Highly recommended!

T. Williams

June 19, 2017

Must-have for short snare!

Need length? Look no further...

P. Perfetto

June 15, 2017

The absolute best on drums

I use this on drums, drums, drums! It is the best transient designer on the market. I had the original one on the brainworx platform, and this one sounds even better. I love this on leads, or anything that needs to be sticking out in the mix a little

S. Gough

June 10, 2017

Game Changer

Great to add the snap in drums that may or may not be in the original performance or to clean up the room leakage in close mics. Messed with it on an acoustic as well. Gets some creative FX sounds when taken to its extremes.

N. palombo

May 23, 2017


Powerful tool ,couldn't imagine not having it now. Can make a tambourine sound like slay bells, awesome on drums.

UAD User

May 22, 2017

such a valuable tool

i frequently use this on synths and basses that have too much attack. such a great tool for smoothing out as well as adding some snap.

e. hartwell

March 22, 2017

Mixing drums?

I love this plugin on drums.. it's perfect for quick results on toms, snares, kicks... I can make my drum corrections in seconds that sound great. If a tom needs more life, or if a snare has a little too much action, adjust the attack and sustain to taste , then adjust the gain , easy No fuss. seriously, having the SPL is a must.

M. Antão

March 19, 2017


probably one of my favorite plug ins. very usefull

M. Antão

March 19, 2017


probably one of my favorite plug ins very usefull

H. Yamamoto

March 12, 2017

Swiss army knive

It's swiss army knive. It is very useful for drum track adjustment. I love it.

A. Milyukov

March 4, 2017


This plugin is better than Native Instruments!!!

e. solberg

February 8, 2017

Quite useful

Never tried the hardware version. I have had success with this thing on individual drums, where it has helped bring certain elements fwd in the mix by differential emphasis on transient and body. Warning: I've learned to best set it while listening to the whole mix and not to the individual track, as some guitars for example might sound better with this thing on their own, only to be obviously over-treated when playing back a mix. I do not regret the purchase, would purchase again.

P. Drake

February 2, 2017


In my review I should have wished for an AUTOMATIC level-compensation feature. I know there's an output level control.

81-100 of 261 Results