SPL® Transient Designer

SPL® Transient Designer

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Customer Reviews

SPL® Transient Designer

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81-100 of 205 Results

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UAD User

October 30, 2016

You know what it does!

Just as great as the hardware version, it makes the drums sound exactly how you want!!

J. Seabrook

October 5, 2016

Subtle enhancements

I find the hardware easier to be subtle, and that's the main difference between hardware and software. Because I have to engage with my mouse and my eyes, I find it takes more concentration to be subtle with this plugin.

IF, your drums are well recorded, a subtle touch is magic.
IF, you're trying to fix shoddy recordings, even subtly used this can bring out the wrong things too easily.

Big knobs, simple layout. It does EXACTLY what it's supposed to do. Can't ask for more.

L. Aukrust

August 9, 2016

A genious of a tool

Extraordinary simple to use, but extraordinary useful. I was shocked when I used on my piano track. I could easily modify the tone, all along the keyboard. I could make it sting and enance the rythmic aspect of the piano by increasing the attack and pull back on sustain. On the other hand, by reducing the attack and increasing the sustain, the piano sound turned smooth, and warm, with a floating quality to it. The intensity of the effect goes all the way from suddle to pronounced, and it was eady to find the soft spot where the piano tone just sat perfectly in the context of the recording. Piano is challenging for amateur mixers like me. But from now on, I will rely on the Transient Dedigner to give me the perfect piano sound. Great stuff

R. Hartley

July 27, 2016


I’m not sure how I ever lived without this plug-in for guitars. Magic.

P. Marriott

July 27, 2016

My #1 Goto tool!!!

Best transient shaper ever!

j. couch

July 16, 2016

Effective and useful.

Tried a couple of transient shaping tools. This one is well balanced and effective. It's not a character plug-in, but it is very useful.

N. Kodonas

July 14, 2016

SPL is a must for every genre of mixing!

SPL Transient Designer is truly amazing at what it does. It can help change the sound of a percussive track, or lengthen the notes of a bass track and even remove some of the excessive attack noise of a guitar pick.

Try it out for yourselves!

B. Joseph

July 6, 2016

A MUST Have for Popular Music!

As a producer who mainly creates pop, soul, hiphop and indie rock, the transient designer is the ONLY plug I've ever used, that effectively and musically adds more punch to my drums. The Transient designer is one of those tools EVERY engineer should have.


UAD User

June 29, 2016

SPL Transient Designer

My new go to transient shaper, superb. 5 stars.

R. Homes

June 21, 2016

A library composers friend

Without this product my life in library music world would be so much harder .
The ability to drastically alter the shape and size of drums with this plugin helps me keep up with the many changes that can occur with for sinc . Changing a drum sound from rock to funk to jazz to gospel has never been easier .
Drum replacement is now an option not a nesesety thanks to the SPL .
Many thanks

M. Nykvist

May 17, 2016

SPL® Transient Designer Plug-In

Its on almost every drum channel in some Projects! Love it!

UAD User

May 5, 2016


I use it on my drum bus and this thing is magic. Give my drums that "it" that it needs to really sound meshed together just like the hip hop records you hear on the radio. Love this plug.

D. Robinson

March 8, 2016

Great Plugin

I can't write comparing this to it's physical counterpart, but I will say that this little beast is a great plugin! Very easy to use and very effective!

A. Yeats

February 26, 2016

Use it all the time!

Great tool for clarity and punch on drums. Simple to use but incredibly useful.

e. lloyd

February 9, 2016

useful tool

very useful on drums need to remember to used it more

J. De La Cruz

January 16, 2016

Nice vocal rhythmic changer

UA version of Transient Designer is much smoother than NI. I tend to use this mostly to shorten sustain on lead vocals and can really dial-in various rhythmic timing groove.

P. Jacobsson

January 15, 2016


This plug-in is very usable, works on everything. For example use it on a drumbus and it glues the drumset together. Exellent!

M. Diaz Velez

January 12, 2016

Get the Rhythm

Great for Drums and rhythms, Is the best tool to deal when you don't need a compressor and you need to keep the dynamics musically. Excellent!

M. Diaz Velez

January 12, 2016

Get the Rhythm

Great for Drums and rhythms, Is the best tool to deal when you don't need a compressor and you need to keep the dynamics musically. Excellent!

t. stubbs

January 11, 2016

A definite must for your audio tool kit...

been using the original 4 channel hardware for years and always missed one of these ITB. There are plenty of similar type plugins but nothing quite comes as close as this version. Really punchy when needed and as much or little attack/sustain for saving drums, bass, messing with vocals and anything else you fancy slinging it over...

Grab it and know it's there for when you need it...

81-100 of 205 Results