SPL® Vitalizer MK2-T

SPL® Vitalizer MK2-T

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SPL® Vitalizer MK2-T

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February 14, 2016

Wish i would have got this sooner!

Seems like the more i use this plugin the more, the more i want it to shape all my tracks with it.
It's just the little push of clarity my tracks needed.
Wish i would have got this sooner!

A. Johnson

January 17, 2016

Wins over hardware

I have a couple different original SPL Vitalizer hardware units, and I've used them sparingly over the years. It's always a mixed result: on some sources, the Vitalizer is total magic; on others, not so much. I got out of the habit of using the hardware because I didn't want to go through the trouble to patch it in and then decide I didn't like what it was doing.

This plugin has me using the effect more. It's lower noise than the original, and because it's easier to try out on different sources, I find a lot more uses for it. On the right source, it's magic. Background vocals are a win, and individual drum kit pieces, like snare. Once in awhile it's great to lift a rhythm guitar part up and out.

Definitely worth buying!

J. Aitkens

January 14, 2016


Great plugin. Makes everything sound better with little work.

A. Fedyushkin

January 13, 2016


Thank you UAD for your gift coupons. U are really cool people.
Vitalizer bass and stereo controls are magic!

K. Lofaro

January 5, 2016

Bottom End

I used this to enhance the bottom end on my drum buss. It brings out that draw dropping low end you've heard about. Recommended.

C. Nieto

December 27, 2015

SPL® Vitalizer MK2-T Plug-In

Amazing! The best of this plug is that doing little can make a big difference in your mixes

C. Tamas

December 26, 2015

Vitalizer MK2-T

Love it!!!! really useful - i aslo use mixing ans mastering too, with electronic dance and hip hop music!

M. Vila Nova

December 19, 2015

SPL Vitalizer

An unsuspicious can full of spices... Use it spairingly and it will make wonders to your lows, mids and highs. Just Wonder how I could live without it til now. Instant gratification is possible aftertouch all. I'm very happy with this purchase

B. Ioan

December 12, 2015

Vitalizer is really a great plugin.

I had this plugin from SPL (pluginalliance). Somehow the uad version is better. I love it . I use it quite often. It gives that nice warm sound.

N. Dettenbach

December 10, 2015

nice and helpful "magic"

Even if im usually do not really like to use "magic" tools which are "black box" to me like the vitalizer - it is a very helpful tool in many situations to me. It allows me to shape and form synthesizer sounds for i.e. hard electro / neuro electro funk (track/bus) - made it more "working" indenendently from the size and setup of speakers (down to small mobile phone speakers). But be aware - it is easy to "overdrive" this effect because it acts like a narcotic - if you have it you tend to overuse it if you are not fully aware ß). It is far more flexible to tweak then i tought at first.

I'm still try to figure out the picture how it works onto the signal to avoid any problems later and if i understand it, i would use it more often.

M. Ryder

August 28, 2015

Still as good as it used to be!

I owned this and it was always my magic box adding width and sparkle in an unassuming way (unless over used).
I have seen and bought many of these types of plugins to try and get that stereo sparkle in my studio box and have had varying degrees of success, I was in two minds to buy another although i knew the Vitalizer could do the job.. but knowing the geek factor of the UAD Boffins i decided to buy it and was so please when i used it and straight away it was like having the original doing what it just does really well. Another effective plugin that puts the wannabes to shame.

You just know you can trust the UAD team to do it right and in doing it right they make me sound cool ;)

UAD User

June 18, 2015


THIS is by far the most impressive plugin I've dealt with, i feel some users who have mediocre experiences with the plug in, either don't know how to utilize it best OR, the didn't give it enough time to figure out! i love when plugins don't have Presets, i don't go to those in the first place. I'm not against them, i just found to find better results on my own. The SPL VITALIZER is a great deal! the Hardware unit is surprisingly affordable for home studio owners! Theres so much warmth and body and life it brings to the masters!! BUY THIS AND BE REJUVENATED WITH AUDIO ENGINEERING AGAIN!

UAD User

June 18, 2015

Pass this up and REGRET IT!

Must admit this one i never looked into for a even use of the demo, i went online for some tips on mastering and found an article from SOS from 1999 and this hardware was mentioned, i search for it and come to find UAD Store had a Plug in for it. so i demo'd it, through it on the Master.. P O L I S H E D G O L D! didn't even think twice went right to the Store, added to Cart and purchased! on sale plus some coupon codes, got this beast for under $100 CANT NOT BEAT THAT.. makes everything sound smooth and clear it is by far the MOST IMPRESSIVE PLUG in the Arsenal

C. Cates

January 6, 2014

Stereo enhancer is the bomb

I'm throwing this on the end of my mix to add a little compression and to spread out my pans with the stereo enhancer. I really love the separation it makes.

R. Diekmann

July 11, 2013

never agian without it...

i have to say that i can not really tell how the vitalizer does what it does...

but its something so musical and awesome...i just got it yesterday and i used it on some synth´s and baseline´s for dubstep and hiphop instrumentals....what a blast it is to listen to those now....

i also use it on a vocal bus in pro tools 10 before reaching the master vocal bus...
and i cannot understand why i have been waitng so long to purchase this master piece....

when i masterd my first track with the vitalizer i put the plugin after my master plugins
and it also gives everything a really nice finish!!!!!

Thanks UAD!!!!!

i am in love with the vitalizer _3

L. Eriksson

June 12, 2013

:-) nice

I really enjoy the opportunities SPL Vitalizer gives me.

P. Hird

March 31, 2013

Super Tool

UA's SPL vitalizer and shine, punch, width, and depth to tracks, mixes and masters and dials in easy. Great tool.

M. Taliga

February 19, 2013

SPL Vitalizer MK2-T

A nice piece of enhancing sound...I advise to everyone

D. Nicol

December 11, 2012

Another way to achieve clarity and separation

The UA SPL Vitalizer MK2-T is a unique plugin. As a dedicated amateur, I often have difficulty capturing the same clarity on my tracks as pros achieve. Despite room treatments, there are always some negative artifacts that arise from recording in a small, residential space which lacks both the proper geometry and size. While this is not too bad on any single track, when many such tracks accumulate in the mix it can create a lot of mess.

This plugin offers an excellent alternative to standard techniques for achieving separation. It is easy to overdo, but that just means it has plenty of power! Try it for yourself on your worst track and see how suddenly it no longer is. And the stereo enhancer is amazing too.

Audio Windex.

M. Biegler

November 27, 2012


besitze auch die Hardware mit den Röhren, klingt ein wenig weicher ! bin sehr zufrieden mit dem plug in! super!

61-80 of 87 Results