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Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

Overall Rating

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J. Kelly

May 16, 2024


I love this in Unison with my x4. Classic

S. Winkler

May 12, 2024

I thought I didn't need it

I was wrong

Y. Chistyakov

May 11, 2024

SSL 4000 E Channel

Diese Konsole finde ich als eine sehr gute Emulation vom SSL Mischpult.

U. Soto

May 10, 2024

What can I say... It's a freakin' SSL Channel Strip!!!

You can't go wrong when you go and purchase a UAD/SSL Channel Strip. I've used the actual analog console and gotta say it's really close to the original. Great job as always Universal Audio!!!!

M. Konneh

May 9, 2024

Top notch

Was sleeping on this-Just get it!

p. albert

May 9, 2024


Produit à la hauteur de mes attentes

J. Medina

May 8, 2024

The best

I've tried all the SSL channels on many mixes over the years and haven't found anything like this.

H. Marek

May 7, 2024

The best!

The best emulation of SSL console!

C. Zanabria

May 6, 2024

One of the best pre amp emulations I've tried

I love the color it gives to vocals and how ti makes them sound so crisp.

R. Olmos

May 4, 2024


Me gusta que lo puedo poner en Unison para poder grabar con todo ese color del preamp, la eq compresor o el gate, muy util , la mejor emulación de SSL en mi opinión

L. Schiappacasse

May 2, 2024

Classic Console Sound in a Plugin

The UAD SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection is a high-quality plugin that emulates the iconic SSL 4000 E console, known for its clear, punchy sound. It features comprehensive EQ and dynamics sections, including both 'Black Knob' and 'Brown Knob' EQ models, and integrates seamlessly with UAD's Apollo interfaces using Unison technology. While it requires UAD hardware to run, which may be a limitation for some, it offers a polished, professional sound that can significantly enhance mixes. Overall, it's an excellent choice for anyone looking to replicate the SSL sound in their digital projects.

C. Heusser

May 1, 2024

The one and only

One channel strip is enough, and for me it's the SSL 4000 E. The quality of the filters and the EQ are convincing, and the dynamics section covers at least 90% of all applications. What more could you want?

K. Osawa

May 1, 2024


音質は大満足です。 Apollo Soloで使用していますが、こちらを含んで4つ以上DSPで使えるUADプラグインを使用すると、「DSPパワーが足りません」という旨の警告が出ます。
Apollo Soloでは、録音時にはそもそも2チャンネル以上当時に録音は出来ないのでそんなに不便は無いのですが、MIXなどの編集作業時にこちらをDSPで使おうとすると負担が大きいため、Apollo Twin以上の機種を使うか、DSPではなくネイティブとして使用し、CPUパワーに頼るかになるかと思います。

M. Schneider

April 29, 2024

excellent Channel Strip

I like it, but I can not use the UNISON option, because I have only a PCIe card and no Apollo interface. It`s very resource-hungry, but the quality is fabulous! My recommendation!

C. Domenico

April 29, 2024

SSL 4000 E Channel Strip

The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, with clear visual feedback and ergonomic controls that streamline my workflow. Additionally, the plugin's low CPU usage ensures smooth performance even in the most demanding sessions, making it a reliable and efficient tool for both mixing and mastering tasks.

S. von Nessen

April 19, 2024

Nie mehr ohne ....

Der SSL 4000 E Channel Strip landet bei mir in meinem Apollo Twin X Duo zur Zeit als erstes m Unison-Slot um allen möglichen Effekten eine ultimative Basis zu liefern,
Okay .. es braucht etwas Zeit sich mit den gefühlt 100.000 Möglichkeiten zurecht zu finden ... wenn man dann aber das System begriffen hat, gibt es sicher kaum etwas bessseres ....
Das Plugin ist ein definitives must-have!

L. Hester

April 14, 2024

The BEST SSL Console emulation!

I’ve owned and used the legacy version for years. I’ve owned and used all the other SSL emulations out there. THIS is the one. It has the warmth and clarity that you expect from the E series and the additional mic/transformer modeling along with UAD’s built in oversampling, it’s the best one I’ve used. Once I got this, I sold the rest.

E. Zorgman

March 20, 2024

Polished character

Thinking again... another channel strip.... why would I... and honestly I don't know how good the SSL range is as I'm a bedroom producer and after some ear training... Listening to how everything one was raving about it... I took a dive... Mid range clarity, smooth high end... detail in the bass/low end. I'm placing this on all instruments I'm recording. Now I know what all the raving was about. Polished sound with great character !

a. falesi

March 4, 2024

This is great

Far waaaay better than the SSL own incarnation. Just the comp worths the money (when it is on sale...)

W. Meis

February 16, 2024


I don´t know the original Hardware, but in my opinion its a great sounding channelstrip with a nice colour. The possibility of changing black and brown is very helpful.

21-40 of 671 Results