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Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

Overall Rating

121-140 of 612 Results

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S. Muscio

December 13, 2020

It just works

It just does what it's supposed to. That compressor works on just about anything, especially drums. The EQ is very noticeable but in a good way, makes things poke through the mix. Nice to have the options of black or brown but find myself using brown 9 times out of 10.

T. Lanese

December 13, 2020

A step ahead of competitors... and themself!

I own the most famous versions of the ssl 4k channel strip plugin, legacy Uad versions included; but when I tried the demo of this last version, I have had to admit that a further step ahead was really done (again) from UA. Really impressive.

J. Marino

December 11, 2020


Au top surtout ,placé en insert Unisson...

A. Quintero

December 11, 2020

Best SSL Channel Strip plug-in

Lo uso en baterías todo el tiempo. También como pre-amp gracias a la tecnología unison de UAD.Genial!

D. Mahardika

December 11, 2020

My Swiss knife army

Really love with this channel strip. Its my go to plugin to do many things. Really love especially for drum. Thank UAD for making this great plugins

o. ortiz

December 3, 2020


love the sound that comes out this
vocals, instruments u name it ,my favorite channel strip ,i love it

K. Kouchian

November 15, 2020

ok but not like the real deal

It is far better than the waves emulation so I gave it two stars but it is hungry as hog and doesn't bring the 4000e shine. I also bought the Plugin Alliance version and it smokes the Uaudio version, it has a 72 channel variation algorithm that makes the thing sound even more like the real deal and some harmonic distortion. Don't waste your money on this version, save it for the Neve pre or some reverb.

J. Moody

November 10, 2020

Like lighting up a dim room...

UA and SSL’s products are legendary. Combine them and, well, the result is stunning. The sound of the SSL 4000e channel strip adds a brilliance to the track that is like lighting up a dimly lit room. You may not notice that the room needs a bit more light until you add it. That is the best analogy I can come up with. UAD NAILED it with their model! I love it so much I bought a DSP accelerator so I could use it on as many tracks as possible.

M. Kerlin

November 7, 2020

My new favorite

Use on all preamp and channel strips

C. Foster

November 3, 2020


I had the Waves version of this channel strip but the UAD version is far and away superior. No comparison. This plugin is where all my vocal tracks start.

R. Mahjoub

November 2, 2020

Hate it

Don't but it!

R. Mahjoub

November 2, 2020



M. White

October 23, 2020

Love it

buy it

G. Porrino

October 17, 2020

SSL 4000 E Channel Strip.

Excellent. Nuff Sed.

J. Lukomski

October 13, 2020

not a fan of the legacy version but loving the other one

I love this plugin but I don't like legacy version too much and I ended not using it for now, it's big brother is a beast though so five stars and I think I will need a satellite quite soon

P. Hoier

October 10, 2020

The prefect all-in-one preamp solution.

I wanted the perfect unison plugin. Something else than what's included with UAD hardware. More than just a gain stage. But it's a wonderful gainstage. Clean with loads of headroom, but yet still with a distinct color. On top of that; the best and most true sounding "in the box" EQ that I've come to know. Open and direct, and yet it can still be agressive and punchy. Lovely dynamics too, and finally a nice gate good for live use.

When used in unison mode, it really opens up the mic signal. Even without any EQ/compression/transformer enabled and driven gain input. It's gotta come down to the impedance switching. You can hear the mic's noise floor raises a bit. I used a simple dynamic beta 58. But it's very little compared to the openness that occured. While tracking you immediately hear the vocal 'sits' differently than when you bypass it.

For obvious reasons, I can't tell if it's the same as the hardware, as some say. But it wouldn't surprise me. The cleanness, openness, precision and punchiness reminds me very well of a certain era in music history.
A really nice one, and it shows that the unison concept has something very special to it. Gonna use this one a lot. But heavy on the DSP it is. But obviously not without a reason.

b. bensoy

October 8, 2020

Great emulation but heavy on dsp

This plugin gives the fast almost jumping dynamics of a real SSL E channel, I gave 3 stars because of the dsp load. I believe while reviewing uad plugins, its better to consider both ends because we pay for both right?

D. Dmitriy

October 5, 2020


+ :))

I. Sevruk

October 1, 2020

80s flavour

Big fan of SSL sound and in my opinion this plugin sounds much better than the other SSL emulations. Clean, bright sound, fits perfectly for DI funky guitar sound from 80s pop hits like Billie Jean, Like a Virgin, etc.

T. Reeves

September 27, 2020

The Most Versatile UAD Plugin

Just this one person's opinion, but if I put the SSL on anything, engage the EQ, and flip between brown and black I know I'm instantly going to get a better sound. My favorite thing to do is to put this on my 'all music buss', flip to the mic pre, gain match the output and just flip on the EQ. Brown is more earthy/bassy, black is more clean and tight. Perfection. Thanks UAD!

121-140 of 612 Results