SSL® 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

SSL® 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

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J. Berner

August 9, 2017

Super accurate!

Great recreation of the classic strip. Finally, the gates/expansion work just as well as they do on the actual units. Fine job!

P. Santana

August 5, 2017

SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

i absolutely love its sheen and lows but it all great !

R. Gonzalez

August 3, 2017

Best Channel strip

Try it!

UAD User

July 31, 2017

I got it

For long time, i was finding this kind of sound. The tone on vocals, drums and bass is just perfect to get a really nice punchy or get presence just only with the preamp part. So now, i always use in my mixes. Totally recommend

R. Trevor

July 27, 2017

Love this thang !!!

Despite being a DSP hog, I can get the bass, vocals, guitars etc... to cut at any given moment required. It's worth it just for that.
I use it in my recording chain for tracking and in most cases the sound is so good I rarely need it during mix down, I can get by with the Legacy channel strip.
I recommend this plugin to anyone after the SSL sound.

E. Sokolowski

July 27, 2017

the definitive SSL channelstrip

A big part of the SSL workflow is having everything laid out in front of you, a simple and direct interface with final controls, and the interaction between different processes. Being able to drive various parts of the channelstrip into others is where this plugin shines against the competition. The EQ sounds fantastic, the dynamics are aggressive, and the line amp/VCA drives are excellent.

I'd love to see implementation of sjidechaining added to UAD plugins - it would be great to trigger the gate from an external source,

J. V P

July 23, 2017


I am an SSL super fan. I've owed both brown and black EQ E series consoles. So I have years of experience producing and engineering on these desks. I sold my SSL and switched to a Hybrid ITB setup using a Digidesign ICON as a the main interface along with a plethora of classic outboard gear. I thought I wouldn't mis the SSL... but I do.

There are many emulations that get parts of the channel strip right, but never a complete solution. Even UAD's MkI version was just, OK, imho. But this new MKII... is amazing. It really has that sound sculpting magic that I miss so much. Even the preamp has that bright cutting vibe. I may be alone, but I love SSL Preamp's for guitars and drum samples or anything that needs to cut through a mix.

The EQ and compressor are spot on. LOVE LOVE LOVE This plugin. Must buy.

PS: as always, this is not a honeymoon review. I bought the plugin the day it came out and waited to give my final review.

UAD User

July 19, 2017

My new GOTO Channel!

These things just get better and better. The API is still useful fir certain situations. This is a great universal solution. Tremendous range air and depth. Best Channel to date!


July 18, 2017


Very successful, good result

N. Vinall

July 16, 2017

Used on every song.

Just purchase the new SSL Buss comp as well for a great price on the bundle, can't mess with this really.

A. Manzanilla

July 15, 2017

Such a powerful plugin.

This just seem like the hardware. All you need and the power and sound quality of SSL. Homerun!

B. Bentiba

July 15, 2017

It does what it suppose to do!

I have never worked on Real Console and I will not be telling that it sound like Real deal or something. However, it is one of a few channel strip which can do the job done will putting them in every channel. Great job UAD.

J. Liu

July 14, 2017


Never owned the original or anything, but this sure sounds good to me! UAD is the best

J. Stringer

July 13, 2017

Ssl plugin is hot

Awesome Plugin sound like the real deal.

J. Raper

July 13, 2017

The perfect emulation

Having worked with extensively with a few SSL consoles, this emulation is the greatest recreation I have used. Absolutely phenomenal.

N. Antwi

July 11, 2017


Sounds Awesome! I use this in unison mode to track all my vocals now!

k. kriauciunas

July 10, 2017

Best SSL 4000 E emulation on the market!

Not much to say. The title says it all. Love this plugin! The only regret - it's a little bit DSP hungry - but i guess it's the price for the quality :)

F. jordan

July 9, 2017

Best SSL emulator on the market now

I used to use the Waves SSL plugin, since IMO it sounded better than the UA SSL legacy plugin. Then UA released this new version of the SSL, and wow, is it great! My go to Channel Strip now.

D. Hartl

July 5, 2017

Sounds awesome

Sounds excellent, I hear no difference to the original but the plugin need huge amount dsp ressource


June 30, 2017

the sound

the real sound I enjoy this software thank's UAD

81-100 of 209 Results