SSL® 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection

SSL® 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection

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SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection

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F. Jordan

December 12, 2017

Pulls in the punch

I have a small production studio. I recently purchased the SSL 4000 Channel Strip and thought I had the perfect sound. I did not understand what was so special about the SSL Compressor until I got the demo and tried it out on my mixes. My mixes went from night to bright sunlight. This plugin is really the glue that pulls the sound together.
Got it at the sale price but it is truly worth the money. Highly recommended!!!

UAD User

November 30, 2017


Expensive but good

I. Kiyashko

November 26, 2017

Ultimate mix-bus plugin

For years I kept trying different ITB compressors for the mix-bus duties - no plugins ever made me like them. Acustica Audio, other UAD plugins, Sonoris, you name it. BUT! This is the one that actually glues the sound nicely, transparently, beefs it up, doesn't sound like other 2D-sounding software. Basically quest completed, very happy... Finally!

N. Dettenbach

November 24, 2017

punch for pop and modern music

These beast is my go to bus comp for most pop and modern music styles with a medium to high dynamic. It has a very typical high class compressor sound and works for most modern program material.

This thing works well on drums in parallel processing and as the 2nd dynamic stage. At the bus it is very nice to tame 1-2db while (for higher dynamic material) another compressor before is evening out levels a bit before (i.e. Neve 33xxxxx) - this "couple" allows to control the amount of "SSL sound" of the product (using serial compressors is a bit tricky in finding timings - you have to know what you do). The new version is a huge (!) step compared to the former UAD emulation. This emulation is just much more SSL, much more open and detailed.

D. Russell

November 17, 2017

ssl g buss compressor

I bought this on impulse when it was on special without checking the demo version first. I had expected great results, but to be honest given the hype, but I was quite disappointed. I have fab filter pro limiter last up in the mastering chain and the Neve VR88 master buss before the pro L. I think the Neve 88 is way more powerful and useful. perhaps the Fab filter pro Limiter does much of the job, but adding the SSL comp before the Pro L did very little to the final mix output sound. not enough wow to warrant the $250 in my opinion. I guess I should demo everything before purchasing anything. a bit disappointed I was......

B. Vladimir

November 16, 2017

Stick it to the man

The most transparent glue compressor out there. Period.

H. Zwarts

November 16, 2017

Love the glue

the real SSL sound.. it has that lovely glue effect on drums and mixes... love it!

M. Buzniak

November 13, 2017


This is exactly what I hoped it will sound like but I thought it's not possible. I have experience with SSL hardware rack unit, Duality built in unit, c1 and a couple of clones I got to use in a different studios. I was also a big fan of Waves SSL plugin. The new UAD version it just incredible. I couldn't believe the amount of midrange it is pushing. It almost has too much punch. I really don't miss hardware. Thanks UAD.

E. Vee

November 6, 2017


Lives on my Ableton master template

V. Larbre

October 17, 2017

Magnificent glue

One of my favorite compressor, it brings light and cohesion in the sound. I know well the hardware version and this plugin is the best emulation ever made !

M. Browne

October 9, 2017

A Superb SSL G-Series Buss Comp Emulation!

...and the new side-chain controls are excellent additions too. Great work UAD!

t. takamasa

September 20, 2017


Great sound

D. Englisch

September 20, 2017

More open sound than the previous version.

More open than the original UAD bus compressor, leaving original content intact with some superglue. An essential tool in my mastering rig, so happy I did the upgrade. I do hope there will be better deals in the future for upgrades though.

N. Karkour

September 19, 2017

Great Flamenco Brazilian Mix

Just finished new album all the final mix had amazing balanced tight sound check the sound and speak for your self

M. Ryder

September 15, 2017

I was reluctant to upgrade again but I'm glad I did.

obviously when paying so much for virtual gear that is authorised by the original company you don't expect to constantly keep having to pay for what is in effect the same item you though was already precisely modelled.
This is the third incineration of the famous ssl compressor I wished the upgrade price had been a little lower and I summed and arid about having to pay again but I read the reviews and realised if anyone was going to do the job right it had to be UAD and hopefully this would be the final version.
did it do the job this time ..
Most defiantly YES there is a better cleaner sound very subtle but in a higher definition sort of way like comparing 16 bit with 24bit you just know it sound much better at 24bit
This is a worthwhile upgrade and you will notice the improvement.
UAD Please add more presets like on the older version as I love those quick start points for quick set up.

N. Karkour

September 13, 2017

Simply amazing

Cannot say engh my latest recording speaks for itself check it out.

J. Scalia

September 12, 2017

Ahhh! Thank You UA

This update is amazing. Finally , the plug behaves like the original hardware. Now, the comp can engage in the PLUS territory.
I'm a big believer in bus comps only engaging ( threshold) in the plus db area. No mix bus comp should have to dive into the minus 0 domain . The magic should happen after 0.
And most importantly, this thing sounds like sunshine in the morning!!
It has that "ahhh there it is" vibe to it.

J. Lesueur

September 11, 2017

Best SSL emulation

Can't compare with the original hardware, however I can say it does sound better than most of the hardware "clones" (TK, GSSL, etc...). And most of all, it sounds better than the other SSL bus compressor plugins. This one is really special, and adds a little something to the sound. The only thing is I think it softens a little bit the mix sometimes, but if you need clean and aggressive compression, there are plenty other compressors on the market for that. But if you want the classic glue sound, this is the one you need.

G. Ala

September 9, 2017

Mast have

It sound like the real unit , I add the G comp in all my channels

A. Lind

August 30, 2017


I had the original "upgraded" version which was great. I really didn't know what could be an improvement worth the upgrade price but the difference is obvious and immediately apparent! It's just better, period! This new emulation just has a noticeable "smack" that that hardware has and once I heard it in the demo, it was easy to decide to get it! (As easy as parting with $$ can be anyway lol)! If you like and or use the ssl compressor you need to check this out!

221-240 of 318 Results