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SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection

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J. Jones

June 17, 2021

Simple, But Effective!

Being 100% ITB, I was using Slate VBC on my mix bus for subtle compression on every mix. Wanting to move away from subscription models, I wanted to own a compressor plugin that just works, and the SSL compressor gives me the sound I'm after. I demoed it, and A/B against a few others. This compressor does something pleasing to my ear to the stereo image, just slightly, but something I did not hear in other plugins. If you're leaning towards this, get it. If you know it gives you the sound you're after, get it. It's going on every song I record, so the long-term value is fantastic!

c. nimer

May 24, 2021


its clean

c. nimer

May 24, 2021


its clean

S. Astala

May 15, 2021


What can you say? I needed it!

J. Geary

May 7, 2021

The Definitive G Bus Plugin

Here it is folks! By far the closest you'll get in the digital realm to the sound of this legendary unit. Feeling mixed emotions writing this review as I've just purchased SSL's native version but wow this thing kills it. I ultimately compared 10 different SSL style compressor plugins and to no surprise, the UA one came out on top! Recently used this on a dance music project and the client immediately reached out to ask what was on the master!

R. Baker

April 27, 2021

I've tried the rest, this is the best!

Glue? Yeah its pure glue with bells on. I've used many mix bus compressors over the years and this one knocks it out of the park. UA hitting a home run yet again!

J. Manness

March 31, 2021

Get it for the tone!

I avoided this forever because of bad memories mixing with the Waves version (more about me sucking then as a mixer than the software), but I was demoing it on a new project and it gave the mix a nice thump in the low-end and enhanced mids and highs. I know that sounds like I'm talking about an EQ plugin, but the tone of this compressor is awesome. Reminds me of putting the Ampex plugin on a track.

J. Anaka

March 29, 2021

Great SSL style compression

I use this on many busses as it works well and gives that glue that SSL is famous for .!

A. Tyulenev

March 24, 2021

Better than another emulation

Best ssl emulation, legacy version better in my opinion. UAD version is very similar "The Glue" . I spent much time compare UAD and cytomic versions, uad wins in my eyes, it fills more groove and sounding more punchy,
although "the glue" sound good, especially on low. This version UAD wins 10\10

M. Césèdes

March 15, 2021

Una maravilla para usar en el master.

Es ponerlo en el master y con una ligera compresión ya le da una vida increíble al track, definición, pegada y fuerza, usaba la versión de waves pero el cambio que ha dado el sonido con esta versión es bestial.

イ. オサフネ

March 13, 2021


I have SSL XLogic G Comp hardware, but I still love this plugin very much. It is one of my favorite plugins in UAD, and I use it a lot. It has all the characteristics of the original SSL: Glue, 3D, In your face

ハードウェアのSSL XLogic G Comp持ってるんですけど、UAのSSL 4000 G Busもかなり愛用しています。いわゆるSSLらしい奥行きのある"Glue"なサウンドが出ます!

J. Kent

March 13, 2021


I activated the free trial and immediately said it’s a must-buy. Unbelievable sound and perfect to use for glue on mix/master bus

L. Martella

March 10, 2021

Exceptional plugin

Exceptional plugin,
I use it in mastering.
It's fabulous!!!

m. Calcagno

March 8, 2021

Bus glue

Great bud compression. Really ties the room together if you know what I mean;)! Definitely worth the price, it brings all your mix busses to life!

m. Calcagno

March 8, 2021

Glue bud activate!

Love this bud compressor! It gives you the glue to tie your tracks together!

M. Skytte

February 25, 2021

Human feeling...

It simply gives life to your track! Almost any instrument get's that 'roundness' that makes it feel authentic. Especially midi synth get's a human touch.

A. Leclerc

February 21, 2021

Sounds great

Great compressor

D. Willis

February 9, 2021

Audio Crazy Glue

When I tried this out for the first time and put it on the mix buss with moderate settings, I smiled like a kid getting ice cream for the first time. So clean and punchy. Subtle yet vital. It replaced 3 plugins inline that I was using to get not-quite-the-same results. Great work, UAD!

Š. Kominko

January 23, 2021

The best.

Absolute quality. Excellent Bus Compressor.

b. martial

January 23, 2021

The glue machine

Terrible, j'adore, utilisé pour de la compression parallèle, ou sur bus, ou bus master

41-60 of 335 Results