SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle

SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle

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SSL 4000 Series Console Bundle

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R. Heimdal

February 11, 2018

Excellent plugin.

I bought this plugin for my Apollo Twin interface. I like to place the SSL channel strip in the unison slot and treat incoming signals before they are recorded. It’s very easy to work with and I really like what it does to the sound. It seems to reduce some harshness when I record hi-gain guitar amps.

D. Schoenfeld

February 9, 2018

My go-to on my busses

Loved the waves one and also the UAD legacy one who seemed to be a lil bit much better .. But honestly this new emulation is just perfect. Don't know the original one, but the sound is very clean, transparent and super sick .. ! Loved also the uad Api 2500 from API on my busses for some more character and or color but this one works so well, everywhere, kick, snares, drums, synths, and also on the 2 bus channel. Well done UA, you stole my money, again :D

T. Rin

February 7, 2018

ពិតជាល្អ​ សម្រាប់​ mix and mastering

ខ្ញុំពិតជាស្រឡាញ់​ សម្លេងដែលចេញពី​ ssl ។ ជាពិសេស​ ssl bus compressor សម្រាប់​ mixdown and mastering។

T. Rin

February 7, 2018

More than I say...

I love this SSL so much. It makes me sound amazing in my music. Especially, SSL Bus Composer on master bus when mixdown and also mastering.

Y. Ibarria Perez

February 6, 2018

Sound really close.

It sounds close. I got a 611 and a G comp hardware and I can tell you It sounds similar but Is not hardware. If you want to buy an SSL imitation you should buy this one, I have compared also with other digital brands and for me, This is the best one in the digital field. I am not going to add 5 stars because I know how sounds the real one but It is the best ssl channel strip in digital. I use in mixes and the customers are happy anyway ;)

T. Bartolomeo

January 31, 2018

GOAT plug-in

I basically don't know much as an engineer, except that this is by far the best plug-in I've ever tried. I haven't bought one in 2 years but after this demo I couldn't go back to working without it

i. Keszeg

January 30, 2018

life giving tool

This channel strip is so good!!! It already does something to the signal when only inserted on the audio track. But then when you start turning the EQ knobs, the instrument, vocal, everything comes to life. I usually load a preset and start from there. I didn't know I can get that sound that I always heard in my head until now with this plugin. The dynamic section works perfect.. for example on gateing the drum mics it does exactly what I need. Thanks UA for this great channel strip!

M. Smith

January 28, 2018

Love it

Great bus compressor

P. Molenaar

January 28, 2018


once againa very usefull awsome pluggin

J. Zerbin

January 27, 2018

Just Frustration

Okay, it sounds great bla bla. However, I'm running a 16core system and without fail after a few of these are loaded it claims to run out of DSP when I try to initiate the EQs. This happens regardless of the order I open the plugins in, the amount of DSP available on my system, the insert slot I'm putting it in, and the other UAD plugs I'm running. I can only seem to use 3 or 4 for these where I can have a session full of the Neve or API strips no problem. This is something that needs to be worked out as this channel strip, in particular, has major issues with finding available DSP. UAD? You able to fix this? Until then its a hard two stars cause it's nice when it works but doesn't most of the time.

J. De La Cruz

January 26, 2018

Be warned...

A demo of this upgrade caused me to upgrade my Twin Duo to an 8p.

J. Lorentzen

January 24, 2018

t is absolutely amazing. It behaves as expected

t is absolutely amazing. It behaves as expected

j. osorno

January 23, 2018



j. osorno

January 23, 2018



N. Nowottny

January 22, 2018

>> l<3ve <<

The preamp harnesses harshness and adds an amazing quality, just like the real thing.
Eq is "punchy", gate is amazing, the comp makes everything pop through. Simply an amazing sound-sculpting plug in. Different modes work for me. Mixing drums is amazing through this, although I do love the api channelstrip for this too. gate works better for me on this though. Voiceovers u87 > ssl = spot on.
Only thing that drives me nuts is the unnecessary dsp limitiations through the external processing. I like mixing with all options, right till the end. Also slows down bouncing and sometimes creates havoc with latency.
Still, thanks again for making mixing extremely enjoyable, UA!

J. De La Cruz

January 21, 2018

Unison for Neve 1073 vs SSL Channel Strip

The gate and expander has a nice sizzle once combined with the transformer in the Unison preamp. The DSP utilization of the Unison feature has rendered the Apollo’s inputs, essentially, into live SSL hardware preamps.

A. Oseghale

January 18, 2018

Mix Job getting what it really needs with the new SSL 4000 E

For people like me who have not had the opportunity to use the real hardware of this plugin,I now get a sense of what it really is with SSL. I had to up my dsp by adding another Quad satellite just to get enough of what it does to a full mix. Am lost for words. This thing is really good, so good that I am now using it on every thing and any thing. I use the API vision prior to purchasing the New SSL E 4000 and even though am still glued to the API for some mix, this one is just so tempting that when I don't have it my channels the track just feel incomplete. Thanks to universal audio for bringing this and now am waiting patiently to get the Buss com.
What is so different with this is what the Mic Pre section does to my base, my kicks ,vocal just that tilt on the pre , o boy.. any way this was money well spent.

UAD User

January 17, 2018

Sounds exactly like the real thing

I've been using the waves version for a long time and decided to upgrade to the UAD version. It blew my mind. Sounds way better. Even when compressing just a tiny bit it makes the mix sound like a record.

-. Trips

January 15, 2018

My Go-To channel strip

Sounds outstanding. This has replaced my 610s in the Unison slots. Easy to tweak and get the sound you are after quickly, (like all UA plugins IMO) although it IS a big DSP hog, so be mindful of how many you instantiate, especially if you only have a Duo or a Quad.

P. Nortey

January 15, 2018


I love it

201-220 of 546 Results