SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle

SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle


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SSL 4000 Series Console Bundle

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H. Zwarts

November 4, 2015

almost like the hardware

I compared this buscompressor with the original and I was blow away. Still the hardware is a little bit 'beter' , but you really get the
same character out of it. Its smooth, warm and got the nice glue effect. Really love it.

S. Hillert

November 1, 2015

Really nice!

First impression is that it's really nice and does the job great.

T. Urban

October 28, 2015

My Clear Buss Compressor

I have a Fairchild and needed a clean buss compressor. I loved the sound of the Manley and if I only could have one buss compressor would have gone that route. However, for clean punch, the SSL is my go to comp. I'll use it for jazz and classical recordings. My fairchild plugin will be used for rock and blues compression since the colorization is more dramatic. The SSL is clear, clean and does the job exactly as I need

H. Zwarts

October 27, 2015


This (soft)buscompressor is the best I have every used. It blends lovely and sounds warm.

J. Barriuso

October 25, 2015

Basic plugin

This plugin has become the first in my master chain ever since I bought it; usually with a low ratio 2:1 and low threshold; only a slightly movement in the VU meter; because it adds a great cohesive thing that makes everything sound much better.
So, I almost don´t use it as a compressor, but as an superb amplifier with a slight compression.
I use it in all kind of music: broadcast, pop, classical, electronic; and it does a superb job.
Basic in every mastering studio.

J. Bennett

October 8, 2015

Better than I imagined

The number of times I have used an actual SSL G Bus comp can unfortunately be counted on one hand and that was too many years ago to admit. For the many years that have passed since then, I have become a dedicated and happy user of a competitor's SSL G Bus plugin on almost every mix... I just like that particular bounce that I can get with it.

When I demo'd the UAD version I expected to strain to hear a difference, and was quite shocked at how scandalously huge the gap between the two was. With the UAD version that bounce is there but is more musical, and it's depth and clarity seemed light years better than what I had become accustomed to. Color me impressed!

s. simmonds

August 20, 2015

SSL Buss compressor

Nice warm rich compression, i used it for more than just bussing as it has a real fat sound

UAD User

August 12, 2015

Transparent magic

Got this on the 2 buss from start to finish of every song I do. I'm a songwriter that has kinda expanded into a producer capacity, but primarily, I just need to present my songs as best I can, given the competitive environment today.

I'm giving the SSL 5 stars because it does what it's supposed to perfectly for me. It doesn't color the sound the same way the Manley Vari-Mu does, which let's me add all the character to the tracks and stems instead (via the UA Neve 88RS/ La2a/ 1073 etc.)

Love it...

UAD User

June 14, 2015

didn´t expect that!

I didn´t want to believe, that this plugin should make such a difference on the mix bus! I mean it looks simple and super corny to my taste, but it sounds awesome! It gives you a very focussed and punchy compression. And yes, it makes the differences of a mix and a finished recording! Everything sounds more compact and organic.
Also love it on drums as a parallel comp.
Try it!

D. Turner V

April 12, 2015

It just works.

Putting it on the 2 buss, slow attack/auto release, 2 db GR makes the mix pop, more cohesive, tightens the low end. It definitely add some "magic" as well. I've been using a Fairchild 670 w/ 2-3db of GR > Pultec or Manley Massive Passive EQ > SSL Series > Precision Limiter.

B. Gunkel

January 30, 2015

Punch like Tyson!

Excellent plugin for adding punch to my drum bus and smoothing out rock piano. I have the Waves version too and for me personally, the UAD version sounds more sympathetic to the music. Since I can neither afford an SSL console or afford the studio time, this tool has really helped me bring my material one step closer to a "professional" sound. Thanks UA!

P. Shrout

January 20, 2015

Tighten it up!

I use some SSL hardware in my studio so this was a must have for me. I tried it out and couldn't believe how close this thing sounded to the hardware that its modeled after. UA did an outstanding job. (As always!) If you are looking for that tight, polished SSL sound, look no further. I have used other products on the market that claim to be the best emulation of this compressor......... Not even close to how this thing delivers to my ears. Great job UA!

T. Spielmacher

January 17, 2015

Historic, and amazing.

As a fan of 80's music, this is the perfect finisher at the end of my mixes. Thanks UA for allowing me this magic for less then 5% of the hardware cost. (When on sale or course) 5 Thumbs Up!

R. Dillard

January 14, 2015

Suptle & Nice

Being that I work in the acoustic music world for the most part (classical, jazz, various chamber music settings), subtle is an important characteristic of many of the plugins I use the most. The SSL G Series Bus Compressor can certainly be used in this manner! A subtle 2-1 curve with the threshold set to just grab at the most dynamic area leaves you with a beautifully, subtle bit of added control and a quite nice sonic addition which creates a certain kind of sheen and warmth. I can't comment on how this plugin responds to being hit hard, but I sure do love what it does when used in this subtle manner. A go to tool for me.

B. Jeffries

January 13, 2015

Othesr don't compare

Tried other emulations. They don't even sound the same at all. Brings vocals forward and adds hug for the low end too. Great tones in this bad boy.

D. Englisch

January 12, 2015

Important mastering tool.

Using it near the end of my mastering chain to smoothly glue the final mix / master together.

R. Gallow

January 12, 2015

Great buss compressor

I love this compressor. Very little color and it glues the mix together. I've never used a SSL console so this was new to me a friend told me it was a great plug. I'm glad I got it to add to my collection of Fairchild compressors.

L. Baran

January 2, 2015

Great piece

Worht the money. I lik the way it glues my drums. I can describe exactly what it does i can just hear and feel the difference while bypassing and i really prefer it on!

B. Collins

January 1, 2015

SSL G Series Buss Compression

I love this plugin - put it on any buss or master track and my mixes sound like they've been given top-priority mastering attention at a world-class mastering studio.

H. Vassel

December 17, 2014

One of my best buy so far

I was about to purchase the hardware because i really like what it does to my mix so i say to myself let me demoed the plugin version first, well let me tell you... I compare a mix with the hardware version i did at a friend studio to the mix that i did with the plugin version in my studio with the same settings, I personally didn't hear much of a difference so i get the plugin instead for the price its a no brainer

481-500 of 547 Results