SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle

SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle


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SSL 4000 Series Console Bundle

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R. Moosavi

November 6, 2014

Fantastic plug in here.

Well, its been a few weeks and I am incredibly happy with this purchase. This really does some magical on the 2-Buss. I was going to go with the hardware, but for less than half of that price I got the UAD Thinderbolt Quad Custom and plug ins like this. The glue for your mixes. Don't pass this one up. works great on a drum bus too!

D. E-clyps

September 16, 2014

The Bus Compressor I can't mix without

I A/B'd this one to the other versions/emulations that exist in the market that i've used in sessions and this one is spot on.

Fortunately for me as well i've used the original too so I knew what I was listening for and it's as close as you're going to get in the box. Very clean and punchy without squashing (as long as you're setting it correctly of course). When you have it dialed in proper, it makes your mixes come together nicely. Well worth the investment.

C. (buck)

August 28, 2014

Very Nice!

This is another one I should have bought when I bought the SSL channel strip. Can not beat it for doing total fades, so smooth you'll wonder how you got by on just automation alone

G. Arne

July 22, 2014

Fantastic SSL G Compressor

I use the appollo card, and universal lets me try out their plugins for a period before i buy. No matter if its an amp, microphone, guitar etc… i think like this, if it sounds good and feels good just by turning the power switch on - well that´s a good start. The SSL G compressor sounds great right away

S. Samayoa

July 21, 2014

SSL G Series Bus Compressor

love it on the mix bus and sometimes on my drum bus. can't wait to use it more.

Z. Huang

July 21, 2014


Real SSL Style compressor! Amazing!Great on master track to glue all tracks with perfect punch and analogue color !

B. Cyril

July 15, 2014

Une belle surprise!

Après avoir essayer la demo de ce logiciel,j'ai été définitivement conquis par la qualité du SSL G Bus Compressor.
Il donne un impact supplémentaire à ma batterie sans dénaturaliser le son.
Une belle découverte!!

P. Filipsky

July 11, 2014

Simple is good.

Use during mastering before LA-2A. Works perfectly. I highly recommend to all.

S. Arts

July 1, 2014

Smooth & lovely

Simple, smooth & lovely, the best G-Bus emulation!

J. Roger

June 25, 2014


Super punchy, and really makes mixes sound bigger. Awesome for Electronic music and hip-hop, and most things actually that require a any attitude.

K. Wayte

June 21, 2014

Is there anything that hasn't been said?

It's theee SSL bus compressor - 'nuff said ! If you don't have it, you're missing out. I should also mention that (personally) I also use this for my fadeouts at the end of songs. Rather than doing a kind of self-made master fade in my DAW, I set the fade length and automate the triggering of the SSL fade button. Let the modelling of SSL's original fade circuit handle your fadeout. You'll be glad you did.

P. Lira

June 5, 2014

THE Bus Compressor

This is my to go compressor whenever I want my music to "glue" together.
It adds body and power to anything going through it.
The VU meter is extremely responsive and accurate.
You will not regret buying it.

J. Roger

May 30, 2014

Problems Solved

This thing is magic. I've never had the privilege to mix on the console but for my software 2 bus, this is my new favourite necessity. I've been trying out different mix buss comps for a bit now, and this just pretty much ended the search.

O. Ponsford

May 21, 2014

SSL Compressor

How did i live without this before the compressor has changed my life

Y. Lamouroux

March 31, 2014

Beats any other SSL G-bus emulation anytime

What can I say? It sound just GREAT, it has soul, it's fat.
It won't stain its pants if you go over the top. Definitely a killer.

J. Ho

March 28, 2014

Subtle character, brings it all together.

This one is my go to on the master bus for gluing the mix all together. It doesn't color much if that's what you're looking for, but it's smooth and subtle! You can get your drums pretty snappy out of this too!

S. Ha

March 16, 2014

This is a must buy!

this plug in is also useful of groups, such as drum busses
It brings cohesion and strength to your mix without compromising clarity.

M. Coninx

March 13, 2014

Good plugin !

I can't say much about this plugin. It's just amazing ! Checked it with the real one with the same setting i have on my master bus in the box, have to say, good job uad..

V. Uhov

February 14, 2014

SSL G Series Bus

to buying UAD even bought ik Multimedia Bus Comp. a little deceiving themselves that they can do other plugins achieving the same result ... So compare happened recently ... Ik Multimedia Bus Comp I do not understand what he is doing with the sound of her little compression do not feel if you add compression become a lot and everything turns into a cake .
thought about the Waves SSL Comp ... just to better but too bad result. Particularly impressed that the threshold of compression is necessary to turn into a plus ... what a joke for me so it is not clear . Shorter did not activate the demo mode SSL G Series Bus, and immediately bought it. His work just killed me so punchy bottom, bright top, just super! Thank you!

T. Hambright

February 13, 2014

Great plugin

Very impressed with this plugin. An essential plugin for anyone demanding supreme quality in mixing and mastering. Thank you UA

501-520 of 542 Results