SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle

SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle


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SSL 4000 Series Console Bundle

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UAD User

February 5, 2013

Subtle yet brilliant

After using the same plugin with the waves bundle, to some degree of disappointment I was astounded by the UA version. I have been lucky enough to compare to the hardware version and this plugin and the difference is delightfully minimal. The only thing lacking with the plug in is the depth you get with the hardware, but at a fraction of the cost it is still amazing quality and value. Great on the master bus and for parallel drum processing. Highly recommended

K. Dietz

January 27, 2013

So close to the real thing

I'm fortunate to work on an SSL4000 G and a 9000J on a regular basis. The bus compressor on the G is second to none, I love it. I find the gain staging of this plugin to be very close to that of the console. The plugin sounds very interesting on the 2:1 ratio, it's different than the console I find, but in a good way. I hear a healthy amount of character using the plugin at 2:1, where normally I would set the console bus comp at 4:1. I like this plugin a lot, it sounds and reacts great, very close to the real thing - much better than other SSL bus comp plugins.

D. Delost

December 30, 2012

Create The UAA

Universal Audio needs to sponsor a new program. Call it The UAA (Universal Audio Anonymous.) To put it quite simply, I have an addiction to your plug-ins! So far I have purchased The Studer 800, The NEVE 88RS, The SSL E Channel strip, The 1176 collection, and The NEVE 31102, and I love them all! I have a list of future purchases base on priority that Im aiming to get, and now I find myself looking for ways to cut back on living expenses and searching for things around my house to sell just so I can scrape up a few extra dollars to get my next UA fix! Seriously... I NEED HELP!!!

Keep up the good work UA. Im looking forward to a long and beautiful relationship with you guys!

Your truly.
Dominic A. DeLost

A. Smith

December 27, 2012

Mandatory Compressor

I own every compresser that UAD has modeled and they are all great at what they do. But when it comes to glueing a track together this is king!

H. Nakanishi

December 16, 2012


It's very exciting plugin, great sound and easy!!
I have Waves one, but I've never used it since I got it.

D. Solomon

November 16, 2012

Incredible sound

Why would I spend $250 for yet another compressor? I have so many compressors already -- it would have sound truly fantastic. I simply AB compared mixes that I was mastering with all the different compressors I own (waves, sony, all the other UAD compressors) and the SSL G series Bus Compressor and gladly spent the $250.

M. Daniele

October 2, 2012

Somehing magic...

There's something magic into this compressor, as it was for its predecessor 4K.
Just patch it on the master buss, or a submix group (i.e. a whole drumset), and work a little on its ultra-simple knobs just to find the right setting: your mix will be instantly brought to life.
Absolutely a must-have.

D. Wray

September 13, 2012

Buss it up!

This is my 'Go To' comp for mixing drums & Percussion via sub groups.
(Thats saying something! I love my drums and percussion!)
But of course it can be slapped on your master as well for final touches / Mastering duties.
I have used 4 different SSL plugs in the past, For me, This is the best one!
If your looking for something to 'glue' your sounds? This does the job wonderfully & more!
Top marks!

M. Wangerin

July 28, 2012

I agonized over several different chanel strip plug ins but this one floated immediately to the top, even over the Neve strip (and I still love the NEVEs).

The UA version of the SSL E Series seems to be as close as you can get to the real analog version. The EQ is subtle and transparent, exactly as it should be, JUST like the original hardware! THANK YOU for bringing this on one board!

A. Faur

July 24, 2012

Great compressor, briliant EQ, and superb high pass - lo pass filters! For me this is the proof that digital can be as good as analogic hardware.

G. Yacobacci

July 15, 2012

This is an amazing reproduction of this eq and dynamics section of the real console. Blows away any of the competition and I have them all including a real SSL.

B. Burns

June 17, 2012

Very close to the real thing recreation on this plug in. Unless you have the space and money for the real thing, this is as close as you can get. Very functional and open or harsh as you want it to be.

D. Mills

June 9, 2012

An excellent recreation of this compressor with its unique sound. Very punchy and I think sonically superior to its rivals.

R. Patel

May 31, 2012

Great sounding SSL vibe stereo bus compressor. I own a SSL X-Rack with the Stereo Bus Compressor module and must say that this UAD comes very close in the way it brings the mix into focus, the vocals upfront, the drums tighten up, the kick drum knocks harder with a nice punch and the mix really does sound complete. The UAD SSL G Compressor does differ from my real SSL module, in that the UAD models a 4000 series G compressor, and my X-Rack module is a circuit from the newer 9000 series / Duality desks. The module sounds cleaner, more open, whilst the UAD G compressor has more attitude, more punch and less open in the highs, similar to the G384 SSL compressor. I love using the UAD SSL for all in the box projects, it has THAT sound.

S. Pomorski

April 24, 2012

Great for giving your mix that final "hot glue." I have it on my master buss compressing about 1-2dB and it's absolutely great for gluing bass and drums with the rest of the mix. It's subtle but it's definitely there.

Z. Amin

December 7, 2011

This is one of the greatest channel strip if not the GREATEST i use it on my entire mixes along with the buss comp (lol a virtual ssl 4g console.. along with slate digital vcc) i love the way the G eq is so smooth and as soon as u press the E it gets aggressive.. and you can hear the switch without even turning a knob.. just run your audio thru it.. 2 different gating systems , i mean its really like you have 2 channel strips in one.. now if you cant achieve the sound you want i don't know what to tell you ... i generally use the G eq for soft rap r&b, ballad stuff.. E eq for in your face heavy synth music , hardcore rap , Pop, Dance, Rock.. i Highly recommend this Channel strip..

C. Knox

October 10, 2011

OK well - I researched this all across the net - read up on it all over the forums...

It was interesting - I knew I needed a great Buss Compressor but was reluctant to spend hard earned cash on this puppy!.

Suffice to say I bought it after demoing it against almost every other comp available from UAD - its simply the best to my ears anyway.

My tracks now have *punch* and I mean that absolutely - I did check out the Neves and the others doing lots of comparison - but for me this was quick and simple to use and it more than did the job.

Since getting a UAD Satellite Quad flexi I have really enjoyed my music production a lot more. Its the ability to "ice the cake". If you like un-iced cake then you'll be happy - me I prefer the sheen of the icing that UAD has mixed up....

Now I just need them to build an emulation of the famous Roland Chorus Echo.....

You know one thing I cant fathom all this talk about the Satellite being a dongle - my iMac has been running sweeter with all the horsepower I have and I run 16GMem with an i7 2.8-3.4 G chip. I'm really glad that UAD is not "native" and the lag has not been a hassle I use the F800 bus and dedicate it to the a treat.

I didn't think I'd be this happy but I am and its 2:18 in the morning here in New Zealand - I just finished another mix....luvin it!! thanks to UAD and the team there great work....

No about the Chorus Echo - how far away is it?

A. Adedwuon

September 20, 2011

Let me quickly make it clear that I am giving the 4K version the 5 Star not the SSL emulation. The SSL emulation for me is too aggressive and throws the punch way too forward which makes it unusable for my Mix Buss/Mater Buss use. The 4K however, is very transparent while doing two main things 1. Very Very Nice Punch 2. Decent Glue. There seem to be some high frequency sheen that it adds to the mix so this may not complement all mix sources. Your mix needs to be balance and not too equed on the high end to really get the best use of the plug.

The compressor is not warm nor would it give you a full fat sound like a good outboard compressor can do. So I would suggest doing all mix properly to sound the way you want it and then run it through the 4k to get it loud, clear and punchy. No other UAD compressor plug can give the clarity and punch that the 4K does. Period!

I don't think you would really see the value in this if you did rock or acoustics...but for RnB, HHop, reggae and dance, try this and give your master to a DJ and hear the difference on the dance floor...again, no other UAD plug can give you such punch and clarity. ......the 4K not the SSL emulation!!

R. Gun

September 16, 2011

This one is a subtile one. Its hard to let it smack or slam, but thats the sense of this item. Its for invisible compression.
The settings of the 2 -4-10 ratio are not that easy to distinguish as on other compressors and the automatic setting of release does its best in most cases.
One of the favorite functions is the variable attack. On 30 you can compress without cutting the hit of a snare, instad on the 0.1 you can use it as limiter.
As conclusion : it is one of the versatile plungins , it misses the 5 Star only because of its lack of character-on the other hand this is what its ment to bee: to do the job anonimous..
By the way: the 4k and the new ssl g are absolutely the same sounding: if you put them both in a parallel send, add a phase invert tool in on of them and both on solo so that both work against each other (difference between them) they will cancell totally witch mean they do exactly the same- obviously you have to set them to the same settings.

Z. Amin

September 6, 2011

This is a great bus comp . Oh so punchy I just luv it

41-60 of 839 Results