SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle

SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle


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Customer Reviews

SSL 4000 Series Console Bundle

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j. merturi

January 18, 2019


Makes vocals pop

J. Poole

January 15, 2019

The Hit Maker

I have every Unison Channel strip and the SSL is the best of them all.

UAD User

January 14, 2019

Thor's hammer

It is an essential plug-in for mix and mastering. It is a plug-in like Thor's hammer that guides every sound to the right direction.

B. Palmer

January 14, 2019

Smooth and punchy

This thing is my go-to for clean, exciting compression. It doesn’t color the sound like some of the others, but it’s got character and sheen. Wonderful.

A. Mtz

January 14, 2019


i have almost the complete colection of UAD plugins . All of them are life changers !!
SSL Glue , Distressor , Culture Vulture , Ampegs, 1176 etc everything have made my music sounds a lot of steps higher !!

all the best

S. Fox

January 14, 2019


Improvement on the previous version

A. Warren

January 14, 2019

In unison. " Nice"

Bit hungry on dsp. Great on the way in. Or bounce the track when its good to go. And invariably use it on something else.

S. Bergstrom

January 13, 2019

Great update!

I have used the old AAL 4000 G Bus compressor for many years and I think its great and gets the job done. But this update is really a so much better. I did not think it would be a difference but its huge! Great work UAD!

UAD User

January 12, 2019

Good Comp Good Bus

The Best of the World!!

k. abadie

January 12, 2019

What a channel strip !

My new go-to unison channel strip :D


January 12, 2019


Le son est vraiment top! Point-trait.

P. Dalakouras

January 12, 2019

SL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

Great For Drums , Vocals, Synths.

J. Tristán

January 11, 2019

Gran plugin

Muy buen canal, buena calidad y le aporta vida a señales que de por sí no la tienen. Muy manejable, muy fácil de usar... todo ventajas. Siempre se va a mejorar lo que entrar en el canal. Hace la diferencia.

A. Bal

January 11, 2019

SSL 4000

It works better than my Hardware piece. Highly recommend.

d. la rotta diaz

January 10, 2019

La union Perfecta

Altisima calidad está emulación de la ssl400 además del ssl bus compressor estoy muy contento ya que puedo utilizarlo en casi todo, obteniendo calidad superior.

M. Peacock

January 10, 2019

Great plugin for wide range of uses

Love this. Really versatile on a wide range of sources from vocals and horns to drums. EQ is easy to dial in and sounds great, and the channel/expander/gate are (IMO) the best of all the emulated channel strip plugins. Only downsides (for me) are that I’m not overly keen on the DI’d bass guitar tone (although to be fair I’ve never much liked the bass DI sound through any console... much rather use an amp/cab/mic or amp/cab plugin... so I guess that makes this realistic!) and it is VERY DSP-hungry. Don’t expect to run a bunch of these at the same time when mixing unless you have a monster UAD rig. But for tracking, I think it’s pretty much perfect.

G. Jackson

January 9, 2019


This compressor is a must have in your plugin collection. It’s super easy to use and its the subtle glue that holds stuff together. Love it on the master bus!


January 9, 2019

Sculpteur de son

Ce plug permet de mettre en valeur instruments et voix. Utile pour sculpter une voix et améliorer le grain. Il est incontournable !

P. Degen

January 9, 2019

Amazing tool

Unbelievable, how dull sounding instruments really start to shine when going through this plugin. I love it!

UAD User

January 5, 2019

Le Parfait Duo

Quel plaisir d'utiliser cette paire de Plugin, éléments incontournables de mes nouvelles productions. Merci Universal Audio.

41-60 of 649 Results