SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle

SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle


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SSL 4000 Series Console Bundle

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F. Jordan

December 12, 2017

Pulls in the punch

I have a small production studio. I recently purchased the SSL 4000 Channel Strip and thought I had the perfect sound. I did not understand what was so special about the SSL Compressor until I got the demo and tried it out on my mixes. My mixes went from night to bright sunlight. This plugin is really the glue that pulls the sound together.
Got it at the sale price but it is truly worth the money. Highly recommended!!!

B. Martin

December 12, 2017

Much better than the legacy

I just upgraded after doing the demo. I used all the same settings on the kick and toms that I had on the legacy ssl and the difference blew me away. Deeper, clearer, bigger. Love it would recommend it if you're on the fence about upgrading

B. Bunzel

December 11, 2017

EXCELLENT!! But the Legacy has 1 thing over the Newer Model

I would ABSOLUTELY give this product a full 5 stars if this were JUST based on sonics. The model just absolutely blows the legacy and other plugin replications out of the water.
There's just one thing that absolutely bugs me, which is the metering. Why would you take away the input/output meter from the Legacy model which is nothing but useful, and replace it with the single meter? I might as well just look at my DAW's meters. Please bring back the Input/Output into the SSL. This plugin deserves 5 stars!!!!

L. Oliveira

December 3, 2017

SSL 4000 E Channel Strip

Just the sound that I dream of. You all need this plugin in your arsenal. No other just this. Cheers from Venezuela.

T. Spaniel

December 1, 2017


My favorite Channel Strip !

c. nagel

November 30, 2017

My Fav for ALL

So easy to get now great sound with this ssl emulation. i had other ssl plug ins but this is by far the best...Unison + SSL = Dream!

UAD User

November 30, 2017


Expensive but good

M. O'Flynn

November 30, 2017

Updated SSL

I'm very pleased with the update to my SSL channel strip

J. Schweitzer

November 29, 2017


I love this plugin. It sounds so much like the original it makes me smile. I feel like I could do a whole mix just using thus plug, it’s that good.

R. Roth

November 29, 2017

ATC (add to cart)

Absolutely fantastic. I mainly use it for drum recording on everything but toms (API). Started with some presets, tweaked them a bit... boom! Instant LOVE

L. St Juste

November 27, 2017


This has to be the best single plugin I own from UAD. SSL magic at it's best!!!

I. Kiyashko

November 26, 2017

Ultimate mix-bus plugin

For years I kept trying different ITB compressors for the mix-bus duties - no plugins ever made me like them. Acustica Audio, other UAD plugins, Sonoris, you name it. BUT! This is the one that actually glues the sound nicely, transparently, beefs it up, doesn't sound like other 2D-sounding software. Basically quest completed, very happy... Finally!

A. Ballantyne

November 25, 2017

Super Super Smooth

Great for drums, acoustic guitar, and vocals. Super smooth and useful compression. Unison technology is really great!!! Keep it coming UA!!!

N. Dettenbach

November 24, 2017

punch for pop and modern music

These beast is my go to bus comp for most pop and modern music styles with a medium to high dynamic. It has a very typical high class compressor sound and works for most modern program material.

This thing works well on drums in parallel processing and as the 2nd dynamic stage. At the bus it is very nice to tame 1-2db while (for higher dynamic material) another compressor before is evening out levels a bit before (i.e. Neve 33xxxxx) - this "couple" allows to control the amount of "SSL sound" of the product (using serial compressors is a bit tricky in finding timings - you have to know what you do). The new version is a huge (!) step compared to the former UAD emulation. This emulation is just much more SSL, much more open and detailed.

Y. Caldas

November 22, 2017

Combining old and new

This channel strip is a go to on almost every track in my template. The addition of driving the mic pre is amazing on everything much like on the Dualities. However, this
Plugin is very heavy on dsp when all paramiters are being used.

Y. Caldas

November 22, 2017


Extreamly close to the actual console. Being able to drive the line amps like on the duality is awesome and sounds great on anything. The legacy versions are a great bonus.

Y. Caldas

November 22, 2017


After having used the actual console for a bit and doing shootouts these plugins are pretty much bang on. The ability in the channel strip to drive the line input like on the duality is increadible and sounds awesome. However it does use a lot of power when you are using that, the dynamics and the eq portion of the channel strip. The bus compressor is awesome on pretty much anything, the mix knob is a very nice feature for doing parallels without worrying about delay compensation. That compressor can be both aggressive and smooth dependant how it's set. The legacy versions of both plugins are also killer, really great for saving on cpu.

S. Hawkins

November 22, 2017

A very rewarding purchase

After having tracked for some time with the hardware versions (611 EQ) I felt that the UAD Channel strip plugins would be a welcome investment for mixing duties. The legacy version is more than adequate for tweaking any track and the Unison version is the cream on the cake for high priority tracks. The EQ section is versatile, the compressor/Expander is flexible and the filters are very transparent. With the possibility to add some drive to the signal, or not, this has been a rewarding purchase with endless tone shaping possibilities.

K. Collins

November 21, 2017

A Must-Have Bundle

Based on my experience with the SSL 4000 Strip plugin, I decided to complete the bundle with the G Bus. This is a potent bundle, well worth adding to any audio arsenal.

J. Kim

November 20, 2017

better than 1073

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