Starlight Echo Station

Starlight Echo Station

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Starlight Echo Station

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G. Vogelsang

May 13, 2021

Amazing Delay

All four modes are incredible, each different but equally amazing. Would be 5 stars but on a stage its going to be really hard to see what effect you're on as they all have the same colour led - strange oversight.
But the sound is truly incredible, look no further.

F. Conway

April 22, 2021

The UAFX Starlight is a delay-full delight!

What a find! A tape, DMM and Digital all in one pedal. UA knocks it out of the park. Fresh out of the box you’ll get great tones... highly recommend!

R. K***

April 9, 2021

Sounds better than any of the UA plugins it is based on

Got my UA Starlight Delay pedal  from Sweetwater today after a 3 month wait. But the good news it was worth the wait.

PROs: Excellent! Sounds way better than any of the UA plugins  it is based on. Not sure why that is. The EP3 Echo Plex model is incredible. Sounds like the real thing. The whole signal is juiced up, thicker. The UA EP3 software plugin is just not as good. Would like to see a software editor for mac or iphone to store presets

CONs: Instructions are kind of sparse. UA should post a complete walkthru video. For now, its unclear if only one preset can be stored? Why
not a few? Also unclear how the stereo outs work if you plug in a mono guitar. So you take a stereo Y splitter cable to from the guitar so you have 2 inputs?

Way to go UA, James and Drew!

G. Gedrich

March 23, 2021


Ok. Let me say that this delay is stunning... and it hasn't stopped impressing me since the moment I had it!

4 Item(s)