Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder

Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder

Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System

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Customer Reviews

Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder

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M. Karnalyuk

June 25, 2013

Studer® A800

Great sound after the processing and for tape did not need to worry about).

M. Dennis

June 24, 2013

Simply brilliant!

I bought my UAD Satellite mainly for this plugin (and got some other great ones too!)

This is a MUST HAVE! Great to have access to the Studer A800 at the touch of a button. I spent a long time learning how to line up tape machines... and now I don't need to!


J. Ford

June 23, 2013

A800 hunger

I tried this plug last year while tracking Nawlins Funk and fell in love. It is convincing in most instances and takes abuse well. Being able to emulate multi tape formulas is cool. Finally, i wish the VU monitoring was I/O switchable. Still I have no real complaints. Thanks for the technology.

C. Nedzynski

June 19, 2013

Truly Awesome Plugin

I recently bought the Octo and chose this as my first plugin. Stunning reproduction of how analogue tape sounds and works, but with all the flexibility of a plugin. Different speeds, tapes and tweaks on every channel is the sort of thing I used to dream of! Want the sparkle of 30ips on the acoustic guitar and overheads, but the warmth and power of 15ips on the bass and kick? You can do it with this plug... and it sounds like tape.

I used to run a Soundcraft 760 in the 90's - early 00's, and whilst that machine was never in the same league as the A800, I loved the sound and the way things would just "sit" in the mix without much work. This does just that. Awesome.

Glad I went for the Octo though. It's a power hungry plugin. Worth it

B. Furduj

June 14, 2013


This plugin is absolutely AMAZING !!!, I have been using many tape simulation plugins over the last couple of years including, Waves, Softube, Slate Digital, but this one is best so far, no doubt about that.

E. Jexén

June 7, 2013

All tracks!

I use it on almost all tracks, sounds amazing! Takes me back to the 80-90-ies when I was recording on real tape. Love it!

J. Antonetty

June 6, 2013

Finally a plug-in that unites digital with analog

I've been in the music business for 40 years and I play over 10 instruments, I have recorded on the studer and the sound is unmatched. When I first entered into computer recording I was somewhat disappointed because of the harshness of the sound, there wasn't sufficient software to get that analog warmth into the recording. Universal audio has done a fantastic job in creating hardware to emulate analog in a digital atmosphere, now the plug-in of the studer is a revolutionary breakthrough. This plug-in has truly captured the studio sound and its characteristics, I am flabbergasted and excited about my mixes because now I can enter into the analog world in a digital atmosphere without hardware. thank you so much for great product.

G. Montagni

May 15, 2013

Lazy Custumer Support

I bought a couple of the most expensive plug ins like this and for no reason the authorization fail multiple times, even by opening 3 support ticket and 2 call from germany directly to the us support center.....still no solution.....great plug ins but no real good technical support.....

R. Comitz

May 12, 2013


this plug really makes it easy to warm up a mix. great saturation as well. very pleased + worth every penny

R. Kempny

May 8, 2013

One of the best tape recorder plugins

Together with Ampex ATR-102 its "killer" stuff for your digital studio. I wanted to buy real tape recorder for my studio, but size and electric consumption were main reasons why i wasnt sure to buy it. Ive read somewhere on net, that Universal Audio has very good tape plugins. Basically Studer and Ampex are the main reason why i have purchased UAD2 Satellite Duo. Im absolutely very satisfied with all products. Studer for recording and Ampex for mastering. Combination of these product definitely improved my production.

R. Mc

May 4, 2013

Analogue Emulation at its best

I am now beginning to feel the way i used to about making music thanks to Universal Audio.
They look after their customers like no other company and are my to go to plug inns everytime

J. Conlon

April 19, 2013

Nice indeed - don't over do though!

A very nice plug in for sure...what a luxury recording with this!..but don''t over do it though...can muddy a mix if you recorded with it and them buss it on the master too, that's what I found with the music I had recorded, you might not find the same results though......probably best to used the Studer for that...had to try though!..very excellent much fun!

S. Cox

April 19, 2013

Excellent Plug-in!

I've been using this plug-in for a few weeks now and I've been really impressed with its sound and versatility, especially in its ability to control the fundamental texture (harmonic content) of a track. This to me is what sets it apart from any other mixing tool I've used. Being able to change tape formulas, tape speeds, and saturation characteristics gives me endless possibilities for getting the texture of a track to sit just right before I even touch a compressor or EQ.

Another characteristic of this plug-in is its ability to soften the sharp edges of a track's transients, making multiple sources you put this on seem to naturally blend together and not "fight". The ease and consistency at which it achieves this makes this invaluable.

A. Souza

April 14, 2013

Great plugin but....

This is a great plugin, but if you have a uad-2 duo like me forget!! This plugin use many dsp resources of you card. I suggest you buy Ampex 102, great plugin no use dap like A800. Expend my money for nothing. But great plugin if you have system to use.

V. Van

April 14, 2013

Quality of my latest Mix have increased due to Studer A800

Hi there,
Since my recent buy of Studer A800, plus a strategic change in my way of mixing. As you can listen from my artist page ( My two latest Remix Submission were done using Studer A800 on every track.

I'm owner of a simple DSP Duo core.. so I hesitate because of the price of the plugin and also because of using it in every track would fast let me without any DSP resource.
But I'm very glad of the result over all on the Drum track and the bass sound they are easyer to fit in my mixes. And I just begin to use it.

For my setup with little DSP ressources, for this plugin I took the decision to use it as an offline process, when I begin a new mix I process all my track with Studer A800.


J. Fowler

April 5, 2013

Such a beast!

Throwing this on first in the chain has saved so much tweaking... it just sounds right and fat out of the gate. Be cautious with the presets if using on your master bus, noise / hiss controls are hidden under the additional controls.

Y. Kawahara

April 1, 2013

Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder Plug-In

Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder Plug-In is good sounds on all CH.

S. Hyland

March 4, 2013

What Box?

To my mind, there are two things that resolve the 'in the box / outside of the box' argument. The first one is production and mixing experience i.e. really knowing and understanding what you are doing, and the second is getting the Studer on every first insert (or every first insert of your most prominent elements if you are having to budget your DSP accordingly).

When the Studer's start working their magic, your mixes will have so much more sonic appeal, that you will soon put in the hours required to gain the experience, so it's the best starting point you'll ever define.

K. Margolis

March 2, 2013

The Real Deal!

It's like have my favorite Analog Tape Machine!

It adds the warmth, the magic, the Je ne sais quoi that will make any mix that much better. It's so real that you get the wow and flutter on your meters.

My, my, what will they think of next.

I use it on vocals, drums, bass, piano, strings and it transforms my tracks with warmth, depth and dimension.

One of the best Plug In's and a must have for any and all.

A. Ryabchenkov

February 19, 2013

Luvin it!

Great Plugin. I like the warm sound. It glues the tracks together

441-460 of 580 Results