Studio D Chorus

Studio D Chorus

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Studio D Chorus

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81-100 of 180 Results

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m. james

June 25, 2018


It does what you think it would and a little more on all buttons in. Nice depth and width added.

M. Ivey

May 24, 2018

Great Plugin that adds very professional sounding Chorus to any track

Having already own the Dytronics® Tri-Stereo Chorus I was hesitant to add yet another chorus effect to my collection because I have this thing about buying just for the sake of having without an actual need. Simply put..... I just don't do it.

But after having run the demo and performing comparison tests with the Tri-Chorus; I immediately recognized the benefit of this plugin.

Whereas the Tri-Chorus is suited for more musical creativity and subtle to drastic effects; the Studio D adds just the right amount of subtle effect to sweeten any mix and it does it in a way that cannot really be duplicated with the Tri-Chorus plugin.

The Tri-Chorus can certainly do subtle chorus effects as well but quite the same way. I find the Studio-D my go to plugin when I need to just sweeten a track with enough chorus effect to feel the presence without really noticeably "hearing" it. Which I know may not make a ton of sense to some; but if you demo it you'll understand.

So far, very pleased with it and not regretting the purchase at all

K. Rex

May 5, 2018

Studio D

The plug is awsome. Clean and easy to get to the point. I was sceptical at first because it’s not the true cLassic DD but there’s no real audible difference in my opinion.

M. Park

April 29, 2018

it sounds just like I remember

I didn't do a side by side comparison, but it sounds exactly as I remember the hardware unit sounding back in the day. Just like the original, it's a nice problem solver when trying to place something in a mix. For me it's a UAD "must have".

L. Zavala

April 18, 2018

Blind bought it, and have ZERO regrets...

This plugin was Blind-bought only because I had extra money to be able to spend. Withought even watching the demo or anything I bought it based on the testimonials here. I LOVE this thing. It's brought out a whole other level of sound dimentsion.GREAT product. Keep em coming along:)

H. Kim

March 19, 2018

말 그대로 코러스.

복잡한 조작 없이 가벼운 코러스 효과를 주고 싶을 때 바로 원하는 소리를 만들어줍니다. 각각 다른 버튼 조합도 가능해서 몇 가지 없는 조작 치고는 폭넓은 톤메이킹이 가능합니다. 코러스 트랙 버스나 피아노, 스트링 앰비언스 등에 사용하고 있습니다.

D. Rouge

March 9, 2018

Studio D

I love it! Very similar to Dimension D. Really great plugin!


February 2, 2018

Wide Boy

A really good attempt at re-creating the original, however Roland units have proven not to be easily copied both in software & hardware. If you're a Roland fan stick to the originals, if you just want a good sounding wide open subtile chorus go for the Studio D.

B. D'Andrea

January 24, 2018

Da Chorus

Simple Easy Great sound
All the chorus you'll ever need

R. Marant

January 22, 2018


Expande y da profundidad a los sonidos, con agradable calidez. Me gusta esa sensación de espacio!!

T. Spillmann

January 17, 2018

cool plugin

great chorus for subtile widening

S. Long

January 16, 2018

Brilliant Chorus!

Great plug-in, very easy to use and the four options give a lot of width. Would definitely recommend.

H. Andersen

January 15, 2018


So nice

H. Schmitt

January 15, 2018


Studio D Chorus - I like to take him for pads and vocals, is in my opinion the best chorus on the UAD platform.

V. Uhov

January 14, 2018

Studio D / Dimension D

long looked closely at this plugin. Used P&M Dimension 3D. Tried it was pleasant. Very famously expands voices and instruments. Not so intrusive. But there is depth and volume! Thank you, UAudio! For the opportunity to use so many beautiful instruments! Buy in hardware devices for me is very expensive and problematic ... Thank you

E. Halterman

January 13, 2018


Can you widen my vocals and acoustic guitars, please! Awesome!

n. mendez

January 12, 2018

Studio D Chorus ,Your Simple Solution to a Premium Chorus effect

Simple But Effective Classical Tool,It Just Does what it was designed to do ,Sweet and Clean...

J. Mack

January 11, 2018

A unique tool

I have a heap of chorus plugs and selection of stereo widening tools but this box is in a league of its own. Purchasing that was a no brainer, a must have tool. Simple to use instant results for widening, thickening, fattening and getting things to sit, gel or be upfront. I wouldn't want to not have this in my toolbox

Р. Ильёнок

November 30, 2017


the chorus is very cool. synthesizers, vocals, guitars come to life

K. Smith

November 21, 2017

Subtle but awesome

I haven't used the hardware unit in 20 years, but I remember it being very cool on certain things. This software is the same; very sweet but really subtle. If it does something really obvious you probably have it turned up too loud.

81-100 of 180 Results