Studio D Chorus

Studio D Chorus


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Studio D Chorus

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D. Jehle

March 30, 2017

Like they say in the ad

Its more stereo enhancer than a chorus. But it is a chorus. Make stereo tracks from mono input, maybe (half stereo; too much makes it a chorus.) well..listen and use it yourself, subtle but powerful. Its good!

C. Hazel

February 18, 2017

Width and depth type of plugin

The Studio D Chorus is excellent for adding depth and width to vocals. All you need to do is put in on a bus and just send a little bit of the lead/backup vocals to is and you will hear the difference. This has definitely helped me to make lead vocals sound more upfront and a bit wider. Of course you mix to taste.

G. Hassenrück

February 12, 2017

My one and only Studio Chorus

I dont know the original Chorus - but ist must be good Chorus - it sounds so and its from UAD!

Göran Hassenrück

R. Jacobi

February 9, 2017

Beautiful, Wide and Lush Chorus

The Dimension D adds a beautiful and lush chorus to pretty much any source material. The processor is great for subtly widening and thickening lead vocal tracks or to add a rich and wide layer to background vocals. The similarities to the Roland Dimension D are obvious, not just visually but also sonically. No matter under what name and brand this processor is listed it remains a super useful tool in a mixer's arsenal.

T. Veranta

January 29, 2017

Great plug in

Sounds perfect on sent channel together with the UAD reverb + moog filter.

M. Schaak

January 25, 2017

Studio D Chorus

The best Chorus plugin in a new outfit. Eminently suitable for all tracks and instruments as well for vocals and backing vocals. Movement and vibe to get and keep excitement.

UAD User

January 23, 2017

My new favorite Chorus!!

Simple and effective. I've been using this just straight up on vocals, or busses to add a bit of depth to guitars. I don't know what Studio D originally sounds, like, but I know that I'll be using this chorus for the rest of my life!

A. Kuehne

January 23, 2017

studio D chorus

Best for vocals with nice stereo width. Sounds so nice! That is what I'm searching for.

j. murawski

January 7, 2017

D chorus

D the only chorus you will ever need. from rock, on to 80disco, to today's EDM,100% true to hardware Again UAD did the homework perfectly 5 stars


January 6, 2017

내가 아는 그 소리를 내준다

기타랑 보컬에 걸어보고는 아 내가 아는 그 소리다 오예 라고 했다. 완성하려던 음악의 컨셉에 아주 큰 도움을 주었다

B. Bell

December 28, 2016

This is THE Chorus effect for your bass

I have tried several things to enhance my bass sounds. Then I purchased this plugin because it was a thing of folklore. Now I see is amazing. It never seems to step on the mid signal's toes. All it does is add glorious width and movement to the bass without the added mud that can cloud up other things in the mix. It is one of my favorite plugins.

U. Friedrich

December 22, 2016

Studio D Chorus

Real nice Chorussound

U. Friedrich

December 22, 2016

Studio D Chorus

The real chorus-sound, nice

s. fridburg

December 19, 2016

Studio D Chorus

I use it for bass and vocals in the mix, and get very good results!

P. Blevins

December 18, 2016

I love it

just as awesome as the roland branded plug.

R. Greco

December 15, 2016

Glad this came back to UAD

Classic for a reason. Excellent for keys, anything that can use subtle movement. Never in the way, often the "thing" that adds the "something".

k. hoefer

December 14, 2016


Nice for background vocals and keys. Adds space and depth... Dry/Wet Knob would be cool!

D. van Haarlem

December 10, 2016

I sold my hardware Roland Dimension D! Nuff said!

I always loved my Roland Dimension D for widening my vocal (and other) tracks. Now I have that sound in the box! and can use multiple instances with different settings. A classic Roland effect that you must have in your "mixing arsenal"!

a. vt

December 2, 2016

little goes a long way

i had this for a while and i use it less than i expected but when i need that extra widening in the vocals this does the job everytime!!! i usually have this on a send and only use the first of second button otherwise it sounds a bit "too fake", but ...great job UAD people!

c. hanebutt

December 1, 2016

Great Plug

I love this plugin. So simple, but so useful.

81-100 of 139 Results