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Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

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W. Murray

October 14, 2016

Beast Mode

What is there to say, really? I love the whole collection but I use the LA-2A "gray" the most. It adds its characteristic "warmness" to pretty much everything it touches, especially vocals, and it can brign a bland mix back to life and give it a nice lil' punch. The Legacy version is decent but this collection is next level sh*t.

A. David

October 14, 2016

A wondrous density

Indeed, this one satisfies a tone that I have been searching for for sometime now. More than simply compress, it imparts a density and tone that works wonders on vocals and bass. Thank you UA!

S. Gibbons

October 13, 2016


UAD nailed the tones of this compressor. We have one at the studio I work out of and the A/B comparison is outstanding. Love the warmness they add.

A. Lee

October 13, 2016

Undoubted classic

I don't know how close this is to the hardware, but probably it doesn't matter to me as they sound superb

P. Melichar

October 13, 2016

Amazing !

Absolutely blows my mind how good these LA-2A units sound. Been using them on a couple of dance/electronica tracks for vocals for a client. Very easy to set up and behave like the 'real thing' as near as I can tell - have been making music for over 30 years, never owned but have used the original gear many many moons ago.
At GBP 115 for all three 'versions' it's a total no-brainer - grab this bargain now !!

P. Wallette

October 12, 2016

Is getting better and better

Wow! Many years ago I had the first generation UAD PCi Card using the Legacy version of LA-2A. I used it on almost every possible track. Now, with my new Apollo Twin USB, I thought I will give the new collection a try so I bought it right away. Yes, I know it costs a lot, but what a difference!!! Really love the Grey one, wich brings my voice to a new level. The combination of Unison 610 mic pre and LA-2A gets me the feeling of singing in a $10 million studio.

R. Cambrin

October 8, 2016

Simple to use and I dig!!!

I bought this set of plugins after trying it on the kik and Snare channels.
It solved the problem of getting the click of the Kik not to seem seperate from the Boof and I had been endlessly tweaking the channel previously to its purchase trying to get rid of that problem. The Snare had way more body and the snap was easily softened by it.
Like the 1176 collection has a different place to use it.
I used the prehistoric LA 2A on the Kik and a different one on the Vocals and likewise the snare.
I would say i am not a tweakhead but that would be a lie when in comes to the overall mix.
I don't want to get bogged down in endless tweaking of compressors, pedals or plugins. There's enough to do.
I dig It!!!

T. Hirano

October 1, 2016



A. Nadaf

September 19, 2016

Love the character/Color

This is obviously very versatile. Like the way i can push things hard or just soft. But i just love the character/color the LA-2A silver offers.
Thanks to UA for this amazing emulation.

D. Spooner

September 18, 2016


Never used a real hardware version, and had only previous experience with the legacy (which was still nice), and the Waves one.... But now I'm just even more confused what separates them and makes them all different.. they are nice though.

C. Stylianides

September 17, 2016

So far so good

I like Gray a lot, for tracking and for keeping things warm. Also it's really smooth. Silver is a bit more drastic and gives that natural brightness but I feel it takes away lows even if you apply 0 gain reduction, this can be beneficial for some instruments. I used it on the mix bus along with a Maxxbass and it worked just fine. Didn't really use the LA-2A(3rd one) a lot yet, so I can't say much for that one.
I bought this bundle because I wanted to upgrade my LA-2A classic and it feels I took the right choice, much fuller and characteristic sounds so far.

j. el mutante

September 16, 2016

Although you may not believe.

Amazingly, Teletronix LA, has left me surprised at the quality, power, clarity, warmth and many others that if I mention this because not end my review, I did not know that a plugin could be as accurate compared to a real piece, imagine all the big bucks you can save with these emulators.

   It is clear that only plug-ins Universal Audio admit they are the best and Realistic, have over 20 years experience in the industry as a producer and I have dealt with almost all plugins from different companies that may exist, and only Universal Audio me has given the results with ease, speed and great analog sound all go looking today to combat the digital herror.

Š. Kominko

September 13, 2016

It sounds great

It sound great ,very very great plugin.

Š. Kominko

September 13, 2016

It sounds great

It sound great ,very very great plugin.

m. nakanami

August 22, 2016

Very good performance for vocal recording

This compressor never betray your requirement, and make your vocal brightly.

H. Hamid

August 15, 2016


Just apply the LA-2A on a vocal or a guitar track, and it will make it sound great.

UAD User

August 15, 2016

Pure gold

You dont really need to comment on this plugins, since they are pretty much the best software representation of analog units available. I've been working with hardware Teletronix La-2a plenty of times so I know how musical that stuff is. This is the closest i've yet to see. I especially love the La-2 unit, its attack time does wonders to my buses.

S. M

August 14, 2016

Universal Audio LA2A

Thank You for a very good plugin.
It would make sense that any future updates for 1176, LA2A, LA3A etc plugins are completely free for customers already owning them.

Keep up with the great work,
Thank You

B. Gotch

August 14, 2016


My bottom Jaw Hit the floor.The amount of detail from these plug ins from the legacy Version CHOOOOOOOO

M. Roby

August 12, 2016

Fat & LOUD

One of the few plugins I've ever audibly said "Wow" to. These plugins sound larger than life (and definitely larger than the box.) Very musical and colors any track beautifully. I find myself throwing these guys on a track often for just the color itself. They are also very loud, making it easy to bring a source up to volume without having to compress it to death. All 3 plugins sound great but very different, I find myself using the Gray and the LA-2 the most, especially the LA-2 for keeping transients intact but dynamics tamed. The LA2A collection does use a decent amount of DSP, however if you have a UA satellite you'll likely be fine. Best on Bass, Vox, Keys, Busses... (everything)

481-500 of 1122 Results