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Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Customer Reviews

Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

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R. Lundgren

December 14, 2014

Very analog

Man... I used to think the Legacy LA2A was great, but this is a whole different thing. These sound pretty damn analog to me. Love them!

M. Romanov

December 14, 2014

Very cool compressors

Each version of LA-2A has its own sound. Very good for vocal. Excellent value!

M. Fair

December 14, 2014

A great up upgrade to a very good plugin.

I do Audio Post Production for the film and television industry. I liked using the original LA-2A from the Analog Classics bundle on Dialogue tracks just to smooth everything out. I tried out this upgrade and fell in love with the original LA-2. I love the slow attack, it's very transparent, adds great character and warmth that I didn't get with the original Analog Classics version. Sometimes, when composing music I like the use the LA-2 just for the gain knob on synths and samples. I love the character and the smoothness. This is a great upgrade.

J. Newton

December 14, 2014

Makes a classic more versatile

An improved model of the harmonic character of a studio classic. The different versions offer different time constants for a bit of fine tuning for any particular source.

The emphasis screw is a great addition to tailoring the plugin to a stubborn sound.

I actually like the smaller GUI from the legacy versions, since they take up less screen space and there's just no need to have them be this big; it's not like it's actual hardware that needs room for transformers and tubes. but that's not a big deal.

M. Burch

December 13, 2014

What they say is true

It really is true, these are so nice on vocals and acoustic instruments. It's crazy how just putting them in a channel instantly makes stuff sound better. Great work UA!

T. Heads

December 13, 2014

LA2A works

I have two hardware La2a's, I can't tell the difference between the software and hardware; they both sound fantastic at all times on the appropriate instrument/voice. My only complaint....I love to feel the real thing, virtual knobs are not very exciting, I suspect that's just an old man thing!!!! The same review applies to the 1176 software I purchased at the same time.

J. Stare

December 13, 2014

Pretty Great Tool Kit

Pretty Great Tool Kit
Just the right stuff !!!
Love to use these compressors on vocals drums and ambient sounds

E. Andersen

December 13, 2014

great mojo

best mojo there is, With leveling qualities.

best, espen

R. Looney

December 13, 2014

One of the Greats

The LA-2A collection is a great addition to my arsenal. What a fabulous tool for vocals. Not to mention, the LA-2A is one of my go-to's when I'm looking to add a little character and snap to a rock snare drum. I cannot say anything too terrible about the 1176 collection, as it's one of my favorite collections as well, but the LA-2A set gives it a run for its money... And for the money, this is a killer plugin series and a must have!

M. Shay

December 13, 2014


As close as possible to the real thing, I'm really excited when I produce with this compressor.
You can not compare to other compressors on the market.

W. Raquin

December 13, 2014


So much better than the legacy version,punchy and warm.i love it.

B. Kristiansson

December 13, 2014


Silver -rules! -It has that grip of Your vocal sound.

R. Pimentel

December 13, 2014

Great!! They got be better than the previous !!

I was a fan of LA2A and after purchasing this bundle I was even more impressed !!! The LA2A Grey is superb!

C. Soto

December 12, 2014

A Swiss-army like plug-in

This plug-in is eat at giving a smooth feel at almost anything you throw at it, and each of the three LA2As has it's unique character. There's actually a lot to deal with. I'm still getting my feet wet on this, but I'm having a lot of fun in the process.

L. Gibbs

December 12, 2014

Love this classic LA2A tone!!!

Although I've never used an hardware unit, after spending some time with this UAD La2a collection I understand why they are so sought after. I can lamp down on a vocal with this and it really helps it level out and move to the front. And the lush tone it gives decreases the need for eq in some cases.
Also dig what it can do for bass. Evens it out and can add just the right gritt a track may be calling for. Becoming a go to piece for me.

D. Zannoni

December 12, 2014

Great and Artistic

I like the color a of these three plugs
I like to try different compression levels and different sounds
Good for vocal, for bass and snare !

Great Job !

A. Lausch

December 12, 2014

Great la2a recreation

This is a stunning piece of software. You can't make that comp sound bad on anything.

J. Holt

December 11, 2014

Pleasantly surprised

Although the original version never really inspired me, the demos of the new collection piqued my curiosity. After activating the trial, it was clear that these represented a real improvement and I found several applications where they really seemed to shine. I am amazed at the results on group background vocals, as well as their usefulness on male lead vocal tracks.

For lack of a better term, the "vibe" element is present in this collection, in spades. Very easy to apply, with quick, usable results. Highly recommended.

C. Gathe

December 11, 2014

Even better than the Legacy...

I own both the legacy version and now the classic version....All I can say is WOW
they sound great on everything! Well worth the investment :)

D. Kane

December 11, 2014


I was (am still) very happy with the legacy version, so I held out on upgrading, but when I finally did, I was blown away! 3 different flavours of my fave compressor (4 counting the legacy version) - I'm in opto heaven!

661-680 of 1110 Results