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Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

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B. Novak

February 18, 2014

best software

simple & very good plugin bundle!! i use it on drums, guitars and vocals...

T. Kelly

February 16, 2014

I literally punched the air!

Normally I'm not an upgrade a plugin kinda of person, as I've already paid for it. But I decided to demo this collection because I haven't mixed a record without the original LA2A plugin since 2006. I knew within 60secs on my lead vocals that this was so much closer to my 60s Rev1 LA2A I literally punched the air! This new collection is soo close to post recording processing it blows me and my studio staff away....well done UA!

L. Schefman

February 16, 2014

Leveler Collection: Full of Character, Not Phony Sounding

I really like working with this plugin. Yes, it adds character; at the same time, it doesn't try to be an 'over-the-top-woo-that's-an-LA-2A' thing. It's got subtlety and interesting nonlinearity, like the hardware.

I know, it's supposed to be all about vocals, but it's certainly got broader application. Sounds wonderful with piano, for example.

It's more transparent and interesting than the legacy plugin. As a hardware LA-610 user, I think it's got that vibe, but the important thing isn't whether it's just like hardware, it's whether the plugin stands on its own as a useful creative toolbox. It does.

R. Braga

February 15, 2014

Excellents plugins

Yes indeed is something special!
I used it for a voice, drums, bass and flamenco guitarsa and these are excellents!
You must have in your arsenal!

E. Pouliot

February 14, 2014

great upgrade

This new la2a makes me think that we are now very, very, very, close to the analog sound with these plugins!

C. Meyer

February 10, 2014

Was sceptical, am convinced.

I tend to be critical with things that get lots of universal praise: Often times it's just the hype being passed on. Some folks voice their opinion quickly after a first glance and believe the general talk will be true and this is indeed the grand thing they've been waiting for. I tested the LA-2A thoroughly and I got to say that this is a fantastic sounding plugin. I kind of went the other way round: I played with this plugin first, liked it a lot and and then tried a hardware LA-2A at a studio I'm working in. I couldn't say they sound exactly the same (even the hardware differs slightly from unit to unit), but they sound so great that it doesn't matter how equal they are to something. I love these for the drumbus! FAT FAT FAT.

S. Hudson

January 29, 2014

la2a collection

incredable. i was under the impression the slight diff you hear
about with these units was for egg heads an gear heads.
but saw a great video with that fabio dude an gave em a try.
the bulk of my music is sample based and once i started hearing
how the three can be used to colour or bring to life various
the silver is the cleanest loudest beast.
grey less impact but increases music while almost smoothing
la2a orig 50s again reduces the material conpaired with silver

ive set up mixs purely with these and they sound better than
anything id done previous.

once you split your mix out using the silver for the upfront
sounds. do same with mid sounds with grey then the 50s for
further back your ready for some fun adding the effx.......

A. Carozzo

January 28, 2014

good upgrade

I was using the legacy la2a; I can definitely tell that the sound quality of this release is far superior; the compression curves are more usable; and the three different versions has their own use. Tried them on bass and voice and wow, that sound that i was searchin for...there is some creaminess that the legacy was lacking; and at estreme settings they are very usable; more 3D sounding even slamming at -20db...good job

J. Bell

January 23, 2014


the LA-2A is a must have can even track with it for those who don't know this its so go I'm getting the1176 Classic Limiter Plug-In Collection as well.....THANKS Universal for making it happen for all of us

J. Milldrum

January 23, 2014

Truly amazing!!

These just make everything sound good. A definite must have for sure.

T. Van

January 23, 2014

hello from Belgium eu

I follow engineers and producers on promo films in studio's all over the world.
Mostly you can found these LA-2A in their huge racks.
Well I had the first version and now I bought the new ones of these UA plug-inns.
And yes these are even better.(especially the Gray) On my tracks and on my master stereo out, I can't imagine without!
Only, UA said: owners of the 1st version will get price reduction,not so for me,maybe because the price was already lowered? But don't tell then.
see you

D. Van

January 16, 2014

Silver shining grit

Bought the LA-2A Leveler Collection. Wow, awesome sound.

M. De

January 15, 2014

teletronix la-2a

I' m very happy with my teletronix
collection! The uad la-2a is the best comp-limiter
In my daw. I use it on vocals guitars
And strings and i have no problem with the
mix .
thank you uad!

M. Vaz

January 14, 2014

LA-2A Collection

Just loved the new LA-2A Collection. Lots of different flavours of the Classic LA-2A. Used the old one in every mix and now even the old mixes sound better!

M. Panagaris

January 14, 2014


Definitely worth the upgrade from the original and having 3 models to choose from is an added bonus.

C. Kazmier

January 13, 2014

Was not going to get this version!

But after demo'ing it its on all my vocal tracks. I found the harmonics on some of the singers that I was mixing would really come through with the updated versions. I use the "Silver" for more modern tracks and the "Grey" for some vintage vibe tracks.

M. Fruet

January 13, 2014

I don't care if it is a perfect emulation

I don't care if it is a perfect emulation of the originals… it t sounds nice, even better when you realise it is a plugin. Loved it most on vocals and bass!

V. Uhov

January 13, 2014

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

For a long time people enjoy reading opinions UAD- 2 DSP card. Decided to buy and immediately the question arose what plugins are required to work? La2 emulation implemented in plugins from different manufacturers that are in my collection. Accordingly, immediately after the purchase I prinalsya compare .
Leveler program which includes Digital Performer 8 when compared does not memorize settings when loading project shows other settings. I could not use it at work. get every time expose settings?
The second plug- Pod Farm Compressor from Line 6 which I have compared with UAD La2a Collection. Recorded the bass guitar while listening to the DP cleared following picture . Compressor Pad Farm ate upper- overtone . There was no such indication intelligibility and

K. Naesten

January 13, 2014

Almoust analog

My first compressor back in the late 70's was a pair of dbx 160 half rack. Ever since that day I've been particulary fond of that type of levelling. Another favorite was the Tube Tech CL 1B that brought power to the snare on my productions in the 90's. I Always longed for a LA2, but never got the chance to buy one. I have tryed a lot of software compressors but never really felt the same vibe as from my hardware dbx and Tube Tech. But now when I have the Teletronix LA-2A Classic it's finally happening.
The same feeling as in the analog hardware. I'm so glad I got them, and with my Quad and solo card, I can use tons of them.

X. Marques

January 13, 2014

Analog goodness!

I'm really happy with my new LA-2's! The warmth in the sound is second to none!
Even if you just use it for its gain, it adds something to the sound that glues it in the mix.

981-1000 of 1246 Results