Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

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Customer Reviews

Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

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S. Ritnant

November 29, 2015

LA-2A Collection

Very impressive. After I try demo , I decide to buy them immediately.

Y. Dan

November 24, 2015

not let me down。

This is my most wanted to buy in UAD plug-in, is also my first paid plugin, not let me down!

H. Engstrom

November 10, 2015

A new favourite

Great plugs! I personally likes the grey, which has to do with how much it sounds like an old favourite hardware LA I worked with on a daily basis for years. It's scarily simliar in tone, behaviour and result. Only difference with the plugin enabling me to use multiple instances. Probably my favourite UAD plug and can't recommend it enough.

T. Kahl

November 7, 2015


When using it properly, it can unbelievably enhance your mixes and give them the analog feel of the LA-2As. Thanks for it, UA!!!

c. sampayo

October 22, 2015


It's fantastic, the way it responses. I've been using the legacy plugin since it was almost created. And this upgrade its totally recommended.

A. Schuman

October 19, 2015

Great Collection

I love this plugin collection. I have a few plugins from other companies that replicate the LA-2A, but these are the best. I like changing up compressors when doing vocals and acoustic guitar (I find using the same compressor on every track makes the mix a little stale), so using a different version of the LA-2A for each track makes the mix sound better. Great work UA!

T. Kidjemet

October 16, 2015

the classics

Really a no brainer! Sound great and you have 3 classics in the studio for 300 dollars.

E. Sevmont

October 14, 2015

A must for vocals

The grey just makes vocals sound better, very simple to use, all of them are worth experimenting! This is one of the plugins that made me purchase UAD systems.

H. Pearl

October 13, 2015

Adore these, but one little suggestion........ please

Yes, it's amazing and I use them on EVERY tracking and mixing session. I know some will say this is sacrilege, but I would love the option for finer tune adjustments than I can make with my mouse. Why? Because it's a DAW we're working in. So how about option click for fine adjust or an OPTIONAL number box to slightly bump the value up or down a bit? Please do this for all the awesome vintage emulation plugs with tiny fiddly knobs. A good example would be the Klanghelm MJUC. Still has the nice visual and great sound plus the advantages of numerical interface.

D. Range

September 27, 2015


i say this i have had ozone waves just a ton of plug ins I'm new to appollo but there plug ins make me want to buy them all i just feel the more I'm studying and using there stuff the more crystal our stuff is and the less headache I'm having i have fallen in luv with had stuff period

J. Roy

September 7, 2015

Must have!

Great sounding plugin! Sounds great on vocals especially!

M. Mróz

September 2, 2015


After getting this plugin going, I knew I have to buy it. Amazing tool, I recommend it to everyone. Thank you, UA, you are the best!

D. Swanö

August 30, 2015



Never thought "the real one" would be that much better than the Legacy version
I use them on Everything. The silver one is my fave.
Really nice !

T. Garcia

August 25, 2015

Thank you !

Two words...!
Thank you Universal Audio !

UAD User

August 12, 2015

That magic...

Love the grey La2a on vocals...tracking with the UA Neve 1073 into the UA1176 rev E into the UA Teletronix La2a grey.

That combination is nothing short of amazing. 5 stars, guys.

B. Smith

August 12, 2015


I have been using just the LA-2A legacy for the past 5-6 years,. it has always been a "go to" for smooth, warm and full comp/limiting and without eating up too much DSP,.(i have only used a hardware LA-2A twice before). I just purchased the LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection,.which at first i was hesitant as i felt the differences/advantages would be minimal. Wrong. The subtleties obtainable and also the dramatic difference under certain circumstances broaden the palette immensely.
The response and frequency transients are distinct to each model and accordingly suitable for whatever source you are dealing with.
Inspiring and comforting to have so much quality gear on hand, and for such a small investment. Make your day BUY IT !

P. Nielsen

August 9, 2015

Something is missing.

Its too clean in a way.

The noise from the real hardware is very important to make it sound like an LA2A

I dont think this is very close to the real deal.

Generally i will find that your plugins needs more grit and dirtyness.

U. Kim

August 4, 2015

5ive Stars!!!

Teletronix Leveler Collection - close analog of outboard!!!
Someone says - try before u buy..............@#% that......just BUY!
Vocals (Rap, Rock, Female r'n'b - anyway), Drums and Gtrz sounds Great!!! LA2A is colorised my production.
The most Amazing plugin from Universal Audio!!!
Thank You UA Team!!!
p.s. Now Ladys loves me MORE than Before:)

m. cho

July 27, 2015

Best LA-2A plug-in ever!!!

Yes, perhaps!.....sorry Waves you are no match.......

Y. Park

July 23, 2015

Great Plugin!

The most natural plugin I ever used. Great on everything!

461-480 of 984 Results