Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection


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Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

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T. Warren

December 17, 2013

Nailed it!!

I can not say enough about UAD plugins. They're in a whole other league by themselves. The LA-2A on vocals is pure magic. I use them on just about every session. This combined with my 1176 is when magic happens! Wonderful job UA! You guys are the best.....really

J. Depew

December 17, 2013

A Must Have

Pure magic. I love running signal through it without compression just to get the tone of these units. Three lovely tones indeed!

M. Laws

December 17, 2013

Slamming / Amazing

Unreal / warm / liquid - this is possibly the best device UAD have converted. Lots of colour and lots of character.

When it's pushed it brings out air and depth - and can be tweaked to make crushed/brickwalled drums sound insane...

If you work with electronic or acoustic - this device is a must for getting that vintage slamming limitation.

V. Andreev

December 16, 2013

This is a big help in work

My opinion - an excellent quality imitation persisting instrument. Get the quality detailed sound. This is a big help in work. I this likes.

A. Lutynski

December 16, 2013

LA-2A Review

I truly love those LA-2A. I used them ofen on vocals, bass and drum tracks. In my opinion the best is silver version.

A. Klimansky

December 15, 2013

Very interesting !

Thanks for this !!! Ukraine ))))) Sound very interesting i am very happy with with this compressors )))

D. Elias

December 15, 2013

Buy it

This are the best compressors i have ever used! LA2 for bass, LA2A gray for faster bass and vocals and silver for drums and other fast material. I don't know why Ia have waited so long :-)

Y. Hara

December 14, 2013

Amazing LA-2A

It is very splendid plug in.Thickness and punch join.

A. Knight

December 14, 2013

LA-2A Classic

The Teletronix collection works great on vocals for sure. Very easy to compress with a nice sound. The pre sets are great. Just tweak and you are ready to go. You dont have to take so long changing the settings ..............


J. Kieffer

December 14, 2013

3's a charm!

Each one of these LA-2A's has it's own distinct characteristic to it. It's a matter of preference as to which will work best in the application used but if you're trying to find it look no further. The cleanest LA-2A's anywhere. Trust me, I've looked and tried them all!

D. Syverud

December 13, 2013

LA-2A Magic

I used the original version of this plug-in as a go to on vocals and snare drum, especially when using brushes. This new collection has upped the mojo considerably and just makes me smile every time I use it. High five to UA for yet another steller plug-in. I've been demoing the new 1176 plugins too and am equally as floored. I'll be purchasing that for sure as well.

J. Lutin

December 8, 2013

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Juste manifique
on aurait même tendance a dire que nous possédons un hardware à la maison sauf a prix mini lol

P. Effamy

December 3, 2013

Work well.

After the awful compressors Logic has to offer, these actually do their job well. Can be quite un-noticeable when doing their job which is pretty impressive. Some colour towards brightness a fair bit, for us the basic LA-2A was the most transparent.

C. Liedholm

December 3, 2013

Does a fantastic job on vocals

It's been said a thousand times before but it does really do a fantastic job on vocals - my go to plugin together with the 1176.

S. Tanner

December 1, 2013

super LA-2A

I also know some original LA-2As and the Plug-Ins are very nice done.

Using a lot on Vocals, Speak, Bassguitar and so.

The Interface with the newer Plug-Ins is also better for my eyes. I use a 27" Display far away and sometimes I can't read the things on older Plug-Ins or numbers.

Also I miss to double click numbers and enter the value by the Keypad!

A. Picciafuochi

December 1, 2013


in short: do not try them, otherwise you will buy them immediately!

D. Hiett

November 30, 2013

out with the old

these new revisions are the primest LA2A style plugs available. make david bowie think its the 70s all over again

A. Liburd

November 15, 2013

Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

I have been looking for a compressor to make my vocals, bass guitar and kick drum sit really nicely in my mixes and to give the punch that I been looking for. Now with the purchase of the Teletronix Leveler collection I am able to achieve what I have not been able to achieve with other compressors. I use all three compressors in my mixes and the sound quality of ALL 3 is just amazing! Thank you Universal Audio for these three plugins at such an affordable price.

C. Kimball

November 13, 2013

Flavor for days

I've got the 1176 and Pultec re-releases (both pretty good, but not amazing IMHO) and held off on this one for some reason. Demo'd it and bought it within a half hour of hearing it on some vocals, bass and acoustic guitars. Tons of great character on tap here.

J. Cabrera

November 8, 2013

Amazing Vocal Compressor!

These classic compressors are incredible on vocal tracks, though they also works great on bass too (and other instruments, I'm sure). But the LA-2A is my go-to compressor for vocals, without a doubt. Make sure you make the LA-2A Classic Collection your first buy, along with the newer 1176 Classic Collection. These are among the very best plugins UAD offers, without a doubt.

861-880 of 1079 Results