Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

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Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

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C. Reba

June 3, 2013

What a great update to the original plug.

I have owned the original LA-2A plugin for about 8-9 years, and also regularly work with the hardware unit. I have always been happy with the plugin. It is a great compressor, but it never really had the same character as the hardware equivalent. This update to the original is a huge step up. The tonal, and dynamic, varieties between the three emulations are fantastic. I really liked the original on vocals and bass, but I love the new emulations. They work for so many sources and they add great character. Thanks UA.

I. Pinkhas

June 2, 2013

Teletronix ® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

I like the sound of lead vocal, after applying Teletronix ® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

P. Jonsson

May 27, 2013

Superb plugin, gets a lot of use.

I'm lucky enough to have done an A/B test between a vintage silver LA-2A and this plugin. While there IS a slight character difference, I fail to see how that great piece of gear could be emulated better than this.

I. Ingber

May 26, 2013

A big WOW!!

I've been using the original LA-2A for over ten years, and a vintage hardware unit before. The Classic Leveler Collection is very simply, stellar! Both are automobiles, but a Ferrari gets us a little more excited than a Chevy Malibu. I think this is an apt comparison between the original LA-2A and the new collection. The detail, nuance, and sonic qualities are stunning.

K. Porter

May 23, 2013

I will use these a lot..

I bought these after trying them out against some of other plug ins including the more expensive one's, they where on offer at $149, I instantly liked them on vocals and there easy to set up an get a good sound right away, they sound expensive, specially the middle one Medium think thats Grey one on vocal.. I don't usually make snap decisions but I just knew right away id use this all the time if i bought them.. my next purchase will be the 140 reverb when they have an offer on it. !

J. Cummins

May 22, 2013


I just love the Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection because they are smooth, strong and to the point of what I wish them to do! In other words Perrrfect!

M. Tonkovic

May 21, 2013

LAZA is da shit!

This is the craziest shit ever! If hardware sounds different, I would use UAD instead.


M. Karlegard

May 20, 2013

Lots of mojo in this trinity

These new compressors have been finding their way in to my mixes since the first day I demoed them. BUying them was a no brainer, especially with the discount I got from owning the original. I'm loving the gray on drum rooms and the silver on backing vocal groups. Of course there are lots of different uses to explore. The feel and behave like real hardware. I've never owned an acual LA"A so I don't know how realistic these emulations are, but they sound great and are easy to use which is the important thing for me.

T. Karim

May 14, 2013

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

this product are very powerful then the first la2a so all guys use the original la2a from analog bundle try this one cause it's better but it take more resource from your dsp .

PS:if we can down your price of your plug'in you will have better selling :)

Thanks Universal Audio

M. Tonkovic

May 9, 2013


This plugin works like no plugin I have ever used.

I'm putting silver version on a dialgue group and it just brings all the vocals to a level I want and you don't hear it's there.

Love it.

L. Tommasini

May 9, 2013

Old and new

Having used a couple of real ones in the late 80' and in the 90' , I must admit that I'm very impressed....
Even if I can not compare these plugs with the old one directlys, by memory they are pretty close, and if I compare to my new La2 they are even close. Also if not equal, what it's important to me it's they have they own nature and they do the job really in a fantastic way , a la2 way :).....,

P. Favati

May 4, 2013

Teletronik Classic Collection

The new LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection is a top emulation. And, the Teletronix LA-2 sounds just like my classic design, very beast qualuty, which has always been my "go to" for voices e instrument. I like plug-in and hardware!

Y. Qingyu

May 3, 2013

these plugins is very good!!

I tried them for 14days, then i bought them , ther are very good!!

P. Favati

May 2, 2013

Soldi spesi bene

Praticamente identico all'originale, come sempre universal audio si distingue per prestazioni e prezzo
Consiglio upgrade per fare il salto di qualitá

N. Afflitto

May 2, 2013

Love These

These were actually not too high on my list of plugins to purchase, and then I tried them! I use these on almost every track, either as a sweetener, or a full out leveler. The vintage LA-2 is probably my favorite. They can be very transparent, or really colorful. Highly recommended.

A. Castillo

May 1, 2013


If you are really serious about making something sound good and with ease you need this bundle. It really gives life to a vocal!!

P. Mann

April 18, 2013

As mastering chain !!!

I know it sounds crazy but today I used these plug-ins for ambiance recovery tool.
The results was a joy. The saturation and tube compression made me remove some other plugs out of the chain.
However I always wonder why UAD developers do not put a sidechain option on their compressors. Or at least a bass roll off function.
I always loved the older LA2A plug-in but these new ones sound much more like a real hardware. These days there are only few hardware devices that their modeled software is developed. LA2A is one of those and personaly I believe when some invention is perfect it just means that it is perfect and there is no reason to change or abandon it. God bless you Bill. RIP ...

P. Mccosh

April 15, 2013

Warmer, richer, thicker.....

A much improved version form the original LA-2A plugin, more colour, thicker & the 3 versions....they each have unique characteristics......Big Thumbs up!

M. Tierney

April 15, 2013

LA-2A Classic Collection

These LA-2As sound infinitely better than the included LA-2A. Each one has its own distinct sonic characteristics too; I find myself reaching for different ones on different occasions, and I think getting all three was well worth it.

A. Souza

April 14, 2013

Master Piece!!!

The most amazing plugin!! for vocals, guitars e etc... I love the sound!!

741-760 of 842 Results