Thermionic Culture Vulture

Thermionic Culture Vulture

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Thermionic Culture Vulture

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D. Whittington

December 1, 2016

Just amazing!

I have been demoing this product for the last few months and I just love the colour is gives to everything. The harmonics and distortion can range from a nice grunge sound to warm tones on basses. This plugin will be my next purchase 110%, Def has a life to it that I can't find anywhere else. Pentode 2 is my favorite with BIAS up high and Drive half way on Overdrive.

S. Hill

November 27, 2016

Amazing tool!

I tested CV for 5 minutes and fell in love with the incredible effect it has on vocals, drums and synth... and the unbeatable simplicity... Just GREAT!

M. Neville

November 22, 2016

Fripped Me Out

The Vulture plus the Bermuda Triangle pedal and you can get great guitar tones, the people moaning about high dsp should pray that UAD make more cpu intensive vst's, they are the ones with the real grunt and what make the UAD system special and give us an edge, it is also insulting to the hardworking clever folk at UAD, they do not devise ways to make us buy more cards by making the vst's hungrier.

D. Nakonechny

November 20, 2016

The difference between an amateur & a professional.

If you rate this plugin any less than 5 stars...I have to think your missing something or not getting the point of this unit. Its literally parallel on so many of my mix busses because of its warm, saturated and a unique characteristic that gives a track something that no other plugin can. IF you think this is just another distortion or saturation are sorely mistaken. This will be the focal point in a track with anything from vocals (I use pretty much religiously every mix) to drums to bass & of course even guitars. It'll be that one thing in your mix that will make your client say..."I love the way that (___________ Insert Here: vocal, drums, bass or guitar) sounds!" Easily one of my top 5 favorite UAD plugin ins. BUY IT and don't look back.

E. Wohl

November 20, 2016

Nice Job!!

I really love this piece, it's a great option to the Decapitator, similar but different, I have already used this on a record I mixed as a vocal effect and one of my friends asked my which (analog) pedal I used to get that sound, I look forward to using it again and again!!

J. Fanus

November 15, 2016


This plugin provides a needed sound to vocals and guitars. Its pretty remarkable at doing what it does.

M. Sylvin

November 6, 2016

So simple, so great, so much dsp

Absolutely wonderful. Just throw it with the bass, turn the knobs for half a minute and your there. BUT beware where & how you use it. Unless you have the UAD power needed you will soon run out of Dsp...:-) So that being said: great but very hungry.(or thirsty?)

T. Pyka

November 6, 2016

Thermionic emission is the thermally induced flow of charged carriers

This thing works great for me! I use primarily to fatten up bass, guitar and drum tracks which are missing something. This thing does use a lot DSP power... I print the track and save, this using the DSP resources for other plugins.

R. Cox

October 12, 2016


Im not sure how this compares to the hardware but I absolutely love this on the master buss. I gels everything together and just makes everything sound so analog with that beautiful grit. This is one of those plugins that you don't realize you love until you take it back off of the 2 buss only to miss what it was adding. Its also stellar on bass tracks that need a little more body and grit. Highly recommended!

M. Neville

September 24, 2016

Fripps me out

This plus the Bermuda Triangle plug on my SC guitar vsti and I am Fripp, just a little is a lot with this, will take me a while to suss out it's potential.

G. Link

September 23, 2016

My go-to warmifier plugin.

Creates a warmth, grit and depth to tracks that just make them pop. I tested this with a lot of other warmifier/distortion plugins (UAD and native) and this is my favorite. Use it subtly and it can make a flat, washed-out track really stand out and be clear and full. Use it a bit more and it adds a certain amount of warmth/grit to a track that is analog and round, which a lot of other plugins fail to capture. So many other plugins, the distortion is either too harsh, brittle, and digital sounding, or it just muddys up the track too much. Use this together with the Vertigo VSM-3 on a track in the right ways, and be prepared for your mouth to hit the floor!

R. Blum

September 22, 2016


I am a great fan of UA plugins. I own about 50% of all their available plugins and can't wait to purchase more. As with all other UA plugins, the Thermionic Culture Vulture is a great tool and brings the advantage of being able to use several instances at the same time - as opposed to a hardware unit with mostly just one possible instance. The TCV is very versatile and the limit in its application is just your imagination. Amazing how, nowadays, you can setup your studio with gear that would have been unaffordable in the days of my youth! I just love producing professionally sounding music with these tools. THANKS!!!

UAD User

September 6, 2016

Amazing Saturation

Massive fan of this plug-in!! I've been using it extensively to get everything from really crunchy drums and extreme vocal effects used in parallel to subtle saturation effects on clean guitar and bass tracks. It's pretty DSP hungry but I tend to do a lot of printing with it so it's not a big deal.

j. dee

August 20, 2016

Be different,but be cool.

I was using the Culture vulture from around 1996 way before it was even called that, and then had extensive use of the vulture since it's release. Firstly let me say that i don't think the add campaign has done this plug any favours at all. It's not just a distortion unit but actually a real subtle piece of hardware. I also get a bit annoyed about people on here bitching about dsp. Do you'r research and see what it takes to make a plug sound good,or stick with you'r waves garbage. That said this is NOT a vulture i'm afraid. If it was it would stand alone but as it is there are many alternatives out there that well,do it better. The Nick terry pre sets are really interesting but not enough for a heavily priced plug.

T. Hedden

June 10, 2016

another secret weapon from UAD

When I first tried the demo of this plug, I had to have it. However, the best was yet to come... Now I use it in places I never would have imagined at the outset. This is a very powerful tool.

UAD User

April 16, 2016

Must have for drums!

This makes drums sound so much better. Matter of fact, it makes drums sound top notch! World class. I can't even imagine not using it on drums from now on. I love it! And the filter cut off, 9Khz and 6Khz, is perfect for drums. Must have for drums if you ask me. It just sounds amazing!

UAD User

April 16, 2016

Must have for drums!

This makes drums sound so much better. Matter of fact, it makes drums sound top notch! World class. I can't even imagine not using it on drums from now on. I love it! And the filter cut off, 9Khz and 6Khz, is perfect for drums. Must have for drums if you ask me. It just sounds amazing!

Kind Regards

J. Guillen

April 12, 2016

I want it so bad!!

My demo just expired and i wish it was less expensive haha I live in Mexico and the dollar is super high.. I loved putting this plugin on almost every track.. not quite.. very little, some a bit more.. but wow.. makes such a huge difference! I really like it... The distortion all the way at the top is not the same but in the end i dont really ever use so much distortion, and i wasn´t expecting it to be the same so.. in the end who cares?

Amazing!! any more gems anyone recommends?

S. Smersh

March 15, 2016

I Love This Plugin!

A buddy of mine told me about this. I can't imagine a mix without it now. Simply amazing.
Only with it wasn't so processor draining. Can only run about three of them with other uad plugs before my twin and octo are maxed out. But won't be an issue when I get a second octo.

M. Vila Nova

February 27, 2016

Distort it!

I resisted for a while to valve distortion plugins. Some while ago I finally decided to try the SPL Twintube processor. I surrendered myself to the great results achieved. The Thermionic Culture Vulture is even more surprising: it is the ultimate machine! Amazing!

81-100 of 167 Results