Thermionic Culture Vulture

Thermionic Culture Vulture

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Thermionic Culture Vulture

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K. Nielsen

July 5, 2017

Superior sound quality

This plugin definitely beats decap if you are wondering. Better defined sound and stereo field. Actually it gives a lot of sources a more genuine hardware vibe just by applying the plugin with low gain. Definitely a great plugin. But it requires you to read the manual

R. Katuin

July 4, 2017

Love It!

Hearing and reading alot about the hardware i hat this on my wishlist for a while. I can't compare it with the hardware, because i never owned one. But i really love this plugin for my Basslines. Also put it on my drums and i'm really happy with the results. It brings a certain warmth to my sounds that i really like. It's heavy on the dsp, but just bounce stuff when your done with it. No biggy!

E. McCabe

July 4, 2017

This is bloody brilliant my best EQ!!!

I only started using this today on a stereo pair of acoustics. So far I am of the conclusion to go for this before I try an EQ plugin, if you choose the clean and not so overdriven presets as a start point.
Seriously try this on acoustic guitars before you load up an EQ and run through a few of the cleaner patches. I think it works great as an eq. I will be trying this on vox etc too to see if I find same with other sources.
I recommend this.

M. Linczenyi

July 3, 2017

Fat, natural sound

Great plugin! I can use it for almost everything: bass, drums, vocal, guitar.

C. Calvo Pardos

June 22, 2017


Es una distorsión especialmente diseñada para juguetear, utilizada en sintes y bajos, pero también sirve en voces , batería...con BIAS ajustable y control de MIX es otro arma irremplazable. Por el precio que vale el original, podrias comprarte el pack ultimate de UAD.

W. Teo

June 16, 2017

Excellent distortion tool.

Thought that Shadow Hills Compressor brought out all you needed in your master?
Add a very subtle Thermionic Culture Vulture after your mastering compressor in the chain, and listen to all corners of your master bloom.

C. Tenku

May 2, 2017

Top 5

Without a doubt, this makes it into my Top 5 Saturation Plugins which includes the ubiquitous SoundToys Decapitator, Vertigo VSM3, Kush Audio Pusher and Fabfilter Saturn. Rather than try to rate what is best, its just great to have different options!

D. Jehle

March 16, 2017


This is like no other effect plugin, tweak and thou will learn. Tweak a lot!
very subtle things are possible and can do great wonders on voice, drums and bass in the mix. Steep acceptance curve, this one... sometimes love and hate at the same time, weird.
Really glad I bought it

A. Harin

February 27, 2017

Thermionic Culture Vulture

I like it !

j. mitchell

February 20, 2017

A special piece of gear (plugin)

Let me start by saying I have Decapitator, and absolutely the flexibility in comparison withe the Culture Vulture. Having said that, I don't know anything else that can DO what the CV does.
My primary use for it is on thin sounding tracks. Give them a robust body and depth with the CV. I understand the DSP hit. That's why I simply print the effect, or use it sparingly on busses. Guitar sims love plugin. Definitely, you need to be careful and use to taste. The Vulture can get unruly in a mix, quickly.

I wish it had more flexibility, especially tonally like the Decapitator. But sound-wise this plug stands alone.

m. quinzani

January 17, 2017



Character, warmth, saturation and distortion
Very easy to use
Best plugin ever made
5 stars universal audio

UAD User

January 9, 2017

Like this plug

I'm able to go from smooth saturation to serious dirt, it seems more natural
sounding than decapitator or saturn. Can't attest to how it compares to hardware, but I like it.

F. Batiste III

January 5, 2017

Turn a "Meow" To A "Growl"!!!

This is the only vulture I know that instead of feeding on the dead, it brings them back to life. ANYTHING you run through this plugin gets electrified. You want subtle? You got it. You want crunchy? You got it. You want downright nasty? You got it. Simple to use and most musical distortion I've ever heard in plugin form period.

D. Whittington

December 27, 2016

By far my favorite plugin on the UAD Platform.

Whether I use this directly on a sound or use in FX Channel and send sounds into this, I get the warmth I need on any type of sound.l I dip my Kick, Snare, bass, synth. Everything gets a dip. I love using one for all sounds and one with Cambridge after it on a bassline. The harmonics you get when you use this with Cambridge EQ is amazing! Gets grindy real quick and nicely. It's easy to make this plugin sound like crap so if you are looking for a quick fix you won't get it with this. You need to learn how to use it to get great results.

M. Diaz Velez

December 24, 2016

Madness, Madness, Madness and Rock

I wanted it for several months and I have it now... I love to use it to make "creative" things... in my opinion is not for "conventional" use... you can use it to put the things "dirt" but... let gives a chance to the creativiry using this amazing UA plugin.

D. Whittington

December 17, 2016

My favorite thing of all time

This is my warm fuzzy place. It helps my distorted mind express itself in any way it wants. It can express subtle harmonics to give expression to anything especially anything low end. It makes my drums very lively. Best of all, it can scream (if you are patient with it). This is the most complex plugin I can say you have made because it is clearly easy to make anything sound like shieza. Every sound requires different treatment. Whether you apply directly over a sound or use as an FX and send a sound into it. I like using the Cambridge EQ after and filter to around 500-600khz and slowly move it and WOW holy amazing harmonics. This is the beast maker for that Reese sound in dark electronic music. So yeah, passionate about this plugin? Heck yes. Takes my hardware to another level as well. My synths love this plugin. So if you love distortion, be patient with it and you will get a result you want.

D. Sokolov

December 15, 2016

WOW!! breaking head!

Absolutely amazing plugin !!! I had been using a lot of different saturation (I have a very different plug-ins), but the number one! The only drawback - it is his voracity, but the sound is worth it. In the end, we can freeze or render)))

D. Whittington

December 1, 2016

Just amazing!

I have been demoing this product for the last few months and I just love the colour is gives to everything. The harmonics and distortion can range from a nice grunge sound to warm tones on basses. This plugin will be my next purchase 110%, Def has a life to it that I can't find anywhere else. Pentode 2 is my favorite with BIAS up high and Drive half way on Overdrive.

S. Hill

November 27, 2016

Amazing tool!

I tested CV for 5 minutes and fell in love with the incredible effect it has on vocals, drums and synth... and the unbeatable simplicity... Just GREAT!

M. Neville

November 22, 2016

Fripped Me Out

The Vulture plus the Bermuda Triangle pedal and you can get great guitar tones, the people moaning about high dsp should pray that UAD make more cpu intensive vst's, they are the ones with the real grunt and what make the UAD system special and give us an edge, it is also insulting to the hardworking clever folk at UAD, they do not devise ways to make us buy more cards by making the vst's hungrier.

81-100 of 184 Results