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Townsend Labs Sphere

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B. Unis

May 16, 2019

Solid Mic - SUPER happy :)

Can't say it enough. This mic is incredible. On it's own it sounds great, the modelling options are just a massive bonus! The ability to play with the proximity affect is super useful as well. Saves me lots of EQ work down the road. Highly recommended!

I. Andriotis

May 15, 2019

I would pay for these....glad they are free!

I own both the Ocean Way and the BT collections. Although the expansion packs do add a lot to the Sphere collection, I always reach for the 4038. In all projects I have done so far the 4038 always does the trick.

For a nice and clean sound - like in classical music recording - the Default Linear/Direct and the variety of the AKGs are a must!

Very glad we have a very solid starting package like this.

N. Wexler

May 11, 2019

All you need.

Hands down the most versatile mic I have ever owned.

E. Biskopsto

May 10, 2019

Such a gem of a mic

I fell in love with your concept right away, because I was an Apollo Twin user. I have never owned an expensive mic, so this was perfect for me.
I was one of the early buyers before all the reviews came out.

I love it, and so do all the singers that sing in my studio.
I normally track with modeling U47 into Neve 1073, then a touch of LA3 (all virtual) and it works great!
When I have female vocals I sometime use OW 12#2.

I have nothing but praise to give you very fine mic. :)

D. Kearns

May 1, 2019

A Post Production Workhorse

I don't know how many other post audio people are aware of this product but as far as I'm concerned anyone recording in post is going to want to give it a try or better yet, own an L22 Mic System and at least one of the other UA bundles of mic models outside the stock set of plugins.
I've had mine since the very early days of its release and have used it in a variety of ways, including recording two hosts performing voiceover using the mic's two capsules. I am able to replace or adjust the mic models after the fact, as well as automate things like proximity effect and off axis correction. It's not only "handy" to try out multiple different mic models on the same person or sound design element after the fact, it's actually very educational. I actually found one very famous person sounded best on a 57 model. The Bill Putnam Jr and Oceanway Collections add other levels of quality and the access to emulations of so many venerated microphones has me toying with my sounds long after the producer has left the studio.
Being able to widen or narrow the polar patterns of the various mic's means being able to correct for roominess in a recording or just add a little air. I find I really like recording sound effects with this system because I can even use it in stereo.
I's a marvellous marriage of software and hardware.

J. Janssen

April 28, 2019

Sound Choice...

I sold my U87 and Peluso P12 after hearing the plug-in demo and purchased the Sphere Microphone System; the LD-U87 and LD-12 models both capture the fundamental difference in these two microphones, to my ear, thus for me it was an easy choice. The Sphere System is an amazing tool and I have learned more about different mic models and what makes the models so subtly different in the right ways for different sources, something that would have cost a small fortune in a lot longer timeframe. The different mic models allow you the opportunity learn and thus tweak the fundamental characteristics of a microphone setup after the fact when working to "fit" a source into a mix. I still own other microphones however when I purchase another microphone it will be a Sphere because I then will have just that many more modelled mics to choose from and that much more flexibility and options for my recordings.

K. Bustetter

April 24, 2019


This is an amazing system. It is the future for sure. I now have all of the classic mic sounds I wanted in one system for a fraction of what I would spent on just the 2 mics I was looking at. Customer service has been top notch as I learn all that this amazing microphone can do. I am anxious to dig deeper as I have only scratched the surface of what this thing can is capable of. Don't wait buy it now and enjoy it with confidence. Thanks Chris for an amazing accomplishment.

J. Gerard

April 2, 2019


I can’t recommend the Townsend Labs Sphere L22 enough! I own 3 of them and It has been a total game changer for us at Gurari Studios. It integrates perfectly into the UA system with its low latency monitoring and the ability to commit or not. I own or have used many of the microphones modeled and they are spot on! I’m particularly fond of the Bill Putnam collection. My studio specializes in critical/high end classical recordings and we have been using the L22 since it first came out back in August of 2017 on everything from narrations on documentaries to opera singers, strings, piano, etc. Every client has been BLOWN away by the results! The ability to choose a microphone, polar pattern, adjust axis, and off axis correction after it has been recorded is a total game changer. With Opera singers, every note counts…No more wasting time setting up multiple microphones and having them repeat phrases to find the right mic. Just audition all the models after the fact and pick the mic and polar pattern that suits your needs. When recording opera singers, I tend to use a modified M/S array. I put one L22 in stereo handling the sides and the other L22 in mono typically with a figure 8 pattern handling the middle. I tend to make the sides ultra-wide (using the provided software) and then fill in the center with the mono mic. This gives me incredible depth and “air” to the sounds which is very desirable in classical music. Also, because the SPL can be so high at times (especially from coloratura and dramatic sopranos) that it can cause distortion at the diaphragm, but with the ability to turn the mic in stereo with the diaphragms pointed to the sides, it rarely ever distorts. The ability to automate and rotate the axis also helps create more “air” in the sound when they hit those ear shattering high notes. The L22 is one of the most important pieces of gear we own and we own A LOT of gear.

a. fields

April 1, 2019

The best decision this year

This is the best decision I have made this year for my studio the sound brings a new level to my work I am very please with the outcome of me decision thanks sphere and uad I will be back for more gear and I’m looking forward to more mics I can’t wait ,these gear is really unbelievable that’s the truth

D. Favero

March 16, 2019


I take sphere22 mic and UAD plugin to be faster to recording voices... it’s perfect. Take it!

A. Vax

February 10, 2019

Good alternative to Slate VMS

Native vst is free btw ))
Townsend Sphere is easy to use plugin. Just add it in insert after your microphone record (microphone should be linear).
VMS is very different and is very good algorithm. Townsend plugin algo is primitive - it changes frequency response, phase and always adds the same type of harmonics.
So when I don't happy with VMS I use Sphere.

D. Whitaker

February 7, 2019

Brings a 100k mic locker to your home studio!

Townsend labs is the first and only mic emulation system (and yes I own a VMS also) that truly captured the essence of the real thing IMO. I am fortunate to have a friend that owns a 100k mic locker and my dream was to have my own means to produce vocals and instruments as warm and shiny as his did. The Sphere exceeded all my expectations and gave me the ability to bring a level of professionalism that was previously unavailable to the home hobbyist. Additionally, the ability to automatically compensate for the artist’s proximity to the mic is a huge differentiator and major game changer. Congrats on a phenomenal product! UAD, please let us add this prior to the Unison slot so we can benefit from the full uncolored emulation so we can still take advantage of great unison plugins like your Manley VoxBox!

D. Richer

January 13, 2019


This is an awesome plugin and is included with the Townsend Labs Sphere. Such an amazing systen. Super happy!

A. Green

January 4, 2019

Microphone modelling plugin.

I dnot own any of the microphones emulated in this plugin, so can’t really comprare to the microphones. I first tried it with a couple of my own microphones instead of the L22 to see what it was doing - to get a feel for the kind of sounds it was likely to produce. I was already impressed with it like this - and so decided to actually buy an L22 microphone. The microphone and plugin sounds great.

L. Webster

December 28, 2018

Mic locker on blast

Who said you need all the Microphones in the world? Why not have a select few handpicked by some people with a set of nice ears. This is the greatest investment or should I say the smartest investment I’ve ever made. If you don’t have a townsendlabs sphere L22 you are truly missing out. Not to mention having this awesome plug that complements this microphone so well. Then add in using the Apollo interface to seal the deal. Just get the mic, the plug and interface and say Thankyou... Enjoy!!!! Peace, love and music creating

K. Lima

December 21, 2018

i'm in love...

What to say...

K. Lima

December 21, 2018

i'm in love...

What to say...

K. Lima

December 21, 2018

i'm in love...

What to say...

K. Lima

December 21, 2018

i'm in love...

What to say...

K. Lima

December 21, 2018

i'm in love...

What to say...

101-120 of 160 Results