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Customer Reviews

Tube-Tech CL 1B MkII Compressor

Overall Rating

221-240 of 352 Results

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t. taeksu

December 30, 2019

매우 융이한 플르그인중 하나여서 샀지만

Great and great product but expensive
I can only buy with tears

J. Steffen

December 22, 2019


Generally I always used the 1176 on vocals until I demoed this and then bought in 10 minutes after. Fast attack and fast release all of the consonants pop right out on vocals making the vocalists words crisp and present in the mix, I have heard any other compressor do this. I can’t get that with any other compressor on vocals. This is now my go to compressor on vocals, even over the Distressor. This with the VSM-3 sitting behind it and your vocals will cut right through the mix with no problem.

J. Kim

December 14, 2019

Compare with outboard!

almost same, amazing

j. kim

December 12, 2019

really nice for vocal

it's really fat and face up vocal and powerful

W. Welmixpro

December 11, 2019



a. de rocco

November 14, 2019

really impressive!!!! WOW!!!!!!


S. Turner

November 12, 2019

UAD has done it again

I use this compressor on my input following my 500 series rack. What can i say but "Up Front Vocals" with very minimal processing during mix down.

M. Nwankoti

October 22, 2019

Sounds uncompressed and natural!!!

Its always on my lead vocals and i love using it right before the LA 2A Gray they compliment each other so well!!

N. Tai

October 20, 2019



C. Roberts

October 7, 2019

There Are No Words to Descri...Actually

Wow! I am continually impressed with how rich in detail UAD-2 plugins keep getting. And, trust me, this one will not disappoint. Do yourself a favor and just get it already.

K. Welham

September 20, 2019


I really like this. Nice tone.

E. Mulaku

September 20, 2019

Tube-Tech CL1bMK1

I recently purchased the MK1, and now there is a MK2? These things are expensive. on top of that, i cannot re-sell the plugins. I'm not happy with this. I've spent close to thousand of dollars in plugins alone, and now i cannot resell them. I had to purchase the autotune twice? once the bad looking interface, now this.

W. Schmidl

September 20, 2019

not for Live-Rack

not for all Universal Audio hardware. Live-Rack users still have to work with a very old software and this plugin does not run. Don´t buy.

W. Schmidl

September 19, 2019

Live-Rack-Users DON´T BUY!

As Universal Audio is not updating the Live-Rack-Software for too long, this plugin doesn´t run on Live-Rack. I am very upset about this.

t. jensen

September 15, 2019

Good impression

Simple snd nice grafich.
Convenient dry/wet.

D. Myers

September 14, 2019

Great Compressor!

Clean, subtle and great for vocals. hi jock to work with and a pleasure to use. Great job UA!!


September 10, 2019

Tube-Tech CL 1B MkII Compressor

Great addition to Greatness...Sound great and do the job perfectly. Warm, nice, with nice top.
Thank UAD


September 10, 2019

Best compressor!

nice!! :)

D. Fornes Berenguer

September 4, 2019

TUBE tone 10!!

Imprescindible para las voces, en BUS para vocals, o en insert saca una calidez brutal!!

r. sveinungsen

September 3, 2019


This compressor gives a smooth and soft sound. It gives the transients a round figure in the topp end ! Not so harch sounding. Very nice...

221-240 of 352 Results