UA 175B & 176 Tube Compressor Collection

UA 175B & 176 Tube Compressor Collection

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Customer Reviews

UA 175B & 176 Tube Compressor Collection

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S. Whitfield

May 7, 2020

Love it!

Sounds killer!!

B. Senter

April 30, 2020


Sounds great on various instruments!

A. Reverberi

April 1, 2020

Pleasantly Surprised

I never used the Hardware version of these and I was not expecting much beside another 1176 type of compressor, but no they do have their own character, and i do use em white a bit.

p. albert

March 28, 2020

UA 175B ET 176 Tube Compresseur

Compresseur très efficace obtenue avec l'achat d'un satellite DSP .

O. Daniel

March 28, 2020


This works well for me, esp on the 2bus. Just glad to have it.

B. Horvat

March 19, 2020

Great plugins

I hate those plugins. I use to know my way around, when it came to mixing, but with these two units... They're fantastic. Why do I hate them...? Because I'm spending too much time applying them (both versions) to pretty much every track in my mix and spending hours enjoying in what they do, instead of getting my work done. But really, these are my new go to plugins for almost any track. Great character easy to use and they feel like home on my 2bus as well. Good job UAD.

M. Hall

March 4, 2020



J. Eddington

March 3, 2020

Soo Warm

Love the 175B on vocals and keys, and just about everything else.

C. Davies

February 27, 2020

175b and 176

Gives a really warm vibe to the sound of the strat
digging these plugins

J. Barillaro

February 24, 2020


Can't go wrong once you get it set.

J. Barillaro

February 24, 2020


Can't go wrong once you get it set.

P. Mata Rodriguez

February 18, 2020

Great piece of software

I don't own the original hardware so I cannot compare, but the results on my guitar and Superior Drummer are great. Great piece of software!!!

R. Hartley

February 17, 2020


These are just really sweet compressors.

M. Seitz

February 15, 2020

Weapon an Acoustics...

Seems to be an 1176 MKII...
I needed a little time to find the right way to me. But now its one of my favourites!

M. Qassim

February 5, 2020

Love 175B on Acoustical Instruments

The way it controls the transients and the colour is something quite special. What's unique about it, is the mixture of the colour of a vintage unit with the compression action of an 1176. Also, just like an 1176 quick and easy to get a good compression.

P. Ruiz

January 24, 2020

Haven't test the classics...but this one does it!

I am quite a new comer to UAD but this one gets the job done. Add it to gitars or voice with the right process and brings any recording to life!

D. Yudin

January 19, 2020

Very good!

I use it on bus channels, I am very happy with them.

M. Keilhauer

January 17, 2020

Analog Compression

Unfortunatly I‘ll never be able to get my hands on the real gear. But that‘s the way it should sound. Close your eyes to imagine sitting in front of the hardware in your rack.

s. yang

January 16, 2020

Thank you for making it again. UA175B & 176 !!

I haven't actually tried the UA 175B & 176 compressor hardware.

However, since I believe in UA, which has excellent reprint technology worldwide, I was not hesitant to buy this plug-in.

Currently I use this plugin for a lot of work.
UA 175B & 176 Both plug-ins feature rich colors.
In particular, the UA 176 compressor delivers a very pleasant low end.

When used strongly, it is used very shallowly because it affects elements a little, and you can get very good harmonics simply by plugging in.

Compressors have a lot of influence on the person who makes the music.
You need to study carefully the characteristics of the compressor you use, as it also influences the direction of the direction of music.

I'm thinking of putting the UA 175B & 176 compressor into much of my music by 2020.

Thank you to UA for always providing good quality.

N. Antonio

January 11, 2020



81-100 of 152 Results