UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

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UAD-2 PCIe Cards

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B. Burling

October 27, 2014

Amazing.. discreet, perfect little box

Love it.. Love it.. Love it.. Love it.. Love it.. Love it.. Love it.. Love it.. Love it..

J. Applebee

October 1, 2014

Octo PCI-e Card

Love it. I rarely run out of DSP on mix session that are typically less than 50 tracks at 96kHz. I wish I had waited another month before buying so I could have bought the thunderbolt satellite version (had to buy thunderbolt pci-e chassis). Latency is not a problem with Pro Tools 10/11 so long as you don't use it on the track you are recording. Highly recommended!

Y. Qingyu

September 30, 2014

very good!

very good??UAD-2 Octo Core can supply so much dsp souce to new plugins?

A. Shevchenko

September 22, 2014

Happy OCTO user!

Thanks to UA for great plugins! It's makes my professional life much better.

A. Blackwell

September 11, 2014


Okay, you guys certainly made this worth the wait! Installed, up and running in five minutes tops, and my old SOLO card is working in concert with it. Nice to not have one SSL E strip and a Lexicon 224 max out my old solo card. I'll have to go a long ways to stress this setup at all.
Side benefit...$750 voucher AND a rreally killer "bundle" sale. I'd review all the new plugins I got, but I haven't gotten around to messing with all of them yet!!!
Home run, guys!

J. Carmo

September 8, 2014

Running without issues

Fast, easy to install (PC-Win7) and run plugs without issues.
I´m very happy with my octo. Don´t miss my ProTools TDM anymore running my Octo, Apollo Quad and Satellite with thunderbolt-(Asus MB- in my PC (even without Tunderbolt support from UA)
Good job UA !!!

D. Kalligas

August 26, 2014

Totally worth it

I really like this product. It works great and the the DSP processing is pretty good. I love using the UA plug-ins. Having this and the Apollo quad are a nice pair of tools.
The UA support team is really helpful too.

I am using Pro Tools 11 HD software and I am very happy.

Thanks UA

E. Ramazanoiglu

August 9, 2014

Game Changing

The UAD option has been a massive success at my studio!

The immediacy and unbeatable quality of all the plugs I have used and the seamless integration with HDX, has probably streamlined my mixing process to the tune of a couple hours per mix!

The Octo card is providing enough power for most mixes and I'm starting to really push it with no problems even on bigger mixes!

One very very happy customer here.

L. Kasprzyk

July 14, 2014

uad octo

best bang for a buck, when you are looking into pci uad solution! great customer care as well

M. Cillari

July 11, 2014

Perfect *8

nothing new to say, perfect like my other 3 uad-2 cards.

B. Muhammad

July 10, 2014

More Muscle and flexability

This unit gives me more power and flexibility using the best sounding plug ins on the market. Great piece!

G. Coughlin

July 7, 2014

No Buyer's Remorse Here

I held off on buying a UAD card for a long time. People that I've worked with (some very well known and respected) raved about the plug-ins, but I wasn't convinced that they were that much better than what was available natively. After fighting the temptation for as long as I could, I recently gave in, and I couldn't be happier. I have made some decent mixes with the stock plugs that come with my DAW, but they have limited potential. I don't feel that way with UAD. These are very musical tools that help bring my compositions to life. My only regret is not jumping on the wagon sooner.

R. Begosso

July 7, 2014

Excelent product

Finally I can run lots of UAD plugins! The power of the octo is incredible and the sound of the plugins are just amazing!

C. Weingarten

July 5, 2014


so much more power for my awesome sounding plugins. The deal was amazing. Hooked me up with so many good plug-ins.

V. Kourkoutas

July 4, 2014


Balances the weight of all the DSP consuming plugins extremely well. Using it in an OWC Thunderbolt Helios enclosure at the moment and couldn't be happier. The 750$ voucher that came with the Octo as also a big plus for my decision, as I used it to buy useful plugins.

G. Myklebust

June 30, 2014

My third Octo ...

As you understand, I am long time impressed with the Octo. This is my third card,
and I am very pleased with my system now. More than enough power for any combination and number of plugs I need, and when i can pick from a great collection of the best PlugIns on the planet, I am totally happy. Thanks !

A. Viola

June 28, 2014

Eccellente DSP !!!

Mi sono rivolto a Universal Audio sapendo di poter contare su un prodotto di eccellente fattura e avanzata progettazione.

La "Octo Core" garantisce un processamento molto potente dei suoi fantastici plugins con la possibilità di lavorare su progetti anche molto complessi e questo senza gravare sulla CPU del PC!

Il software UAD 7.7.0 è risultato molto stabile e reattivo.

In futuro gradirei la possibilità di poter scegliere la directory per i plugin in modo da poterli assegnare ad un SSD esterno.

In ogni caso sono pienamente soddisfatto della mia nuova "Octo Core" e consiglio a tutti l'acquisto !!

Compllimenti Universal Audio !!!

A. Lawson

June 28, 2014

Octo love

Well what can you say, I had a quad wanted more and here we are. The stress is taken off my computer and my mix's sound better than ever as I can youse more uad plugs. Love it!

M. Kellen

June 24, 2014

UAD-2... the real deal and a great buy!

I have to say that the hype on these plugins is proving to be worthy!

Just got the the OCTO Custom and have been demo'ing plugs like crazy... nearly every one of them is on my 'to-buy' list... have that $750 voucher burning a hole in my virtual pocket.

I have a lot of native alternatives but, honestly, the UAD stuff (especially the mkII 1176 and LA2A) are just more fun to use and easier to get amazing sound.

3D, with a hint of analog sweetness!

For those who say the cards are outdated or expensive. I figured out that (with the 3 FREE custom bundle plugs, the FREE Helios they gave me and the vouchers) the initial plugs will come to about $80 each... INCLUDING THE PRICE OF THE CARD! That is a GREAT BUY!

M. Popoola

June 24, 2014


Let me start from the beginning, I have a UA Apollo Quad audio interface and I have a decent amount of UA Plugins (Roughly about 42). I know that I like the UA Plugins and the Quad chips in my Apollo was not enough for me to mix a fair amount of tracks with as much UAD Plugs as I would like. I have the option of either buying a satellite Card or the PCIe and I opted for the PCIe because I could get the Octo which means more power.

The installation into my 2009 Mac Pro was eventless, I was up and running within 10 minutes. Registration was a bliss and the coupons I received for registering was immediate and appriciated.

In use, the Octo was exactly what I expected, more processor power for my plugins without having to task my computer.

201-220 of 620 Results