UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

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UAD-2 PCIe Cards

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M. Axelsson

December 25, 2012

Pama Studios on Octo Core with Pro Tools HDX

We have just installed the new Octo DSP card, it's running perfect with our Pro Tools HDX system, a lot of power and stable. We have just starting out using the new Shadow hill plugin on a mastering session, using this together with UAD precision multi band compressor, sounds great !! Try it !!
UAD plugins is so near a real analog setup that It hard to tell when you do A/B and we're running on both Neve and SSL consoles in our studios. Not sure if you'll find any better plugins on this planet.
Maxe Axelsson / MD of Pama studios.

S. Bertolotti

December 22, 2012



T. Brignall

December 15, 2012

Plugs sound amazing and customer service unmatched

It seems like a costly investment but I think it is worth every penny. After recording in studios early in my career I got spoiled recording on Neve, API, Trident, and SSL boards. No matter how I tried, my DAW, outboard eqs just couldn't replicate what I wanted to hear. Then I bought the UAD-1 and that was pretty good. I got mad when they released the UAD-2 and thought there would be little difference in the cards except I could buy the new plugs. Boy was I wrong, these new cards are extremely powerful and the plugs just sound better. I went on to buy several neve eqs and my mixes are night and day. My friends the other day were amazed at my mixes and could not believe I wasn't using analog gear. Amazing product

J. Martin

October 29, 2012

Quad Core=tons of power !!!

I had decided to take the plung and do them UAD-1 to UAD-2 card trade program to make use of the extra power that the Quad core would provide . I have always run my sessions at 24/96 so my 2 UAD-1's would get maxxed out quite quickly . Now with my new quad card the amount of power is huge !! I'll be able to run more plug ins as well buy some of the newer plug ins as I won't have an issue with not enough juice . And of course the sound quality is amazing . Looking fwd to new and enhanced plug ins . Great job UAD !

R. Edwards

September 28, 2012

If only they made instruments, too.

This plug-ins are the best sounding plugs in my arsenal, by far. I've had a UAD-2 Quad card in my Mac Pro since 2009. Just made the leap to Pro Tools HDX, which meant my Waves Mercury TDM quit working. Instead of worrying about that, I bought another UAD-2 Quad so I could run more UA plugs. Now, if they'd only make some virtual instruments so I could quit taxing the CPU...

Thanks, UA, for these tools. I highly recommend them to anybody and everybody.

M. Julien

September 27, 2012

The leader!

I couldn't do music on computer without UAD2 anymore.
Tracking, mixing, mastering or creating effects.

For me, most of the plugins are simply the best ones on the market.

Studer A800, Ampex ATR, 1176 Classic collection, EMT140, Neve EQ etc...

And my processor is always safe, what else...

M. Bogdanski

September 25, 2012

A fine DSP card

I am running this card just a month and i am amazed how it works and how the plug-ins sounds! The installation was quite simple and the authorisation works just fine. A must have for every Studio!

G. Terzhumanov

September 24, 2012

UAD-2 DUO DSP Accelerator Card

Proffesional products for professional Minds !

The DSP Accelerator Card is one of the best gears on my Studio,
indispensable part for great results.

George Telman

B. Thompson

September 23, 2012

UA Plug-ins are awesome

This is my third UAD DSP card. I bought the original "Mackie" branded UAD-1 not long after they came out, and I used the heck out of it. I was actually a little saddened when they dropped it, but I took advantage of the very generous offer to upgrade, and purchased a second UAD-2/Solo. If I'd been able to swing it I'd have gotten a Quad.

I have yet to find a plug-in I didn't like. Some are more useful for my work than others, but they all sound great. My personal favorites - heck, it's most of them! I really can not imagine working without them!

D. Mazurek

September 13, 2012

Quad card

This is my first experience with UAD plugins after many years as a Pro Tools user. I am now asking myself why the heck did I wait so long?!?!?! The install and usage of this product with my aging PTHD rig has been flawless, breathing new life into my studio. I've only used the stock plugs, which are great, and have added the 1081 EQ and Ampex ATR, which are fantastic. These tools have had a HUGE impact on the quality of my work and I am very pleased so far.

C. Bailey

September 9, 2012


All the plugins sound great! I used it almost exclusively on my last project.

S. Mccoy

September 8, 2012

Seamless Expansion

Had to take advantage of the UAD-1 trade-in offer so I bought a UAD-2 Solo to add to my existing Duo. Installation and use have been seamless, and I'm enjoying the power boost.

J. Giese

September 6, 2012


So far so good on the UAD-2 Solo I just installed. I'm really digging having a Pultech at my disposal for every channel! Great work UAD, you have a customer for life and I'll be buying many more plugins soon.

C. Makrinos

August 29, 2012

1176 Compression and Pultec EQ

These products have been incredible thus far. On the compression side, even when pushed to high ratios the result remains smooth.
The Pultec, while simple in its controls offers an eq that is also smooth and artistic. It is a noticeable difference from a "techincal", "precision" eq. I find myself using it on full mixes for warmth.
Great products and I look forward to continued use!

R. De

August 27, 2012

UAD: Simply the BEST

I think is hard to find words that express perfectly my experience with UAD.
I always heard about the wonders that make their products in the audio market, but more than a review, I want to take this space to thank the company as a whole.
I had to use tech support and I'm amazed by the great service. I never had a service as good as what I received (thanks Dan!)
But about my UAD-2 Solo? AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! Makes all the difference in my productions. Absolutely I recommend to everyone who works with audio.

A. Maury

August 22, 2012


This stuff not only sounds amazing but actually INSPIRES better mixing. Loving it.

D. Englisch

August 22, 2012

Even more sonic power at hand :)

This upgrade just gave me more options adding warmth and depth in my recordings, mixing and mastering, great stuff!

P. Crova

August 20, 2012


well i've just had it last week and started to use it i a work in progress.

After a short time, i'm not disappointed by this product.

High quality plugs, versatility, it enhance mixes without increase of the PC's DSP. That's what it's made for !!

So everything's OK :o))

B. Olke

August 16, 2012

very cool performance

I started up now to the UAD2 dimension with a new computer. I use the Plugs since 5 years (before UAD1) in my mastering studio in berlin and I'm sure: these are the best Plugs for mastering I know. I'm very happy with my new power. and curious to the new plugs like the Manley EQ. :))

R. Crane

August 13, 2012

I have one of these already. I had a UAD-1 card left over ( I used to have 3) when the deal of the century came up. If you were a "1" user and didn't take advantage of the Trade-In Deal, you missed out. I've been a fan for some time now, and the new plugs available for the "2" are nothing short of amazing. Keep em' coming UA, I don't have them all , but I'm working on it.

321-340 of 626 Results