UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

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UAD-2 PCIe Cards

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N. Jean-louis

June 22, 2011

Excellent product, ok for any situation of mixing.

Not Five star just because the top do not exist!!

H. De

June 22, 2011

All good,
best support in transfering this card from one account to mine.


L. Elizabeth

June 21, 2011

I'm verry happy with these plug-gins especially with the Fatso. I'm also looking forward to more emulation frum UA, hope that you guys will emulate some rare synths. Like some synths from Rusia (

Best regards,


P. Paslack

June 21, 2011

After my apple G5 with 2 UAD-1 Cards crashed after 5 years, I "had" to buy the UAD-2.
I´m very satisfied with this and use the plugins on every track I make.

B. Steckel

June 21, 2011

I worked as chief engineer here in Calgary at an audio company known as QSound Labs. In my ten years there I was fortunate enough to have access to four EMT 140 plates (2 mono, 2 stereo) that we bought from Atlantic Studios in NY,a rack of vintage Pultecs from Media Sound in Philadelphia, a pair of vintage UREI 116s, two LA-4s (I still have!), a Lexicon 224, AMS stuff (which I wish UA would do versions of), two Studer A820 24 tracks machines w Dolby SR and so on. Let's say I'm familiar with the sounds of these pieces of gear.

Are the emulations _exactly_ like the "real" things? No.

Are they pretty darn close in an era when the bulk of the music listeners can't tell the difference between a thousand dollar speaker and a hundred dollar speaker, and listens to mp3s over crappy little ear buds anyway? You bet your bottom line they are. Are they easier to maintain and take up less space than the real things? Please.

I love my wife and daughter. So to say I love my UAD-2 Quad card would be disingenuous. But do I use and rely on it every day? Yes I do. Would I be cranky if it were taken away? Yes I would. You wouldn't like me when I'm cranky.

Should you buy one? Probably a great idea. Hell, buy two.

T. Suwinski

June 21, 2011

I have got one of the best system of processors and effects. I am very very proud of this. I think 4 stars it is fair rating. 5 is for your hardware, like la610 :-) Most important think is the UAD DSP should not working with PT LE and Windows Systems. I have this configuration and it is not good, for great, the best records. But everyone know this.

E. Price

June 21, 2011

As a long time UAD DSP card user I find it impossible to not be biased towards this product. So this review is more of a ringing endorsement!
I use my plug-ins on every cut, from country to rock to pop, from the compressors to the channel strips to the gorgeous EMT140.
The card truly has no equal. The vintage recreations are as good as it gets and the UAD mastering tools work like a charm.
There is nothing I would have liked to have known before I bought my first card many years ago. The product has delivered everything I imagined and then some.

J. Salzman

June 21, 2011

No joke...I cannot imagine mixing without UAD plugins. Vibe for days and the UAD-2 card haw allowed me to push the envelope of what I can achieve due to the number of plugs I can use as well as the variety.

H. Christiansen

June 21, 2011

I use UAD-2 QUAD DSP Accelerator together with Pro tools 9 on Windows 7, 12 gb ram.
Core i7 930(2.8G,L2:8M, rev.D0,130W) .
i use ca.30 tracks on my productions. And now i can produce professionel mixes, without
any cpu issue.
So thanks universal audio.

A. Yamane

June 20, 2011

UAD2 products are a necessity; they make it easy to my mix down.

D. A.

June 20, 2011

The Quad has a lot of processing power which makes life easier with high plug-in count and plug-ins that are more DSP using. My typical project will have a UA EQ & compressor on some sort on each track and also frequently the wonderful EL7 Fatso as well, almost always on the 2 buss you'll find the Manley Massive Passive Mastering Version_ EL7 Fatso _ Fairchild _ Precision Limiter. Usually 2-4 reverb busses w/ an EMT 140, EMT 250 and often the Roland Space Echo. Drum buss typically has a NEVE 33609 on it. Vocal chain is typically a Helios EQ _ LN 1176 _ LA-2A_ Fatso.

I love UA's plug-ins and can't imagine mixing w/o them and because I use so many of them, the QUAD fits the bill.

W. Mcglynn

June 20, 2011

This was a great way to get started but I ended up buying a 6176 to get the quad offer, can't wait to be able to use both of these. Solo does works well with the track freeze, just slows things down a bit

J. Pringere

June 20, 2011

Super produit, qualité sonore hallucinante !!! je referais cette achat sans hésiter, d'ailleurs je compte acheter une deuxième UAD-2 très prochainement.

T. Shepherd

June 20, 2011

The best analogue effects for a computer, hands down

L. Dorneles

June 20, 2011

This is the first time I'm using Uiversal Audio products. I bought the UAD 2 DUO and I was just impressed with the quality of the plugins. I've used other emulations of other manufacturers but I was never 100% satisfied. When I inserted the Pultec and the LA2A for the first time, I began to review the way I made ​​my mixes... ALL of the plugins that are bundled with the UAD 2 DUO are fantastic! A plugin that I bought is the Precision Multiband. In it I have all the tools I need and had never found in other plugins of the same type. Gradually I will acquire other plugins. How can I test before, I will acquire from my possibilities. I already insert many plugins in the same session and the system was stable with no problems. UAD 2 DUO is very stable. If you not heard an UA plugin yet, you need to do it!! You will be impressed...

J. Jose

June 20, 2011

It´s a perfect partner in the studio. Amazing. The LA compressor is a "must have" for any mix; you can rise the mix.

F. Epinat

June 20, 2011

I'd prefer have a satelitte, but i'm on pc, so i've buy the pci.
No installation problems.
I was looking for external good vst plugs to "boost" the sound, for production and mastering, coupled with a RME UFX and PC (I7 2600k + 2 x SSD 128 Go + 16Go ram DDR3 1280 + Asus sabertooth P67 B3)
Gain is not really direct as i thought and i have to search the right settings. I'm on, I'm not sound ingenior, just passionate for a long time.
but I find the uad plugs very pleasant and convenient to use.
I will taste all the demo plugs this summer, preparing an electronic live for september for Burning Man, yeah!
Best regards!

S. Lowery

June 20, 2011

I have used UAD cards since the beginning and when the UAD 2 QUAD card came out I had to have it! Especially with UA's latest NEVE plug in additions! The QUAD2 runs an insane amount of DSP. When I received mine, I tested it out on my next mixing session where I ran 28 channels of NEVE88, 2-DREAM VERB, 2-PLATE 140, 4- PRECISION BUSS comp, PRECISION MULTIBAND,EQ and Limiter without a glitch.

What I would like to see from UA is a product in which you can take your PCI and PCIe cards and rack them into a portable chassis so when technology changes their "standard" again you can still use UA products. If this isn't an option, I would like to see if UA could do an "upgrade" hardware solution for all their registered and loyal customers.

My only complaint is that I don't have another UAD-2 QUAD card!!


P. Maurer

June 20, 2011

I love this fine plugins. In my studio i need for every production a lot of plugins (Native, Scope,..) but the UAD Plugs are the best sounding for me.


Y. Papakonstantinou

June 20, 2011

Best money I ever spent !As a matter of fact UAD2 cards are so great that I bought myself a second one! With two UAD2 DUO cards you can be sure that you can handle any mixing task no matter how hard that is! Plug in emulations are F*** great and it really makes you mixes come to life ! The UAD plugs are actually the only plugins that I`m using...there are in every single track that I`m working! Love them all from Manley to Cambridge EQ, fromLA2A to Fatso, it`s a long list.... and plenty to choose from !
the only reason that I don`t give 5 stars in this review is because the plugins are bit pricy :)....keep the prices down UA !

421-440 of 606 Results