UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

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UAD-2 PCIe Cards

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R. Fritz

July 30, 2017

Awesome Power

This Octo PCIe card and Plugs have given me a ton of power to mix with.

B. Thompson

July 25, 2017

Great Piece. Please address Latency Issues in PT 11 & PT12

Great Piece. Please address Latency Issues in PT 11 & PT12


July 24, 2017

UAD-2 PCIe Cards in a "ancient " mac pro 2,1 .

This purchase was a very good investment , I am using an older version mac pro (2,1) and Reason 9.0 with an Apollo 8. So I had to use virtual input and outputs for vst's . Then Reason came out with version 9.5 which allows VST's but my computer was too slow. So by purchasing the UAD- pcie octo card , I am now able to use VST's inside of Reason 9.5. and I am surprised by how many VST's run at the same time without slowing down my " ancient " mac pro 2,1 .

V. Kulikov

July 21, 2017

Very good interface!

UAD-2 Osto is a wonderful and powerful card that always helps me in solving my creative tasks for reducing the material in my studio!

S. Breuer

July 20, 2017

Intelligent Extension for Apollo Twin users

I bought this card as a processing add-on to supplement my new apollo Twin device. Easy Installation, and ready to go use. Hassle-Free.

E. Sancho

July 13, 2017

Just what I needed...

Power ⚡️
Picking up another one real soon!

E. Sancho

July 13, 2017

Just what I needed!

Power ⚡️

UAD User

July 11, 2017

Quad pci

Amazing sound quality, without any necessary upgrades. And great addition to my studio.

M. Wojtaszczyk

July 9, 2017

100% of what you want to run every project!

Eight cores - I run multiple tracks session with some really demanding plugins like amp simulations (up to 6-7 of them at once), reverbs, compressors, EQs and there is still some good headroom for more. Everything with 88kHz sample rate, which I find enough to have a good depth in a mix.

The only thing is you probably can't use more than 96kHz sample rate if you want, because of some plugins will not start (because of exceed with single DSP capabilities. One hungry for CPU plugin can't be split in between two DSP, and there is a need for it if you'll go for more than 96kHz, so that is something to improve for UA). I don't bother this one since I feel like 88kHz is enough, so that is why 5 star. Need power, go for OCTO PCI-e.

S. Hawkins

June 22, 2017


A painless install. Many thanks for that, much appreciated!

M. Patrignani

June 18, 2017


Amazing plugins and great power!!

E. Guidotti

June 6, 2017

Universal Audio - rocks ~

So refreshing, now days, to be dealing with an audio company that cares about their customer's needs. In a world of confusing communications, inadequate programming and a lack of concern, Universal had maintained a sincere concern for it's user's needs. Very helpful, informative and the products are everything they claim them to be. Thank you!


June 2, 2017





L. Gilpin

May 27, 2017

Take the weight off my CPU!

I often mix large sessions with many plugins, and after adding a few CPU intense reverbs as well as multiple instrument tracks, My 12 core Mac would get bogged down and I would get error messages telling me to take off plugins. Not good when you have a paying customer watching! With my new UAD2 Octo pcie card, I can throw reverbs on everything and still come out shining!

A. Korotkov

May 22, 2017

It's Amazing!

Awesome sound. Octo is a power, great for any projects. I love it.

A. Korotkov

May 22, 2017

It's Amazing!

Awesome sound. Octo is a power, great for any projects. I love it.

M. Weiss

May 14, 2017

Works great! (UAD2-Quad PCI-E)

I am quite satisfied with my new UAD2 Quad card. It is my first card so far. Everything was easy to install und after 10 minutes I was ready to try out all the high quality plugins within mit Cubase 8 DAW. So far everything works like a charm! Highly recommended!

S. Albert

May 13, 2017

So far so good

Very easy to install, I got into "playing" with my new stuff within a few minutes, built in a mac pro. I got the Quad, which I already found expensive enough, even with the spring offer. I went for a "master" approach, using plugins mainly for my mix return. I run about 6-7 fat ones, and it's close to its limit. For a "by channel" approach, one should definitely go for an Octo. But the damn price...!!!!
Otherwise, the plugins I got do great, no regret. Read my other reviews.

L. Vasconcelos

May 9, 2017

Great product!

Great product, I'm very satisfied. I would like to thank Universal Audio for all the quality that comes with your products.

N. palombo

May 8, 2017

uad-2 Octo Awesome

Love it, easy install, easy to follow directions to set up in Studio One. Love the way it sounds & love the added power to my computer, really glad I bought it.

81-100 of 635 Results