UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

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UAD-2 PCIe Cards

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K. de Wit

December 7, 2015

Lots of DSP

When you need lots of DSP to run all those lovely UAD Plugins you have to get an Octo PCIe card. Works great with no problems at all.
I just wish they would offer some more plugins or options. If you already have the Analog Classic Plus bundle then you get nothing with your purchase. UAD stated in an email that the Analog Classic Plus Bundle doesn't have a dollar value so they don't substitute it if you already have it. It's a bit disappointing.

T. Vines

December 4, 2015

Great hardware!

The DSP cards work great, the plugins sound great, what else can you wish for?? More of it!!


December 3, 2015


It works like a dream for me! Im able to use the software and save hours of work with the hardware. My system really gains from the processors on this card. Thanks again UAD! You guys are the best!!

p. sitter

November 24, 2015


sounds and works great with my samplitude proX2 on windows 7.
did a great step forward also with my new UAD plugs.

D. Swanö

November 20, 2015

Octo Rocks !

Just bought an Octo card as a complement to my Quad. Smoothly and great power !
Only drawback is the ugly "Failed to load" sign when i wanted some extra Ocean Wave plugins :(
Thought i´ve seen it for the last time. At least when you work with just 50 % of the cards (:
I read on the forum that i´m, not the only one. My big reason for upgrading ( not very cheap ) st because i want to use the most powerful plugins. Anyway. I´ve tried tons of plugins on the market and UA is the best ! And most expensive :-)

F. Marazzi

October 17, 2015

A Must have

The Uad 2 quadCard pci quality is what i was looking for to get that specific quality level that all the pro dj/producers Have...Is Definatly a Must have...

L. Frandsen

October 16, 2015


got the card. follewed the instructions for installation. everything worked at first try and the sound is both clearer and better than with all the other vst's I use with my cubase.

L. Frandsen

October 16, 2015


got the card. follewed the instructions for installation. everything worked at first try and the sound is both clearer and better than with all the other vst's I use with my cubase.

M. Ferreira

October 2, 2015



H. Zwarts

September 24, 2015

Awesome system but not stable enough

I have 2 uad pci e Octo installed in my system. Enough power to use the awesome plug ins from U-audio.
The support is great but unfortunately they software sometimes is not seeing the hardware.. So I need to reboot.
This has probably something to do with OS-X but this big dongle (lets face it, it is) should be working stable , and at this point it isn't.
But the plug ins are awesome and I have faith in UAD that they will make this stable again! (like it was in the past)

M. Roussos

September 22, 2015

UAD doesn't sound like a plugin

I own the UAD Octo core pcie card on my Mac Pro 6 core 3,33Ghz, running Digital Performer, Cubase and Pro Tools 12.
I was planning to buy lot of outboard gear cos i wasn't satisfied with my plugins. Very plastic sound. When i got UAD, my plans changed.All UAD plugins has very solid powerful sound and it's obvious that UAD is something more than a simple plugin.Comparing with my old plugins the difference is that...UAD doesn't sound like a plugin.I can add nice "air" on the voices with 1073,or to make punchy drums with API Channel Strip. nice space in my mixes with the Lexicon 224 , EMT and there are so many amazing plugins that i can work with.UAD is a very good deal and very serious tool!

A. Utzinger

September 11, 2015

Perfect as always

I never had any troubles with UAD. Big fan :) Compliments to all the good work you guys are doing.

Kind regards


u. labus

September 11, 2015

uad 2 solo

The digital performance was allright. But the card was mecanically dimensioned too small or too short. So i was forced to bend the metal blend quite a lot to be fittet into the computer.

UAD User

September 8, 2015


Totally worth every penny. Having plugins use DSPs is awesome and keeps your DAW snappy.

UAD User

August 23, 2015

Great easy way to improve your mixes

Best plugins hans down!!!

P. Johnston

August 14, 2015


love all your stuff. I upgraded from a duo to an octo card, and bought a apollo twin duo for my laptop... I can do most of my work anywhere now.

A. Dingley

April 16, 2015

Power for days!

I am blown away by the amount of firepower my system has now... 2 Octo cards is insane! I'm now able to instance plug-ins on dozens of tracks of 24/96 audio in my sessions.

I really thought about this when deciding about whether to upgrade to a new Mac, or double down on UAD2 cards. I think the results that I'm seeing speak for themselves. The new macs benchmark slightly faster that my 2009 tower.... But I'm getting insane amounts of great sounding processing on my higher res tracks now.

R. Murphy

April 3, 2015


Easy install, works perfect on PT10/11, the UAD2 plugs are fantastic!

UAD User

March 26, 2015


I love it! It does what its supposed to! No glitches EVER. BUT! They dont mention anywhere that THE DSP ON THE CARD CANT BE USED FOR REALTIME DSP POWER IN "CONSOLE" dont get this card hoping your Apollo Duo will have more power in console for realtime plug tracking. The extra DSP from the pci cards only work in your DAW. I wanna give 4 stars for that but i just cant lol

M. Sergeev

March 24, 2015

Better Sound

Sound appeared to be much better than i expected. Plugins i used before can not be compared with uad. Its another level in mixing. Who tried - know what i meen. Thanks uad

161-180 of 632 Results