UAD-2 Satellite Firewire

UAD-2 Satellite Firewire

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UAD-2 Satellite FireWire

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T. Cherry

October 12, 2020

Best Piece of The Purple Room ATL

I wanted to make sure that my system was as powerful as most of the larger studios I’ve been to, and I kept seeing the UAD Satellite in them. I bought one, and OMG!! Makes a huge difference in my mixes! -Travis Cherry (2X Grammy Nominated Music Producer / Engineer

v. soares

October 11, 2020



v. soares

October 11, 2020

Perfeita e pratica

Ótimo investimento perfeito

m. murata

September 12, 2020

Finally did it

I finally made the decision, if I’m going to try and have a professional sounding mix I’ll need the tools to do so

c. Alarcon

August 9, 2020

Works great !

Works great !

D. Kent

August 3, 2020

Exceptional plugins with amazing sound quality

I really love the UAD plugins, they are exceptional and the sound quality is absolutely amazing. I moved to these plugins after recording at another Opus studios in Grayshott. I tend to use then on most recordings and mixes

v. vu

July 26, 2020

Good, sound good

Good Sound good

D. Counterman

April 1, 2020

Enhanced workflow

With these products it has been so nice to know that my computer runs very smooth and without interruption so I can focus on my work and be worry free from lag. I also enjoy the ability to mix anywhere I can my laptop and the satellite. Very cool!!

l. hee

March 17, 2020

oh my god!!! very good~!!!!!!

oh my god!!! very good~!!!!!!

S. Lednev

January 23, 2020

Satellite FireWire

The four-core power in a silver box increases the number of plugins in my sessions.

C. Stratton

January 7, 2020

Need some fire? UAD brought the match!

J. Grindstaff

January 6, 2020

Works like a charm.

Great satellite. Love it.

H. Esmailian

January 1, 2020


When I want to turn my soul into sound, After God and my mind I get help from the universal audio

H. Esmailian

January 1, 2020


When I want to turn my soul into sound, After God and my mind I get help from the universal audio


December 11, 2019


Universal Audio rules audio conversion and plug ins world ! this satelite is very powerfull and it help me to achieve best mixes ! I highly recommend the satelite to free up more DSP ! Thank you UA for what you do to help us making great music !!! Highly recommended !!!

W. Sacco

October 18, 2019

The beautiful sound of tubes again!

After switching my studio machine to a Mac Pro I needed this to run my fantastic sounding United Audio plug-ins that I had already purchased. This unit accomplishes that with ease as it uses it's own processor not loading down my Pro CPU. Since I do not have Thunderbolt interface this is a great addition to my Studio setup. Highly recommended!!!

T. Allen

September 17, 2019

Works great!

Great product and easy to use. Love the sounds I can get with the UA plugins!

C. Gonzalez

August 6, 2019

Best effects emulations in the world! Hands down!!!

I have had this baby for over 7 years!!! I love the stock LA2 and the other free plugs that it comes with! Never had any lag problems and I run an old system with ddr2 for ram. This plugs make your track sound good just by inserting them and not tweaking a thing! I highly recommend it! Thank you UA!!! Fan for life!!!

L. Gift

June 21, 2019


Can not handle capitol chambers

J. Geiser

January 15, 2019

UAD-2 Satellite: more SHARC!!

Although I’m still new to UA and all that they offer. I still feel that UAD-2 and accompanying plugins are some of the best I’ve heard. Some say they’re spendy, I think you get what you pay for

21-40 of 192 Results