UAD-2 Satellite Firewire

UAD-2 Satellite Firewire

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UAD-2 Satellite FireWire

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S. Peschl

July 29, 2015

Best purchase of my Home Studio

Since i have bought my UAD Satellite Duo, my Macbook Pro i5 is a really good Solution for my Home Studio!

All my Tracks ar running thru a StudioLive Console and so i can mix in an "analog" way with digital features.
All Effects, Eq ing, Comping, etc. is done on my UAD Satellite now, with stunning results.

Before, my Macbook had Audio Dropouts etc. and was totally overloaded. Now, this is history and it also sounds way better.

Thank you Universal Audio!

M. Liberty

April 13, 2015

Sounds Great

I don't have to say much here UAD has been an icon throughout the decades. Amazing how realistic the virtual hardware sounds! No errors, runs smoothly and makes my productions sound fabulous!!

M. Liberty

April 13, 2015

Sounds great!

I don't really have to say much here, UAD has been an icon for many decades. Amazing how realistic all the virtual hardware sounds! System works great no errors, so runs smoothly! Great experience and makes my productions sound fabulous!!

J. Dryden

March 10, 2015

UAD Satellite is Other-worldy

I can fit my Mix rig in my laptop Bag, need I say more?

I Acquired my uad satellite during the uad 1 trade in promotion and basically quadrupled my plugin power.
I Mix at my studio on my Westlakes and edit at home on a pair of NS10's & KRK VXT8's.
I can run a huge session with 96 tracks on my laptop with multiple plugins if needed.

My previous rig was a G5 dual 2.5 8 Gigs of ram with 4 uad-1's in a Magma Chassis which was cased in a 17 space rack for silent operation. hahahaha, this rig fits in my laptop bag and gets 4 times the plugins and twice the track-counts, no brainer portable system.

A. Bakker

March 9, 2015

UAD 2 + 4

I record my music in Logic with an Apollo Twin. And Bought the UAD2 Quad as an expansion to have sufficient horsepower to mix the recorded audio in Protools thereby using the DSP of both the twin and the quad together. This gives me great flexibility with the capacity that I need. Very happy with both my systems.

C. Paschall

March 3, 2015

Mobile Rig

Since I play professionally in addition to producing and engineering, I often find myself needing to edit on the road. I already owned an apollo 16 but traveling with it was cumbersome. Enter the satellite!! Compact, easy to set up, and now I have the power of all my UAD plugs on the road with me as well. Awesome.

J. Steck

February 25, 2015

Just great!

Absolutely fantastic! Thank you UAD!

J. Steck

February 25, 2015

Just great!

Absolutely fantastic! Thank you UAD!

F. Martino

February 25, 2015

UAD2 Satellite Quad

Hello everyone,
I have been the owner of the UAD-1 since it came out ... and now happily use the UAD2, Satellite Quad and Duo PCIx.
What about ... beautiful, very easy to install and use and plugins .... the best on the market!

C. Russell

December 3, 2014

A Solid Investment for Portable Rigs

I push my rig as far as it can go, and the UAD Satellite is a great help. I can use UAD plugins in conjunction with my regular native plugins and it softens the load on my CPU. The quality of the plugins are top notch as well. If you're looking to up your mixing game, or your portable rig, the Satellite is the way to go.

N. Zuluaga

October 15, 2014

Get from point A to B faster!

About two weeks ago I decided to purchase this card. The card has been a great investment which I think, I'll never regret. It simply allows me to get from point A to B faster on all my mixes and masters, "sadly" enough to say, it even makes me think twice about turning on and using some of my go to mastering gear. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job. This is a remarkable collection of tools.

C. Medina

July 9, 2014

i love the satellite need the newer one with more dap power

i find this to be my secret weapon it has never failed me yet, and i see reviews that it's not stable it makes me wonder sometimes if some people really know what they are doing, this is a must have i even have connected to my apollo and it runs perfect ....

D. Zeglen

May 30, 2014


I bought recently UAD 2 Satellite and I'm very happy.For Me it's Nr 1

P. Moshay

May 15, 2014

Must have for mixing

When we lost our UA TDM plugs years ago, i & my friends were very disappointed for the loss, but when i saw this Satellite Quad come out i was jumping for joy with my Protools HD system & 8 Core Mac Pro.
Once you use UA plugs, you'll always want them.... For me its a must have.
Can't wait to see how it all progresses beyond firewire soon, firewire bandwidth is its only limitation but so far I've not had any issues.

D. Moskalenko

January 19, 2014


Thanks for the UAD team for bringing this amazing piece of hardware to the users. Works flawlessly. The latest software updates made it even more stable. And of course the sound it brings to the tracks is beyond any reviews.
Looking forward to new plugins!

T. Fukuda

November 29, 2013


Great product!. It's of the best purchases I made so far.

B. Skinner

October 6, 2013

great addition

I have the apollo dual (could,t afford the quad at the time ) which I really like and later got the UAD- 2 satellite free with the purchase of an la -610 I actually sold the satellite but that deal feel through and now I,m glad it did . I plugged it in connected to the apollo and the installation went so smooth , fast and automatic I didn,t realize right away that it was installed.There seems to be a bit of complaining that you have to buy a hadUAD-2 unit to run UA plugins. I only have 2 main concerns (1) that the hardware runs trouble free (2) that the plugins sound good.To UA I say this " you can,t please everyone but you have pleased me.

T. Leyman

August 14, 2013

unstable hardware

i've found the satellite to be very unstable. Constant error messages if i dare use more than 3 or 4 plugins. Once the errors occur i have to remove all plugins from my project and start again after a full shut down and reboot. The latency on the firewire is too high for tracking too. Shame there is no port for updating the hardware,

I would recommend the pcie cards as i've used them for years. I've found support to be slow though so hopefully you don't have any problems!

Moving to the satellite has been very problematic. I no longer use it and have found native alternatives.

L. Hughes

September 26, 2012

Best plugins I have

I've never used most of the devices that UAD emulate, however I can honestly say that the plugins are the best I have. Still early days but this thing definitely has had a positive impact on my mixes.

C. Santos

September 25, 2012

UAD-2 Satelite duo!!! Magic Box!!

UAD is realizing my dreams to have great tools in my hand for a affordable price.
To have Neve Eq 1073, Neve 88RS, UA 1176, Pultec original Hardwares I'd have to have much money to keep them (maintenance). Sincerely, I think I can achieve the GREAT results using almost settings the original hardware.

Yonsen Maia

81-100 of 158 Results