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UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3

Overall Rating

81-100 of 1451 Results

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K. Cengiz

November 23, 2021


Do what its suppost to do, just raising up the power for more flexibility

H. Mowday

November 21, 2021

Does what it says on the "Can" but was a disappointing purchase!

I am a great fan of UAD so please do not misunderstand the Title. I had to purchase the Thunderbolt 3 to replace my Firewire Satellite. In practice, this unit does NOTHING more (or less) than my firewire unit. It is extremely disappointing that I had to spend extra $ to upgrade this unit so as to keep up to date with the Software/Hardware dilemma that these external plugins require. I do not want to get into a Ping/Pong argument of Apple versus UAD but this situation is disappointing nonetheless. Software ONLY plugins although might cost a little more to retain compatibility with newer OS's do not need additional external upgrades like this unit. If you are new to the UAD platform, then I recommend this units however my experience has tarnished this platform.

C. Dengler

November 20, 2021

I'll never go back

Once you get hooked on UAD stuff, an entirely new world opens up to you. The quality of UAD products are simply unsurpassed; UAD hardware AND software will always be my first choice.

S. Tydeman

November 18, 2021

Rock Solid

No issues, rock solid. Does what it needs to do and gives plenty of DSP power to run those beautiful plugins!


November 16, 2021

Just relax

Just relax

D. Chevalier

November 13, 2021

Add Processing at your own Pace

The best thing about the Satellite system (I own two Satellite Octa units) is that scalability happens on your own terms. I use mine with Apollo Twin X units and an Apollo Solo. They provide offboard CPU capability where and when I need it. Usability is blind simple, just plug it in to the computer and the Apollo into it. Refresh your plugins and you are done. It could not be simpler and is completely independent of the computer and the computer operating system. This provides predictable performance and capability. Plus they work with a wide range of Apollo gear. Brilliant!

T. Tellington

November 11, 2021

5 star

5 star

C. Szekely

November 10, 2021

Way Overpriced For What It Does

If you’re going to commit to the UAD ecosphere for your home studio, be prepared to shell out a ton of money just to be able to use what you’ve already paid for. When I laid out the cash my Apollo Twin and then shelled out another wad of dough for some UAD plugs, I figured I was set. Nope. If you want to actually use those things effectively, you have to buy a Satellite. And I don’t feel like UA does anything to communicate this well for someone new to the product. On top of that, the Octo was $1200 and I STILL run out of processing power. Looks like I’ll still have to freeze tracks, just less of them. Unless i want to spend another $1200 for another Octo. Really didn’t want to spend what I already have so that’s a no. Love the UA gear and plugs, everything works and sounds great and am glad I have them now but I probably would have gone a cheaper route had I realized it was going to be so expensive.

I. Petrolias

November 7, 2021

A magic little box

It is the best money spent on gear in the last 10 years.

T. Long

November 2, 2021

Must-Have to Achieve Apollo's Potential

Like many, after getting my Apollo DSP (x8) I quickly maxed out on what the unit could handle. Bought the Satellite and now I am truly set. If you're serious about your sound and your ability to work free from having to weigh processor loads, this is a must-have.

L. Cohen

November 2, 2021

How I beat Error Code 38!

I have 2 satellites a 4 core and an 8. Start with everything off. First I power iMac on and count to 5. THEN turn on UAD devices in the order of farthest down thunderbolt the chain and then the next and finally the closest to the computer (in my case Apollo x6). DO NOT ATTACH hard drives or other devices in the chain. No more error code 38's.

M. Tasa

October 28, 2021

Best Satellite ever...

I recently replaced my old Satellite Duo Firewire(s) with several Satellite Quad(s) with Thunderbolt and I'm totally blown away how much better they've gotten. I use one with my MacBook Pro and even got the other one to work with my old MacPro 5.1 with a Gigabyte Titan Ridge Thunderbolt card. So I couldn't be more happy and convinced of this product and the UA Plugins. It's a total game changer for me and I can only recommend getting the thunderbolt version.

T. Taivalaho

October 19, 2021

Power up with Luna

I'm very satisfied Otto satellite power. With this and my Apollo twin x quad, projects are so easy to build. Also very quick setup. Highly recommend

M. Ayley

September 21, 2021

UAD 2 Satellite Thunderbolt. Easy and Effective

Added this to my set up and tripled my DSP. Was pretty quick to set up and did what I hoped.

P. Whitby

September 19, 2021

All sorted, but ...

This is a very neat attractive little box, of solid constriction that is now taking care of all my DSP needs, with more than a little to spare.

I bought it during the promo which offers extra plugins, but since I already have Ultimate 9, I already own all the plugins in the offer.

UA have kindly offered to swap these for other 'popular' ones, so I'm hoping that the good folks will have a look at my wish list.

So my review for the Satellite really ought to be a 5 ***** as it is a brilliant addition to my Apollo TWIN MKII QUAD

BUT ...

If instead, the promo had been to 'pick any five plugins', it would have been a no-brainer even for those who have yet to join the Universal Audio eco-system.

j. park

September 17, 2021

ir has some fever...

but it works great

A. Salganik

September 16, 2021

Great quality wow

Great quality wow

A. Salganik

September 16, 2021

Great quality wow

Great quality wow

J. Veatch

September 14, 2021

Lovin' the extra power!

I purchased an Apollo Twin Quad to record some of my songs. Unfortunately, I'm like a kid in a candy factory. When I heard how great the plugins were sounding.......yes, I wanted more. Picked up the Octo processor and I'm not looking back. I went from 75% DSP usage to 23%. Now I can add more tracks and not break a sweat. Thank you Sweetwater!

N. Dillie

September 13, 2021

The DSP I needed!

This is the second UAD satellite I’ve owned and I can tell you the octo is no joke. It has all the power I need to record, mix and even master.

81-100 of 1451 Results