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UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3

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R. Shimp

February 11, 2021


She's a beaut Clark!
Thanks for all the great work.

S. Khamkhosy

February 11, 2021

Amazing product!

Love it as always. Long live UA!

A. Majumdar

February 10, 2021

UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3 Maxed Out Neve Console Supercharger!

Neve consoles for me are the heart and soul of rock n roll sound: so I need a lot of channels. By adding the UAD-2 to my MacBook Pro, instead of buying a new MacBook, it's really expanded my old laptop into a super large format original sounding mixing console. The deal is just incredible and combined with my Slate VR and the UAD virtual microphone technology, it just is incredible. I have a fully recreated original studio and feel like I am recording and mixing in those super well known rooms! A must have piece of gear!

M. Sciotto

February 9, 2021


In addition to my x16 Apollo this Octo Satellite gives me enough power to handle any amount of plug-ins I need. With no latency. Awesome

F. Caramia

February 9, 2021

Satellite OCTO thunderbolt!

I love this product! I can work easily with more plugins! No regrets!

R. Tanner

February 8, 2021

Great addition

Added this to my Apollo x8 and finding the extra processing very welcome for running the newer, processor-intensive UAD plugs on more than just a select few tracks. It’s simple and out of the way on my desk, and portable enough that I could bring it to a mix session elsewhere.

B. Tari

February 8, 2021

It's a good thing!

I should have bought one much sooner!

K. Flood

February 5, 2021

Excellent bit of kit

Love what this has to offer! Only downside is it doesn't come with a thunderbolt cable, which I wasn't aware of. Apart from that, I can't fault this product.

D. Williams

February 5, 2021

Incredible Gear!

This is an absolutely amazing, quality, durable product. The UAD-2 Satellite can run a bunch of plugins at a single time, and the Sound Quality blew me away at first, their ability recreating the sonic characteristics of classic Analog Units is massively upgraded with hardware like this. Excellent work UAD!

M. Schroeder

February 5, 2021

More Power

Mega ! Workin perfect - endless Power !

W. Rosa

February 4, 2021


Using this in all my projects even when we’re on tour I can continue to use UA without fear of not being able to open session.

Thanks UA.


R. Alvarez

February 4, 2021


What more can I say!

R. Alvarez

February 4, 2021


What more can I say!

R. Craig

February 3, 2021

does the job

Does what I need it to.. now I can use enough UA plugins over a whole mix!

a. sik

February 3, 2021

아 완전 좋다

쓸만함 이제 dsp로 쩔쩔매지 않아도 됌

R. Stokes

February 2, 2021

I need more power scottie!

I cannit change the laws of physics Jim. But I can sort you out with a UAD satellite. Seamless integration with my Apollo, Loads more DSP. What else can I say? Zero issues, no fuss. Should come with a thunderbolt cable though.

S. Hopf

February 1, 2021

A lot of power

This one has a lot of DSP power and is lightning fast. Because of that I can use more of the more power hungry plugins without thinking too much about limitations. And it works brilliantly together with my Softube Console 1.

M. Brown

January 31, 2021


Adds dsp. Plain and simple.

S. Roth

January 29, 2021

it just works - Love it

I already own 2 apollo quads in 2 Studios - and nice I like to track with UAD unisons dreams and liste to a Nice lexicon reverb while I sing - I just needed extra power for when I am already using Und plugins in the Backing Track - so this is perfect.... Still waiting for a Portable Duo or Quad Solution though to take in My Camper Van

N. Jordan

January 29, 2021

i pulled the plug and i became a uad fan boy

satellite octo has more than enough power for my mixing duties but in a future i intend to buy more UAD plugins so i will probably nead one more quad

201-220 of 1451 Results