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J. Hoover

September 27, 2017

More than just more processing power

Adding the Octo gave me not only more processing capability but flexibility I didn't think about when originally purchasing. I was able to load up multiple iterations of a channel and A-B multiple signal chains without having to write to disk to compare. Loving it and learning the plug much faster.

T. Garcia

September 27, 2017

Bien... Mais cher !!!

Tout est dans le titre... Quoi !
Uad c'est très bien mais c'est très cher.!!!!!

G. Leslie

September 27, 2017

Simple setup.

Still the best bunch of plugins out there and also the easiest to integrate the extra dsp.

v. alagappan

September 22, 2017

Amazing Product

Such a wonderful product and the UA has some of the best emulations. I enjoy work more after buying UAD Quad satellite.

W. Ledford

September 20, 2017

Simple, polished, and effective

Works flawlessly every time. Very easy to use and facilitates using the best plugins you can buy! I love that it takes the workload of the plugins off of my Mac’s processor.

F. Jara

September 14, 2017

FJ Studio's

It is the only processor that I have trusted in the last 5 years
and the result is excellent
Thanks uaudio and plug-ins are the best outside

T. Braun

September 7, 2017

UAD-2 Satellite

Together with the Apollo8 working smooth!
- loving´it!

M. Stokes

September 6, 2017

Very impressed!!!

Great product! Speechless!!

T. Yoshida

September 6, 2017

Hard Userだもんで。。

UAD2プラグインが、挿すやつallの8割以上なのでapollo twin Quadで足りずoctoを追加。1073,610など重いが、かけ録りは実機の1176が多いので、あとで調整するようにDSP余裕GET。DSPより先にPCメモリー16Gすらやばくなるかもだが、どないしょ〜?

M. Dias

September 4, 2017

Todo Perfecto

Todo funciona correctamente, solo me preocupa que los nuevos plugins consumen demasiados recursos, lo que me hace pensar que tendré que comprar otra unidad en un futuro no muy lejano.

K. Berggren

September 2, 2017


Gives me all the extra muscles I need for a fullblood mix. Thank you very much, UA!

P. Higgins

September 1, 2017

Great little boxes

The UAD-2 Satellites are just so easy to use. From the easy installation, simple updating of plug ins to the easy purchase from a really well designed website along with a really smart user account, UAD is just 1000% easier to use and install than some of the other major names in software. The Plugs are really good too and better than the main opposition plugs. If you take advantage of the buy 3, 6 or 10 deals when you first sign in then the pricing is really affordable as well. For me the best part is the flexibility as we have three studios in the one complex and multiple satellite units I can move the units between the studios and daisy chain them depending on how much power they need and add units as we require. Currently we own 4 of the quads and one Octo and plan to add a further Octo or two in the future.

M. Stansbury

September 1, 2017


UAD-2 Satellite Quad Thunderbolt......The additional power via SHARC processors - added to the built in Apollo processors make a huge difference in the number of instances and the overall load on the host. Very noticeable difference. I want another one now....

J. Drevermann

August 26, 2017

If you're wondering if you should get one of these, stop wondering...

I never thought I'd achieve this much DSP headroom on a macbook pro based system. I recently added the Thunderbolt option to my Apollo Quad. After seeing the the DSP boost after that mod, I couldn't help but add the octo sattelite. I tried to "choke it" by adding the most DSP hungry plugins I could, in crazy multiples. Things you would never do in a normal recording even of high track count. A half hour passed and my wrist got tired of clicking open plugins by the time I had used up just 50% of my available DSP headroom on a late 2013 MBP with 16 gig ram and a solid state internal drive.
I never would have believed this was possible with a notbook computer. Amazing power in an equally amazingly small footprint. I can now put off buying a mac pro for another year or so. After 20 years I'm finally not missing my old reel to reel (quite as much). Buying my Apollo 3 years ago was the beginning of a whole new musical life which I thought was long dead and gone. Never thought I'd be advocating the sound and convenience of digital. Great work UA.

M. Johnson

August 22, 2017

Mandatory for my projects!

The OCTO is the main reason I'm able to go 100% ITB with my tracking and mixes. My clients are familiar with me working on a large SSL desk with tons of outboard gear and a spaghetti patch bay. I'm able to deliver the same result from my home studio with a MacBook Pro, Apollo interface, and the OCTO Satellite. I have even more flexibility as I have 100% total recall- Even the vocal chain used in the UAD Console for that session! Not to mention MULTIPLE instances of classic, vintage outboard and console gear in pristine condition vs. hoping and praying the room you're working in has everything fully functional. If you've invested in UAD-2 Plugins, the OCTO is a no-brainer.


August 22, 2017


The faster engine.


August 22, 2017


Using with my leptop, perfect


August 22, 2017


The black side of the power!!!

y. tian ming

August 18, 2017

great plugs

It works very good in my mbp,and I will buy more plugs in future.

W. Arteaga Jimenez

August 16, 2017

Esta muy bien

Me gustó mucho este nuevo producto... Pero solo tengo algo en contra. Como puede ser que teniendo 8 procesadores no aguante muchos plugin.... Bueno......

Pero en general es perfecta.

201-220 of 671 Results