UAD-2 Satellite

UAD-2 Satellite

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UAD-2 Satellite

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H. Lali

November 16, 2017


خیلی راضی هستم

J. Marvel

November 10, 2017

Make an Apple "Pro" product act like its label

Adding 8 more DSP processing to make a total of 22 is starting to let me work like/better than I did with the real hardware. I am also happy with the plugins available to emulate that hardware. I save room on my Apple processor to run creative/next generation plugins. This is a great way to work.

L. Webster

November 6, 2017

My New Octo Accelerator

Well, what can I say? This is a transition phase and I've been testing the October accelerator on some plug intensive sessions as far as recording, mixing and mastering. The October accelerator has been quite helpful so far. I was somewhat disappointed at first. However, I guess my system had to accept its new tag along partner or something. Now they play well together my Apollo quad and the octopus satellite accelerator. So, should I say I'm happy, well that would be an understatement at this point in time...Thanks for a great piece of gear that has been helpful in my setup!!!

UAD User

October 31, 2017

UAD Satellite OCTO

‘This hardware is simply a ‘must have’.when it comes to getting the best from your UAD plugins as it takes the CPU usage of your computer to a minimal level. The sound quality of my DAW has improved and I have not had any overload issues since installing the Satelite OCTO. A great addition. JC Musiq

J. Barrios Requena

October 28, 2017

Best investment you can do on your Studio :)

UAD Platform is amazing and this device will open the doors to it :) Highly recommended.

a. edouard

October 13, 2017

the super gift for the the super power

thanks UAD for your convenient competence

M. Kiiveri

October 13, 2017

Work with greatest workflow

I really enjoy using my UAD-2 Octo Satellite. It was so easy to setup and with the combination of computer’s and Satellite’s CPU I don’t have to worry about if there’s enough power. There is. Would recommend this to every mixing and mastering engineer.

y. kamimatsuse

October 12, 2017




October 7, 2017

Amazing accelerator

Discrete and powerful dsp

M. Monreal

October 6, 2017


Does exactly what I was expecting it to do! Must buy if your looking to work on bigger mixes.

S. Hasan

October 4, 2017

Free Octa Core with Apollo 8p!! WOW!

Thank you for extending this promotion!!
Getting my free Octa core Satellite with the purchase of Apollo 8p.
96khz Project will greatly benefit now.
Can't wait.

O. Oraha

October 1, 2017


With this device I can open a lot of plugins, I love it

M. O'Flynn

September 29, 2017

Satellite does the heavy lifting

I can now use lots of plug-ins and there's plenty of room for more.

J. Hoover

September 27, 2017

More than just more processing power

Adding the Octo gave me not only more processing capability but flexibility I didn't think about when originally purchasing. I was able to load up multiple iterations of a channel and A-B multiple signal chains without having to write to disk to compare. Loving it and learning the plug much faster.

T. Garcia

September 27, 2017

Bien... Mais cher !!!

Tout est dans le titre... Quoi !
Uad c'est très bien mais c'est très cher.!!!!!

G. Leslie

September 27, 2017

Simple setup.

Still the best bunch of plugins out there and also the easiest to integrate the extra dsp.

v. alagappan

September 22, 2017

Amazing Product

Such a wonderful product and the UA has some of the best emulations. I enjoy work more after buying UAD Quad satellite.

W. Ledford

September 20, 2017

Simple, polished, and effective

Works flawlessly every time. Very easy to use and facilitates using the best plugins you can buy! I love that it takes the workload of the plugins off of my Mac’s processor.

F. Jara

September 14, 2017

FJ Studio's

It is the only processor that I have trusted in the last 5 years
and the result is excellent
Thanks uaudio and plug-ins are the best outside

T. Braun

September 7, 2017

UAD-2 Satellite

Together with the Apollo8 working smooth!
- loving´it!

221-240 of 704 Results