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UAD-2 Satellite

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UAD-2 Satellite

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J. Azor

April 1, 2017


I already have an Apollo Twin Solo but I needed extre DSP so I got the OCTO Custom which was the BEST INVESTMENT OF 2017

T. Shin

March 31, 2017

Great Sound

So far I'm having a really great time mixing with my UAD Satellite. Combined with Softube Console One mk2, which just received support for UAD plugins, I couldn't be happier with the sound and interface of mixing in the box with this setup. On top of this, the build quality is very solid and the UAD interface has not crashed on me once.

P. Mius d'Entremont

March 30, 2017

Makes life so much easier

I can now run full mixes without maxing out my dsp, what's not to like? Well built, compact, easy to set up. Very satisfied.

L. Fernandez

March 30, 2017

Una maravilla de universal audio

Estoy más que encantado he sumado está selite a mi apollo quad y a mi twin duo potencia y opciones a raudales, muy satisfecho con apollo y con la tecnología thunderbolt

R. Goudard

March 28, 2017

A lot of power

I need more dsp power for my Apollo Twin-duo. The Satellite Thunderbolt Octo added more juice than expected. I don't need to check the DSP meter anymore. Easy to install.

J. Wright

March 28, 2017

Satellite Quad thunderbolt

I love the UA gear and the plugs are still certainly the best out there in my opinion, although some companies are getting closer and I use many different options for my recording projects.
I would give the UA stuff top marks except for the Limit in DSP power that they have. I would want more instances able to run on both my apollo quad and satellite, and I think that the plugins are a tad too expensive as well as using too much of the DSP allotted. I do consider them to be the best though, as previously stated and I guess the best has always been the case. I would also like to have the option of maybe changing the free classics bundle plugs for others if you own more than one piece of hardware that the come with as It's less of an incentive to buy when you already have these plugs due to other gear purchased. But again, I do love the plugins and the quality is undeniable

B. Johnson

March 27, 2017

Great for travel.

The size and power of the Octo along with the Twin has made recording/mixing from the road a whole lot easier with great sound quality intact.

E. Lee

March 23, 2017

Amazing job

Super cool, handles a high amount of plugins depending on the model, works like a charm on my mac and the second thunderbolt port it's super helpful for chaining multiple units. You'll want to get another quad or octo

P. Krupa

March 23, 2017

a must-have with Apollo Twin

You need to buy it to work effortlessly with Apollo Twin and UAD plug-ins. It's a good investment anyway. The best gear and software ever.

e. hartwell

March 22, 2017

Make It Happen!

The UAD-2 Satellite gave me immediate results the moment I connected it to my silver face apollo. All of my sessions had tons of extra processing power. My mixes sounded less sluggish, and it gave me opportunities to experiment with more plugins without the dreaded " Disabling Plugin' message.
So if processing power is slowing your sessions and stifling your creativity, I highly recommend this product.

C. Witt

March 22, 2017

solid and powerful

i like it... it is build like the presidential state car. it looks beautiful. thunderbolt woks super dupa on my macbook pro. what you want more?

D. Maurer

March 21, 2017

Thanks UA for a great deal!

Works just as described - greatly increased the load to run plug ins both live and in the DAW. Sturdy, solid, compact.

I. Callini

March 20, 2017

lovin' my cores

I was only rocking an Apollo Twin Duo which initially was more than fine but as time progressed my need grew and two cores was just not cutting it anymore. Fortunately a generous sale was being promoted when I purchased my satellite which made the decision to get another piece of hardware that much easier. Now, I can mix more easily and not have to worry about which plugins I should use or the fear of running out of DSP too early on in my project.

A. Dati

March 19, 2017

Great stuff!

It was bundled with the purchase of my Apollo16, great usability and it performs very well

K. Lewis

March 18, 2017

Now i can rock out!

LOve it. about to cop another.

J. Bartel

March 15, 2017

Works great!

This Satellite was free with my purchase of my Apollo 8 and it is absolutely essential to keeping my processing power up and running in my mixes. Overall I'm impressed with UA's products and this is another great one. Also, it's very small and takes up little room in my control room, where space is at a premium.

w. lee

March 15, 2017


cpu 부담을 줄이면서 마음껏 플러그인을 걸 수 있어서 가장 좋고요.
비슷한 시스템으로 Protool HD 구성하려면 금액이 더 많이 들어가게 되지요
플러그인들 데모중인데 그동안 쓰지않았다는게 후회스러울정도입니다.

UAD User

March 14, 2017

Awesome price, love the boost.

Got this whilst the discount was available. Loving the DSP boost and used the $100 voucher you gave me towards buying the Chandler Curve Bender. Nice!

D. Deygout

March 14, 2017

Real sounds in a virtual rack

I always loved the sounds I could sculpt with audio processors. Today, thanks to this tiny machine I can move my studio in the big world because it's easy to take it with me wherever I want. Unlike my old hardware racks this one is small, light and very quick and easy to plug with the rest. No fragile parts can be mistakenly broken when traveling because it is square and robust.

I have to admit though that there is one thing that I still miss : the typical smell of the old tubes and hot electronics when they were wired with electricity passing through. But this melancholy thought is quickly stopped by my back when it recalls the price of this smell : the weight.

R. Quek

March 13, 2017

Well it works...

Not much to say, does what it says on the tin. I still wish that UAD will give better offers on the plugins, so I bought this.... but I have gained little in the way of new plug ins. But it works and works well.

321-340 of 671 Results