UAD-2 Satellite

UAD-2 Satellite

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UAD-2 Satellite

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P. Wessman

March 8, 2017

Great shit

The best plugins

d. lee

March 6, 2017

It's good

The mix became too easy.

UAD User

March 4, 2017

Now using 2 UAD-2 Quads!

I am totally and completely thrilled with the UAD-2. It just sits there and WORKS! I wanted more horse power, so added a second UAD-2. I can now run about what I want to, plugin wise, I have them Thunderbolt daisy chained - absolutely NO issues...Its so nice when a piece of hardware just sits there and quietly works. All I have had to do is update the firmware....UA is simply without peer - it is best of breed.

C. Pinto Barrosa

February 28, 2017

UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt

For a product like this, the best thing to say is, plug it in, and start working. That's what happened to me.

K. Engert

February 26, 2017

Plug & Play

Unboxed it, plugged it in, downloaded the software, registered it and it instantly worked really well. It really helped me enhancing my productions. You should get this.

a. tosi

February 25, 2017

New experience!

I have replaced the previous UAD2-Paulkgb then this model thunderbolt. Works great and I am very happy with the purchase!

P. Edmondson

February 25, 2017

Great, essential kit, some limitations apply

Almost bought the Quad, but I’m happy to have gone with the Octo. At 96k I can emulate a 24 channel API with a Trident master or a Harrison 32C, and to those who brag that "it doesn't sound as good as the real thing" should probably remember that an Octo is 1/60th the price, so thanks but duh. The box has its limits, and unfortunately they don't quite brag about the fact that you can't push the hardware all the way up to 100%, 82-82% is more accurate. This is down to how boxes are stacked, according to Support. Despite it, the Octo has made a more immediate, profound difference in my mixes than any other upgrade I’ve made to my system in 25 years of systems and upgrades. If you can’t make a mix sound good with a modest amount of UA plugins and an Octo, perhaps you just can’t make a mix sound good.

N. Willis

February 24, 2017


If you have any Apollo interface, especially the Twin, get this! If you have this you will be able to mix almost any session completely in Universal Audio plug-ins which means two thumbs up from me!! I almost want to get a second satellite, just don't have the money; it would be overkill on the DSP but I wouldn't care.

B. Thal

February 23, 2017

More DSP, more smiles.

More power means more plugins and that makes me smile just that much more. :) I love the look of this box and the fact that I can daisy chain it to my Apollo is wonderful.

S. Kim

February 23, 2017

Boost up your project

I use UAD Plug ins all of my projects.
Now Satellite support Windows systems. WOW
If you choice Octo, it will be best choice for your Mix and Mastering sessions.

A. Salgani

February 22, 2017



D. Miller

February 22, 2017

Free with the Apollo 8P

I'm really happy I got in on this deal. The UAD-2 ups your processing power in a big way, and you can actually track the dsp's percentages of CPU between the 8P and the UAD-2 in UAD meter/control panel. Super cool way to see how this thing works. Thanks, UA!

J. Park

February 22, 2017



J. Park

February 22, 2017



T. Doyle

February 21, 2017

Extra chips!

Wonderful to get extra processing power. Makes mixing easier .. now I can put a channel strip on each group, and a Zener Limiter and a Studer ... :-P

T. Ottesen

February 21, 2017


You can´t really argue with free hardware. Got through the promotional offer, as I bought an Apollo 8 DUO to go with it. Extremely pleased, and now with an Apollo Twin DUO, Apollo 8 DUO and two QUAD Satellites, I´m running plugins all over the place.

S. Kastrati

February 20, 2017


really love the UAD Satellite, i can now use many more plugins for a better mix.

UAD User

February 18, 2017

You... Need... This... Game Changer!

I have two of the Quads running on my MBP 15. Why 2 Quads instead of 1 Octo? Just timing wasn't right to return the Quad to get an Octo. This is AMAZING, it's the difference between an average mix and a professional mix, I've literally gone through most of my projects and stripped the native plugins or Waves plugins I had on tracks and replaced them with he UAD plugins, and added some of the high end UAD plugins to my mastering chain and OMG what a difference! Not only is my MBP not taxed in terms of CPU but the clarity, precision, and awesomeness of UAD plugins really brings my tracks to a whole different level. Definitely recommend this to anyone who is serious about music production and mastering audio.

G. Samraj

February 17, 2017

Must have

If you're going to be using UAD plugins then you gonna need this. Unfortunately the plug ins take so much DSP so this is a must. However UAD plug ins are by far one of the best in the market.

UAD User

February 16, 2017

Built like a tank

I'm always hopping from studio to studio and I never doubt the solid construction of my UAD-2 Satellite. The plugins are unbelievable too; truly sound like hardware. With UAD, I never have to feel like I'm sacrificing by staying in-the-box.

381-400 of 704 Results